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Albert G. Gowan, first child of Ebenezer Jahue Gowan and Louisa E. Carr Gowan, was born December 30, 1860 at Sylvarena, Mississippi. He removed with his father’s family about 1877 to Blooming Grove.

On January 1, 1888, he was married to Miss S. Emma Beaubieu, age 15, of Navarro County who was born in 1873.  In 1889 they received a deed to land located 17 miles northwest of Comanche, Texas, according to Comanche County Deed Book 28, page 250.

On December 17, 1789, they received a release from B. F. Clark on 40 acres of land, according to Comanche County Deed Book 28, page 252.  On June 24, 1890, Albert G. Gowan and S. Emma Beaubieu Gowan “of DeLeon, Texas” sold the 40 acres to to J. W. Pittman for $165, according to Comanche County Deed Book 29, page 261.

On August 5, 1890 Albert G. Gowan received a deed to Lots 1, 3 and 4, Block 13 in DeLeon from Texas Central Railway Company, according to Comanche County Deed Book 41, pages 196-198.  They sold Lot 4, Block 13 to J. T. Warren for $40, according to Comanche County Deed Book 41, page 195.  They also gave a warranty deed to J. R. McAdams December 13, 1890, according to Comanche County Deed Book 41, page 199.  In 1890 Albert G. Gowan was described as an “inventor and house builder.”

  1. Emma Beaubieu Gowan died about the end of 1890, perhaps in childbirth. A son, unnamed, was born to her December 20, 1890 and died the same day.

Albert G. Goway was married second to Mrs. Naomi Lee Dossett Gill, probably in Shackelford County, Texas August 20, 1891. She was born in Kentucky in August 1869.

Albert G. Gowan purchased 99 acres of land from Mrs. S. F. Harbin, “a feme sole of Dublin, Texas,” according to Comanche CountyDeed Book 53, page 155. He paid $450 for the farm.

Albert G. Gowan appeared as the head of a household in the 1900 census of Comanche County, Enumeration District 27, page 11:

“Gowan,     A. G.       40, born in MS in December


Lee      30, born in KY in August 1869

Carrie        8, born in TX in July 1892

Victor        5, born in TX in September


Benjamin    2, born in TX in June 1897”

Albert G. Gowan and NaomI Lee Dossett Gill gave a warranty deed to M. G. Gaines October 17, 1901 to the Harbin land, according to Comanche County Deed Book 53, page 156.  He received an affidavit Aujgust 25, 1915 from Fleet Gill attesting to this transaction, according to Comanche County Deed Book 103, page 374.

About 1902, Albert G. Gowan removed to Eastland County, Texas where he resumed farming.

Albert G. Gowan gave a release to property in Dallas County, Texas to Henry Schaerdel January 14, 1927, according to Dallas County Deed Book 1420, page 59.

Albert G. Gowan died July 10, 1927 at Dallas, according to BVS File 22794. He was buried in the DeLeon Cemetery.

On January 20, 1939 Naomi Lee Dossett Gill Gowan sold a lot in Waxahachie, Texas to her son-in-law, Frank Sailing and his wife, Carrie Louise Gowan Sailing, according to Ellis County Deed Book 341, page 346.  She gave them a release on the vendor’s lein February 19, 1942.  At that time, she lived at 2201 Taft, Ft. Worth, Texas.  By 1952, she had returned to Comanche, Texas.

She died September 21, 1959 in Dallas, according to BVS File 49000.

Children born to Albert G. Gowan and Naomi Lee Dossett Gill include:

Carrie Louise Gowan              born July 4, 1892

Victor Thomas Gowan           born September 2, 1894

Ben Cecil Gowan                born June 21, 1897

Albert G. Gowan, Jr.              born about 1898

Rufus James Gowan               born October 11, 1900

Carr Gowan                    born July 22, 1903

Vyda Lee Gowen                born May 2, 1905

Golder Gotch Gowan             born July 7, 1907

Warren Gowan                   born September 3, 1909

Carrie Louise Gowan, daughter of Albert G. Gowan and Naomi Lee Dossett Gill, was born July 4, 1892, according to Comanche County Birth Book 20, page 434. She was married about 1910, husband’s, name Davis.  Later she was remarried to DeWitt Travis.


