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Charles  Davis  Daniel was born on  March 17,  1856, in  Ft.  Claiborne.

Monroe  County,  Alabama.   On November 11, 1885, he married Lena

Anne Kirk,  born in Gay Hill,  Washington County,  Texas on  July 22,

1865, in  Waco, Texas.  He died on September 12, 1929, in Waco , Mc-

lennan  County . Texas as did his wife,  who died on  March  17, 1944.

Lena was the daughter of James Leonard Kirk and Emily O. Goodlett.

Charles D. Daniel  and  his  wife  were  appointed as  missionaries  of

FMB-SBC, on  May 14, 1885, to Brazil.  Here, they worked until  1892,

returning to the USA.

C. D. Daniel's parents were  Joseph Stephens Daniel and Anne Hazel

-tine Harrison.  Daniel,  along with  Camilla and  Drucilla  tried  to

emigrate  from the USA  to  Para,  after the Civil War, with  the agent,

Major · Lansford Warren Hastings. The steamship named 'Margaret”  that took them, with other passengers had to return to the port of Mobile, shortly after their departure on 25.03.1866, for having manifested smallpox on board. Eleven passengers died. (EJiJ. The. Confederate Exodus to Latin America, by L. F. Hill, p. 33. The rare specimen at the National Library, Rio de Janeiro). On July 31, 1866, there was the entry into Rio de Janeiro of a "J. Daniel his brother, a son, 2 sisters and a brother-in-law", from New York. Ha 'o registr? leaving Rio de Janeiro for Santos, on 07.11.1866, of a "J. Daniel and his family". This information was found in the passenger lists published in the city's daily newspapers. In Santa Barbara, SP, there are three records of Purchase and Sale of a site, according to Book 12, p. 29 and 46; Book 15, p. 37 et seq. On December 11, 1866, Joseph Daniel buys it and on October 8, 1874, sells it, by demand. At the time of this sale, he and his family were already returning to the USA, as the date of the (Title) search was October 1, 1872, in which it is said that he was temporarily withdrawing to the USA. . However, his name was not on passenger lists leaving Rio de Janeiro. It is assumed that he and his family left the port of Santos directly for America, passing through Rio on October 26 or 27, 1872, as passengers in transit.


The parents above, Joseph and Anne, confirm the stay of the family of C. Daniel with the information that follows, concluding that he was in Santa Barbara from November 1866 to October. From 1872, more or less. '


After the Civil War, the father of C. D. Daniel emigrated to Brazil and settled in the Province of Sao Paulo. After 7 years he returned with his family to Navarro Co., Texas. USA. 1875, Charles's father passed away, leaving the responsibility of the family to his widowed mother and small brothers on this son's shoulders.


Charles's strongest religious impressions were those that were experienced during a storm on the trip to Brazil. At the time, he was a boy between 9 and 10 years old, and the contrast of the calm confidence of the pious father with the that of the sailors, left him, certainly and well recorded, that God is the refuge.


_ At the time of his stay in Brazil, he had received education from his mother. He learned to speak Portuguese almost as fluently as his mother tongue, by living with the Brazilians while in Brazil.


At the age of 21, in the summer of 1877, Charles was converted, and on October 2.1877., Was baptized into the Bethesda Church, Richland Association, Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas, by pastor E.R. Freeman. The desire to become a preacher of the Eangelho came into his heart, soon after. And also to return to Brazil. But his little preparation and lack of means and love the responsibility that and take care of your family, in the absence of a father, prevented him, immediately, to continue in his intent. But over time, he ended up enrolling at Waco University. While he was there he had the opportunity to train himself in preaching. On  November 4, 1883,  Charles Davis Daniel was consecrated to the Ministry of the Word. He took over the pastorate of the Baptist Church in Dawson, Texas, which had, at the time, only 13 members. He also served part-time, at the Baptist Church in Lorraine, McLennan County Texas.


On June 13, 1988, he graduated from Waco University and was appointed 'missionary to Brazil, by FMB-SBC.


Lena Kirk was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Kirk, Baptists. EJiJ. 1880, when she was at the university, she became a student of Anne Luther (Bagby) and it was from this contact that Lena felt her love for Missions.


For this summary, the information is contained from the following:

H. A. Tupper, A Decade of Foreign Missions 1880-1890, p. 85, 412, 413, 417-423, 425, 455, 477, 540, 630, 740, 741, and others, according to the contents of the said book; also, MPRJ, p. 331, 368, 377.

 SOURCE:  Loosely translated and paraphrased from the original Portuguese manuscript.


Uma  Contribuiao  para  a  Hist6ria dos Prim6rdios do Trabalho Batista no Brasil    1985

Betty  Antunes  de Oliveira

DANIEL, CHARLES DAVIS (1856–1939). Charles Davis Daniel, Baptist missionary, was born in Monroe County, Alabama, on March 17, 1856. At the end of the Civil War, his father took the family to Brazil. During their seven-year stay, Daniel was educated by his mother and learned to speak Portuguese fluently. In 1872 he and his family moved to Navarro County, Texas. His father died three years later, and Daniel assumed responsibility as head of the household. In the summer of 1877, he joined the Bethesda Baptist Church of the Richland Association. He desired to teach but hesitated because of his lack of formal education and his responsibilities at home. He committed himself in 1880 to become a preacher and was licensed on July 31, 1881. In the fall of that year, he entered Baylor University with the financial assistance of Baylor president R. C. Burleson. He studied Latin, Greek, and Spanish, in addition to the standard curriculum. While at Baylor Daniel met his future wife, Lena Kirk, and gained ministerial experience at the Dawson and Lorena Baptist churches. On November 4, 1883, he was ordained. He graduated from Baylor in June 1885 and was married in San Antonio in November.

After graduating he was appointed by the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention as a missionary to Brazil. There he pastored several Baptist churches and edited the Brazilian Baptist, a newspaper. Two of his children were born during that time. He remained in Brazil until 1889 when his failing health necessitated his move back to the United States. For the next ten years, he served churches in San Antonio and Mineola and did mission work among Mexican Americans. At the close of the Spanish-American War and the granting of Cuban independence by Spain in 1898, Daniel was appointed by the Home Mission Board to work as a missionary in Cuba. On the island, he reorganized and revitalized Baptist work, which had deteriorated during the war. The four western provinces of Cuba were under his authority, including the city of Havana. Daniel remained in Cuba through 1905, when he returned to the United States due to ill health.

From 1906 to 1922 he was active in mission work among Hispanics in Texas. He spent the first few of these years in Gonzales and El Paso and later traveled around the state. In 1925 he returned to his former pastorate in Lorena, where he remained pastor as long as his health allowed. He was an active Mason for more than fifty years. On September 12, 1939, Daniel died in Waco after a long illness. He was survived by his wife, five children, three brothers, and nine grandchildren.


Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists (4 vols., Nashville: Broadman, 1958–82).

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