Agee M Gowan

  • BIRTH 8 Dec 1859 Sylvarena, Smith County, Mississippi, USA

  • DEATH 10 Jul 1927 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA

  • BURIAL DeLeon Cemetery  De Leon, Comanche County, Texas, USA

  • PLOT Section B6

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  • MEMORIAL ID 21565547


Naomi Lee Dossett Gowan

  • BIRTH 10 Aug 1869

  • DEATH 4 Sep 1959

  • BURIAL DeLeon Cemetery  De Leon, Comanche County, Texas, USA

  • PLOT Section B6

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  • MEMORIAL ID 21565565

                    KATE GILL   1841-????
                    MARY GILL 1842-????
                    WILLIAM ALEXANDER "BILLY BUDD" GILL   1843-1889
                    +FRANCES ROZELLA "FANNIE" GARLINGTON  1850-1877
                                        WILLIAM ALEXANDER "WILLIE" GILL JR  1867-1876
                                        CHARLES TILLMAN "CHARLIE" GILL  1867-1867
                                        EUGENE VICTOR GILL  1870-1965
                                        +STELLA SUSAN WEST
                                                             OUIDA PEARL GILL  1892-1998
                                                            +WILLIAM EDWARD NOWLIN  1892-1940
                                                                                HAZEL LEMOINE NOWLIN  1915-1984
                                                                                +VERNON H "BUDDY" HAWTHORNE  1915-1984
                                                                                +LEE ALLEN WILLIAMS  1903-1970
                                                                                 HAROLD GILL NOWLIN  1917-1926
                                                                                 ROY WAYNE NOWLIN  1919-1971
                                                                                 +EULA MAE SONNIER  1917-1981
                                                                                                     ROY WAYNE NOWLIN Jr  1942-
                                                                                                     +LOURDES B ANINON  1961-
                                                                                                     +IDA SIMS  1936-  
                                                                                                      THOMAS GILL NOWLIN  1946-
                                                                                                      +BARBARA ANN NIETSCHE  1949-
                                                                                 VICTOR CLAYTON NOWLIN  1920-2009
                                                                                 +HAZEL JOAN UTZ  1919-1998
                                                                                  HOLLIS RAYMOND "BUD" NOWLIN  1923-2005
                                                                                 +MYRTLE MARY CALDARA  1923-2004
                                                                                                     DONNA KAREN NOWLIN  1949-
                                                                                                     +THOMAS WAYNE SCHULTZ  1944-2006
                                                                                                      LINDA CARRIE NOWLIN
                                                                                                     +ANTHONY JUDE HANSEN
                                                                                  DOROTHY JEANE NOWLIN  1931-
                                                                                  +ELIAS PAUL "TEX"  PERRY  1922-1980
                                                            +CARROLL HOLT  1886-1983
                                                            LAURA GENE GILL  1894-1958
                                                            +JOSEPH OTHO WALKER  1890-1927
                                                                                JOSEPH OTHO WALKER JR  1920-1978
                                                                                +ALMA DAHL  1926-2008   
                                                                                                     ALFRED GLEN WALKER  1956-1984
                                                                                                     +CELIA L CONNELL 
                                                                                 BILLIE JOYCE WALKER   1921-2011
                                                                                +WILLIAM LEWIS "BILL" JOHNSON  1918-1998
                                                                                                      CHARLES EUGENE "CHARLIE" JOHNSON  1942-2011
                                                                                                      JAMES ELTON JOHNSON 
                                                                                                      +KAREN CHASE
                                                                                                      ELOISE JOHNSON  1944-
                                                                                                      +DOUGLAS HACKETT 
                                                                                                      WALTER ERIC JOHNSON
                                                                                                      CHRISTOPHER EDWARD JOHNSON
                                                                                                       +ROSEMARIE HINOJOSE
                                                                                  FRANCIS ELOISE WALKER  1923-1939
                                                              DIXIE ELLEN GILL  1898-1992
                                                              +EDWARD LEE ROY COCK  10907-1992
                                                                                    CAROLYN LOU COCKS  1935-2012
                                                                                    +SHERMAN LEE CUNNINGHAM  1931-1982
                                                                                                        SHERMAN LEE CUNNINGHAM JR  1956-2011
                                                                                                        +VICKIE L OAKLEY  1958
                                                                                                        DONALD TERRY CUNNINGHAM  1958-1982
                                                                                                        +LESLIE E KNOWLES  1961- 
                                                                                                        CHRISTOPHER CUNNINGHAM  1963-1995 
                                                                                                        DAVID L CUNNINGHAM  1960-   
                                                                                                        DOUGLAS L CUNNINGHAM  1960-            
                                                                                     PHYLLIS COCKS  1939-
                                                                                     ROY SUE COCK   1933-1940 
                                                              MATTIE P GILL  1898-1995
                                                              WILLIAM ALEXANDER GILL  1900-1975
                                                             +LESLIE WARD WILLIS  1906-1994   
                                                             +ZADA TUNNELL  1910-1999 
                                                                                    JOHN TUNNELL GILL  1937-1937
                                                                                    PATRICIA KAY GILL  1942-
                                                                                    +JAMES WILLIAM WADE
                                                                                                         LAURIE ANN WADE  1961-
                                                                                                         DANA KAY WADE  1964-
                                                                                                         +PAUL E GREEN  1962-
                                                                                    +LARRY DEAN ASHENFELTER  1940-1982   
                                                              FAYE MARIE GILL  1904-1995
                                                              +FREDERICK TECUMSEH ROGERS  1897-????
                                                                                     JACK GORDON ROGERS  1930-2010                                                     
                                                              EUGENE VICTOR GILL Jr  1906-1967
                                                              +JANIE MILDRED WRIGHT  1916-2005
                                                              EMMA GILL  1906-????  
                                                              ROBERT DERALD GILL  1910-1983
                                                              +LAVONIA DOUGLAS  1921-1983
                                        CARL GILL  1872-1889
                                        FLEET L GILL  1875-1970
                                        +MINNIE M REED  1875-1956
                                                              HUBERT OLNEY GILL  1900-1992
                                                              +RUBY LEE JOHNSON  1909-2007
                                                              HARRIETT AUGUSTA GILL  1902-2004
                                                              +STEVEN ALVA DEBNAM  1903-1977
                                                                                   JOY DIANA DEBNAM    1932-1970
                                                                                   +WILLIAM HUIE HESS  1933-2015
                                                                                                        NATHAN W HESS  1958-
                                                                                                        MARGARET ELIZABETH HESS  1962- 
                                                                                   STEVEN LEE DEBNAM  1935-2004
                                                               GENEVA HETTIE GILL  1903-1987
                                                              +JOSEPH DEWEY CHAMBLEE  1898-10968
                                                                                   DENNIS WONDEL CHAMBLEE  1922-2007
                                                                                   +JUANITA BEVERLY  1923-2015
                                                                                                        WANDA PHYLLIS CHAMBLEE  1948-2013
                                                                                                        +ROGER PATRICK JURN  1939-1988
                                                                                    SYBIL MOLENE CHAMBLEE   1923-2004
                                                                                    +VIRGLE COOK  1920-????
                                                                                    JAMES FRANCES CHAMBLEE  1926-2003
                                                                                    +JAMES CALVIN MARSHALL  1924-2007
                                                                                    MYRON DAPHENE CHAMBLEE  1927-2002
                                                                                    +WILLIAM NICHOLAS BREWER  1920-2007
                                                                                    LELAN R CHAMBLEE  1929-1983
                                                                                    EMMA JEAN CHAMBLEE  1932-2009
                                                                                    +WILLIAM "BILLY SIMS" MADDING  1927-1959
                                                                                                        BARBARA JEAN MADDING  1951-1998    
                                                                                    JOSEPH DEWE CHAMBLEE Jr  1935-2005
                                                                                    +PEGGY LYNN MORAN  1938-1962   
                                                              L B GILL   1903-1986
                                                             +VARNA LORENE MILLER  1910-1990 
                                                                                    CLIFTON DWAYNE GILL  1935-1968
                                                                                    +ELIZABETH E SHARP  1936-
                                                              RAYMOND WILLIAM GILL  1909-1993
                                                              +MARY PAULINE RUST  1914-1933
                                                              +RUBY ALMA YEARY  1915-1984
                                                                                      JAMES LOGAN GILL  1937-1996
                                                                                      +OLLIE JOYCE WARREN  1943-
                                                                                                        REGINA EVYONNE GILL  1963-
                                                                                                        MICHAEL WILLIAM GILL  1968-
                                                                                                        RUSSELL WENDELL GILL  1967-
                                                                MARYDELL  GILL  1915-2012
                                                                +LUTHER HALL McCRUMMEN  1916-2002
                                                                                        MARSHALL HALL McCRUMMEN  1941-2003
                                                                                        +BARARBARA HICKMAN  1939- 
                                                                                                         KIRSTIN "KIKI" McCRUMMEN
                                                                                                         +MICHAEL OLESON
                                                                                                         TAMARA McCRUMMEN
                                                                                                         +CHRIS CABALLERO
                                                                                                                             DARBY CABALLERO 
                                                                                                          LINDSEY GILL McCRUMMEN  1945-
                                                                                                          ROGER KENT McCRUMMEN  1953-
                                                                 JOYCE ANITA GILL  1918-2004 
                                                                +WAYNE HOUSTON WOODY 1923-2004
                                                                                         WAYNE HOUSTON WOODY JR  1946-1991
                                                                                         +MARIANNE MELTON  1946- 
                                                                                         ANITA ELIZABETH WOODY  1950-2004
                                                                                         +KENZEL RAY MAY  1946-                    
                                                                +VERSHEL H SMITH        
                                        ZENO GILL  1877-????
                                        FRANCES GILL  ????-????
                    +NAOMI LEE"LEE" DOSSETT  1869-1959
                                        WILLIE LEE GILL  1889-1969
                                        +HOMER LEONARD FROST  1869-1959
                                                             THELMA LEE FROST
                                                             +ALLIE VINSON POLLARD
                                                                                 THELMA FERN POLLARD
                                                                                  +GARVIN W SNYDER 
                                                             +FOREST B BUCKLEY
                                                                                   FOREST B "SONNY" BUCKLEY Jr  1932-2002
                                                                                   +JUDITH M HUDSON    1942-  
                                                                                   MARION BUCKLEY
                                                                                   +HOYT W SMITH 
                                                              BUENA VISTA "FROSTIE" FROST  1908-1992
                                                              +FLOYD THOMAS BURCHFIELD  1903-1970
                                                                                   MARY LYNN BURCHFIELD  1930-2017
                                                                                   DIXIELEE THOMASENE BURCHFIELD  1931-2014
                                                                                  +FRANK J McKENNA  
                                                                                  +JERRY DONALD "RIP" STRANGE  1908-1991   
                                                                                                            JAMES FRANCIS "JIMMIE" STRANGE
                                                                                                            +LILLIAN CAROLYN MIDKIFF       
                                                              DIXIE GILL BRONTE FROST  1910-1973
                                                              +JAMES RAY HICKMAN    1921-2009
                                                              WINTER KNIGHT FROST  1912-1940   
                                                              LLOYD TURNER FROST  1914-1989
                                                              +LUCETTE A BEAUBIEN  1915-2001
                                                              DOROTHY GENE FROST  1916-2010
                                                              +CHARLES ELMER BORDEN SR  1911-1986  
                                                                                     CHARLES ELMER BORDEN JR  1935-2004
                                                              +CHAD NOLAN HENSLEY  1917-1998
                                                              HOMER LEONARD FROST JR  1921-1969
                                                             +GLADYS LORENE JOHNSON  1926-1995
                                                                                     THOMAS LAWRENCE FROST  1955-
                                                                                     MARY FROST  1953-1953
                                                              PEGGY MARIE FROST  1924-1953
                                                              DAVID ROY FROST  1925-1961
                                                              +MARGIE NELL WEBB  1929-1995  
                                                              MARY PATRICIA FROST  1929-2008     
                                                              +JAY RAY HUNTER  1927-1987
                                                                                     JONATHAN MICHAEL HUNTER  1948-
                                                                                     JAMES SCOTT HUNTER  1949-2001
                                                                                     +NANCY E KNUTSON  1951-
                                                                                     PEGGY SHANNON HUNTER  1953-1969                                             
                    +WHITFIELD "PONY" SCOTT  1842-1887
                                         MYRTA ZOE SCOTT  1865-1958
                                         +AIME CHARLES SCHREINER  1862-1935
                                                             WHITFIELD SCOTT SCHREINER  1888-1969
                                                             +JOSEPHINE AUGUSTA CARR  1893-1984
                                                                                 JOSEPHINE TOBIN SCHREINER  1916-2009
                                                                                 +ERNEST CLYDE PARKER JR  1918-2009
                                                              AIME CHARLES SCHREINER JR  1890-1963
                                                              +NELLIE ELIZABETH GANTER  1891-1953
                                                                                  NELL GANTER SCHREINER  1916-2001
                                                                                  +THOMAS WEIR LABATT JR  1913-1981
                                                              HESTER PALMER SCHREINER  1898-1949
                                                              +HARRY MOSS HARRISON  1889-1954 
                                                                                  HESTER SCHREINER HARRISON  1918-2003
                                                                                  +---------- DICK   
                                                                                  AIME SCHREINER HARRISON  1922-1998
                                                                                  +HELENA MUIR HURST  1925-2008 
                                                                                                      BARRETT H HARRISON  1949-
                                                                                                      +KIMBERLY E ECHOLS  1959-    
                                         WILLIE BEVERLY SCOTT  1870-1937
                                         +ALVIN W IRVING  1861-1947
                                                             AIME LEIGH IRVING  1900-1901
                                                             ALVIN COOPER IRVING  1908-*1970
                                                             +LOUISE ELIZABETH DICKEY  1918-  
                                         VICTOR LEE SCOTT  1871-1948
                                         +LELIA LAMOUR  1871-1954
                                                             VICTOR WHITFIELD SCOTT  1871-1948
                                                             +VICTORIA MARY KINDLA  1894-1950
                                                             SADIE L SCOTT  18978-1966  
                                                            +BEN ARTHUR WAGNER  1893-1961
                                                            + FELIX WILLIAM JUNG  1888-1967
                                                             LUCILLE HARRIETT SCOTT  1900-1966
                                                            +LEROY REEDER KUGLE  1893-1941
                                                                                LEROY RUSSELL KUGLE  1918-1997
                                                                                +ELAINE R JARVIS  1917-2005
                                                                                WHITFIELD ELVIN KUGLE  1920-1972
                                                                                +CLARA KATE CULBERTSON  1919-2004
                                                            +GEORGE B WAGONER  1879-1966 
                                                            EARL D SCOTT  1902-1980
                                                            +FLORENCE RUTH SMITH  1901-1961
                                                                                 EARL D SCOTT JR  1926-
                                                            HAL GARRETT SCOTT  1904-1983
                                                            +ALICE EDNA FRITTS  1906-1986
                                                            BERNICE ELIZABETH WHEELER  1907-1990
                                         EARL D SCOTT  1873-1957
                                         +GERTRUDE PRESNALL  1872-1961
                                         CLINTON LEVY SCOTT  1879-????
                                         JULIA SCOTT  ????-????  
                    MARGARET GILL  1846-1860
                    CHARLES GILL  1840-1870
                    EMMA GILL  1853-1860
                    THOMAS GILL  1854-1860
                    ANNA KATHERINE GILL  1856-1932
                    +ARMITAGE THOMAS OAKLEY  1855-1910
                                        VELMA FAYE OAKLEY  1882-1963
                                        EDNA VIVIAN OAKLEY  1888-1959   
                                        EARL G OAKLEY  1890-1918
                    LAURA BLANCHE GILL  1859-1952
                    +WILLIAM GRAY GARRETT   1851-1935
                                        AIMEE ZOE GARRETT  1885-1982
                                       +ROBERT LOUIS SCHMERBECK1878-1945
                                                               ROBERT LOUIS SCHMERBECK JR  1909-1998
                                                              +EDITH HAZEL HAUSER  1918-2002
                                                               GARRETT GILL SCHMERBECK  1910-1999
                                                                  +MIRIUM  FRANCES HOOD   1917-
                                                                                    MARILYN SCHMERBECK  1944-
                                                                                        +WILLIAM F HEAP  1946-
                                                                                    FRANCES ANN SCHMERBECK  1946-
                                                                                    +WILLIAM THORPE McKENZIE 
                                                                                    PHILIP DAVID SCHMERBECK 1956-
                                                                                    MARK GARRETT SCHMERBECK  1659-  
                                                               AIMEE LOUISE SCHMERBECK  1912-2006  
                                                               +LOUIS CARROLL  ADAMS  1908-1993                      
                                        HARRIETT SCOTT  1887-1975  
                                        WILLIAM GRAY GARRETT JR   1888-1965
                                        +MARY BURNS JOHNSTON  1890-1981
                                                                ANNIE LAURIE GARRETT   1913-1937
                                                                +JAMES SAMUEL HOWZE  1909-1989
                                                                                    MARY SUE HOWZE  1936-2000
                                                                                    +DONELL EAR SHEPARD  1933-1992
                                                                                                             ANNIE LAURIE SHEPARD  1963-
                                                                                    +THOMAS P. CAHILL  ????-????
                                                                MARY JANE GARRETT 1919-2010 
                                                                +CLIFTON CRAWFOFORD CARTER  1918-1971
                                                                                     KATHLEEN JANE CARTER  1946-
                                                                                     +MICHAEL JAMESLIVINGSTON  1947-
                                                                                     CYNTHIA SUE CARTER  1948-
                                                                                     +LAWRENCE ALAN  RAMSDELL 1948-
                                                                                     WILLIAM GARRETT CARTER  1950-
                                                                                     +MARY LOU AZEVEDO  1951-
                                                                                     LYNDON EDMOND CARTER  1953-
                                                                                     +MARGARET P ROMBERG  1965-
                                                                                     LAURIE ANN CARTER  1960-
                                                                                    +DAVID CHARLES UHLMAN  1957-
                                        HARRISON RICE GARRETT  1890-1921
                                        LEROY DENMAN GARRETT  1891-1981
                                        +JESMYR FORTRAN   1897-1978 
                                                                VICTOR  EARLGARRETT  1920-1998
                                                                +JESSIE BUTLER BROADFOOT  1924-2014
                                                                                      VICTOR EARL GARRETT JR  1956-
                                                                                      +TAMMY GAYLE HENDERSON  1959-
                                                                                                               VICTOR EARL GARRETT III  1981-
                                        VICTOR EARL GARRETT  1894-1918
                                        INFANT DAUGHTER  GARRETT  1899-1899
                                        LAURA RUTH GARRETT  1902-1982    
                                        +RICHARD AUSTIN CHRIESMAN  1885-1975   
                    MARION GILL  1861-1945
                    +PHILLIP JAMES STEPHENSON  1856-1946

SITE OF OLD GILL FARM Marker # 4849 Location: From Comanche, take SH 16 NE about 4 miles, then go east on county road about 4 miles, at Old Gill Farm and Family Cemetery, Copperas Creek Park on Proctor Lake City: Comanche vicinity Marker Erected: 1968 Marker Text: Settled 1874 by W. A. Gill (1843-1889), son of W. S. Gill, hero of Battle of San Jacinto. W. A. fought in Civil War and was a Captain in the Texas Rangers. His sons E. V. and Fleet lived here for many years. Remains in this family plot were moved in 1964 to Buffalo Cemetery (1 mile N). (1968)

SITE OF W. A. GILL                     FARM

1870 United States Federal Census

Name:  William Gill

Age in 1870:  27

Birth Year:  abt 1843

Birthplace:  Texas

Dwelling Number:  541

Home in 1870:  West of the Brazos River, McLennan, Texas

Race:  White

Gender:  Male

Male Citizen Over 21:  Y

Personal Estate Value:  400

Household Members:

Name          Age

William Gill    27

Fanny Gill    20

William Gill    3

Allen Gurlington    13

1880 United States Federal Census

Name:  William Gill

Age:  37

Birth Date:  Abt 1843

Birthplace:  Texas

Home in 1880:  Comanche, Texas, USA

Dwelling Number:  98

Race:  White

Gender:  Male

Relation to Head of House:Self (Head)

Marital Status:  Widower

Father's Birthplace:  Tennessee

Mother's Birthplace:  Alabama

Occupation:  Farmer

Sick:  Rumotuin

Neighbors:  View others on page

Household Members:

Name    Age

William Gill    37

Eugene V. Gill    10

Carl Gill    8

Fleet L. Gill    5

Zeno Gill    3

Sarah Garlington    50

Allen S. Garlington    23



W A Gill

Willie was burned to death after the family returned to Texas.  He was about six years old - Uncle Gene said he could remember seeing it happen.  Willie was trying to start a fire with coal oil, caught fire and burned to death.  This happened at Comanche.  They left Willie and told him to be sure and keep a good fire in the big range cook stove.  Willie poured kerosene on the fire - it exploded.  Uncle Gene was right behind him - tried to help him - he ran, and a hired man caught him.  They put out the fire.  A Weaver cousin rushed to his aid, too, but unfortunately, Willie was too badly burned and died."
Charles Tillman Gill , known as "Charlie" was born in Brazil.  According to family records, his middle name was given to him in honor of Benjamin Tillman, the Governor of South Carolina.  However, Tillman was not elected until 1890 and was only 21 or 22 at the time of Charlie's birth, making that story a bit doubtful.  Family records also state that Charlie died in Brazil not reaching his first birthday.  But, he is shown on the  "British Lion" manifest as an infant for the return trip back to the United States.  One can only assume that the manifest was written up before sailing and that Charlie passed away prior to the sailing in September, 1869.  He is not listed on the 1870 Census taken in McLennan County Texas. (See above Census Records)
EUGENE VICTOR GILL was born on December 14, 1870, in Bosqueville, Texas, his father, WILLIAM, was 27 and his mother, Frances, was 20. He married STELLA SUSAN WEST in 1892. They had eight children in 18 years. He died on December 4, 1965, in Levelland, Texas, at the age of 94, and was buried there.
STELLA SUSAN WEST was born on September 13, 1873, in Arkansas, the daughter of Martha and James. She married EUGENE VICTOR GILL in 1892. They had eight children in 18 years. She died on August 27, 1954, in Hockley, Texas, at the age of 80, and was buried in Levelland, Texas.

Eugene Victor Gill, Sr

  • BIRTH 14 Dec 1870 Bosqueville, McLennan County, Texas, USA

  • DEATH 4 Dec 1965 Waco, McLennan County, Texas, USA

  • BURIAL Levelland Municipal Cemetery  Levelland, Hockley County, Texas, USA

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  • MEMORIAL ID 21790934

Stella Sue Gill


William Edward Nowlin

  • BIRTH 11 Sep 1892 Alabama, USA

  • DEATH 29 Sep 1940 Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • BURIAL Greenlawn Memorial Park  Groves, Jefferson County, Texas, USA

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  • MEMORIAL ID 64141227

Ouida Pearl Gill Nowlin

  • BIRTH 22 Jul 1892 Comanche County, Texas, USA

  • DEATH 27 Nov 1988 Torrance, Los Angeles County, California, USA

  • BURIAL Unknown

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  • MEMORIAL ID 83789536

Harold G Nowlin

  • BIRTH 7 May 1917 Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • DEATH 31 Jul 1926 Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • BURIAL Greenlawn Memorial Park  Groves, Jefferson County, Texas, USA

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  • MEMORIAL ID 64141297

Ouida Pearl Gill was born on July 22, 1892, in Comanche, Texas, her father, EUGENE, was 21, and her mother, STELLA, was 18. She had four sons and three daughters with William Edward Nowlin. She died on November 27, 1988, in Torrance, California, at the age of 96.
William Edward Nowlin was born on September 11, 1892, in Portersville, Alabama, his father, Archie, was 34 and his mother, Nancy, was 27. He had four sons and three daughters with Ouida Pearl Gill. He died on September 29, 1940, in Groves, Texas, at the age of 48, and was buried there.
Hazel Lemoine Nowlin was born on January 14, 1915, in Sidney, Texas, her father, William, was 22, and her mother, Ouida, was 22. She had four brothers. She died in February 1984 in La Marque, Texas, at the age of 69.
Vernon H. (Buddy) Hawthorn was born on April 14, 1909, in Port Neches, Texas, his father, Benjamin, was 25 and his mother, Rebecca, was 23. He married Hazel Lemoine Nowlin on September 21, 1935. He then married Thelma E Williams on July 9, 1943. He died on December 17, 1994, in his hometown at the age of 85, and was buried there.
Lee Allyn Williams was born on March 10, 1903, in Dunlap, Iowa, his father, Robert, was 29 and his mother, Katherine, was 26. He died on May 11, 1970, of a self inflicted gun shot to the head in Houston, Texas, at the age of 67.
Harold Gill Nowlin was born on May 7, 1917, in Port Arthur, Texas, his father, William, was 24 and his mother, Ouida, was 24. He had three brothers and two sisters. He died from an accidental drowning at the age of nine on July 31, 1926, in Groves, Texas.

Harold G Nowlin

  • BIRTH 7 May 1917 Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • DEATH 31 Jul 1926 Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • BURIAL Greenlawn Memorial Park  Groves, Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • MEMORIAL ID 64141297

Roy Wayne Nowlin was born on February 1, 1919, in Port Arthur, Texas, his father, William, was 26 and his mother, Ouida, was 26. He had three brothers and two sisters. He died on May 31, 1971, in Groves, Texas, at the age of 52, and was buried there.

Eula Sonnier Nowlin

  • BIRTH 5 May 1917 Louisiana, USA

  • DEATH 30 Jul 1981 Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • BURIAL Greenlawn Memorial Park  Groves, Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • MEMORIAL ID 68207317

Roy Wayne Nowlin

  • BIRTH 1 Feb 1919 Port Arthur, Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • DEATH 31 May 1971 Groves, Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • BURIAL Greenlawn Memorial Park  Groves, Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • MEMORIAL ID 68276256

Victor C. Nowlin, 88, of Salinas, passed away peacefully Wednesday, March 18, 2009, with his loved ones at his side at his home in Salinas.

Vic was born Oct. 26, 1920, in Port Arthur, Texas. Not unlike many from "The Greatest Generation" Vic's life was profoundly shaped by the lessons The Great Depression and World War II taught him. Lessons that served him in goodstead throughout his long life.

During World War II, Vic proudly served in the U.S. Navy where he had the privilege to visit many places both here in the United State and throughout the Pacific. One port of call was San Francisco. It was there, at a dance, that he met the love of his life, Joan Hazel Utz. In 1944, they were married and spent 54 years together until her passing in 1998.

In 1959, Vic and Joan moved to Salinas where he worked as mail carrier for the United State Postal Service. He adopted several stray dogs whom he found along his route. All who brought great enjoyment to Vic and Joan.

Vic had a great love at golf. As a young man he caddied at the local golf courses. There he learned the game and played on many of the top courses where he met many of the top golfers of his early days. He often played golf at the Salinas Fairways where he and his friends, "The Bandits", frequently gathered. One of his most memorable achievements at the Fairways was to hit a "hole in one" in 1980.
In 1998, a new chapter began in Vic's life. He met the Calender Family, Kurtis, Jan, Kourtney, Scott, and Shane. He spent the last 11 years with them where he was fondly and affectionately known as "Granpa Vic". He enjoyed horseback riding with Kourtney's horse Kavort, teaching Shane golf, and riding his bike with Scott. These were many shared and precious memories that will last a lifetime for the Calenders.

To Jan he was like a father, very kind and caring. She will always refer to him as a person with unconditional love and a heart as big as Texas. She will miss their breakfasts together.

He will be truly missed by the many friends that he made throughout his life, both from long ago and especially those who he made during the past 11 years.

Our family wishes to extend a special thank you to the nurses and SVMH, Luci and Min, and Doctors John Carlson, Mark Adame, and Christopher Oh for their excellent care to Victor.

"Farewell and Godspeed Granpa Vic" Love Jan

Survivors: His sister, Dorothy Calkins; nieces, Donna Schultz, Linda Hansen, and Dayna Perry; and a great nephew, Christopher Schultz.

Services: According to his wishes, no services will be held. True to his Navy heritage Vic asked that his remains be scattered at sea.

Memorials: To celebrate, honor, and remember Vic's life, a donation to your local animal shelter is kindly requested and would be much appreciated. Otherwise, have a piece of coconut cream pie for him. He would love that.

Arrangements: Healey Mortuary & Crematory, 405 N. Sanborn Road, Salinas.
Online condolences:
Lt. Colonel Hollis R. "Bud" Nowlin

TEXAS CITY — Lt. Colonel Hollis R. ("Bud") Nowlin,
USAF Retired,  passed away, April 26, 2005,  at Hearth-
stone Assisted Living Center in Texas City.

Born in Sidney, Texas  on June 22, 1923, Bud's parents,
Edward William and Ouida Pearl Gill Nowlin preceded
him in  death, as well  as brothers, Roy Wayne, Harold
and sister Hazel Williams.

Bud was a fighter  pilot  of a North American P-51 Mus-
tang during WWII, where in his plane was named "Hells
Bell". He was a member of the 357th Fighter Group of                                                     the 8th Air Force and a Yoxford Boy stationed in England. Bud received the following medals: (2) Distinguished Flying Crosses, (6) Air Medals with (6) bronze stars of oak leaf clusters; an American Campaign; the European/African/ Middle Eastern Campaign and a World War II Victory Medal and the Presidential Citation. As a Fighter Pilot in the 357th Fighter Squadron and many tours in Europe, he was credited with 5 confirmed kills, damaged and destroyed.

In 1945, after World War II, Bud was a Flight Instructor at the Galveston Aviation School in Galveston where he instructed future pilots. In 1948, Bud and Myrt moved to Clinton, Oklahoma where he managed the local airport and Air School wherein he taught future pilots (including his wife) to fly solo. 

He was a member of the: Air Force Association, Air Force Historical Society, La Marque Post 8248 Life Member, Carbide Pioneers Club, Mainland Elks Lodge 2141, Carbide Retiree Club, the Eighth Air Force Historical Foundation and the Houston Area Retired Officers Association.

He attended University of Houston. He retired from Union Carbide in 1985 with 36+ years of service in Research and Development.

Bud is preceded in death by his wife, Myrtle Mary Caldara Nowlin. He is survived by his two daughters Donna of Houston and Linda of Mission Viejo, California; grandson Christopher Schultz of San Marcos; brother Victor Nowlin of Salinas, California; sister Dorothy Jean Calkins of Torrance, California, as well as numerous nieces, nephews and a host of wonderful friends. 

Bud will long be remembered as a loving husband and father, a marvelous gentleman with a kind and generous heart, a sense of humor, overwhelming dignity and unsurpassed pride. He was a caring man who touched many lives because of his integrity, strength and passion. Bud ~ you were the best and you will remain in our hearts forever. You will truly be missed in our lives—we love you dearly.

Visitation will be held on Friday, April 29, 2005, between 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the James Crowder Funeral Home in La Marque. Funeral services will be Saturday, April 30, 2005, at 2 p.m. in the Chapel of the James Crowder Funeral Home in La Marque, with Msgr. T. Joseph Culver, officiating. Entombment will be at Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery in Dickinson, Texas.

Pallbearers will be Roy Nowlin, John Carlson, Donald Kotlarich, Morris Meadows and Boots Alexander.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may by made to the La Marque Aid and Guidance, 2222 Cedar Drive, La Marque, Texas 77568.

James Crowder Funeral Home-La Marque
Small Heading
Dorothy Jeane Nowlin was born on April 11, 1931, her father, William, was 38, and her mother, Ouida, was 38. She married Elias Paul Perry on May 26, 1954. She had four brothers and two sisters.
Elias Paul Perry was born on December 27, 1922, in Port Arthur, Texas, his father, Paul, was 35 and his mother, Theresa, was 32. He had one daughter with Mary Alice Bailey. He then married Dorothy Jeane Nowlin on May 26, 1954. He also had one daughter from another relationship. He died on February 27, 1980, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 57, and was buried in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Elias Paul “Tex” Perry

  • BIRTH 27 Dec 1922 Port Arthur, Jefferson County, Texas, USA

  • DEATH 27 Feb 1980 Los Angeles County, California, USA

  • BURIAL Green Hills Memorial Park  Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County, California, USA

  • PLOT Sunset Terrace, 193, C

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  • MEMORIAL ID 72135539

LEVELLAND, Dec. 21.-Funeral services for Mrs. Laura G. Walker, 64, resident of Hockley County 29 years, will be held at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

     Services will be in the Austin Street Church of Christ in Levelland.  Burial will be in City of Levelland Cemetery under direction of Price Funeral Home.

     Mrs. Walker died about 8:30 p.m. today in Phillips-DuPree Hospital where she had been a patient about five weeks.

     She had worked as a clerk in the post office here for the past 15 years.  Prior in assuming post office duties Mrs. Walker taught school in the Levelland school system.

     She was a member of the Austin Street Church of Christ.

     She is survived by a son, Joseph Otho Walker of Gruver; a daughter, Mrs. W. L. Johnson of Gruver; her father, E. V. Gill of Levelland; three brothers, W. A. Gill and E. V. Gill, Jr., both of Waco and R. D. Gill of Amarillo; three sisters, Mrs. Ouida Nowlin of Port Arthur, Mrs. D. E. Coeks of Hatch, N. M. and Mrs. Fay Rogers of Levelland and nine grandchildren. Source:  Publication Unknown, December 1958, transcribed by M.K.K.
Joseph Otho Walker was born on August 22, 1920, in Stephens, Texas, his father, Joseph, was 29 and his mother, Laura, was 26. He married Alma Dahl in June 1948 in Hansford, Texas. They had one child during their marriage. He died on November 19, 1978, in Gruver, Texas, at the age of 58, and was buried there.
Alma Dahl was born on October 20, 1926, in Hansford, Texas. She married Joseph Otho Walker in June 1948 in her hometown. They had one child during their marriage. She died on February 8, 2008, in San Angelo, Texas, at the age of 81, and was buried in Hansford, Texas.
SAN ANGELO - Alma Walker, 81, died Friday, Feb. 8, 2008.
Services will be at 10:30 a.m., Tuesday in Oslo Lutheran Church, Gruver, with Arlen Lloyd, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in Oslo Lut-heran Cemetery.
Arrangements are by Henson-Novak Funeral Directors of Guymon, Okla.
Mrs. Walker was born Oct. 20, 1926, in Hansford County to Peter and Florence Dahl. She married Joseph Walker on June 3, 1948, in Oslo Lutheran Church.

She was preceded in death by one son

Alma Dahl Walker

  • BIRTH 20 Oct 1926 Hansford County, Texas, USA

  • DEATH 8 Feb 2008

  • BURIAL Oslo Lutheran Church Cemetery  Hansford County, Texas, USA

  • MEMORIAL ID 24551150

Joseph O. Walker

  • BIRTH 22 Aug 1920

  • DEATH 19 Nov 1978

  • BURIAL Gruver Cemetery  Gruver, Hansford County, Texas, USA

  • MEMORIAL ID 61296250

Alfred Glen Walker was born on April 4, 1956, in Guymon, Oklahoma, his father, Joseph, was 35 and his mother, Alma, was 29. He married Celia L Connell on January 24, 1981, in Hansford, Texas. He died on March 11, 1984, in Hansford, Texas, at the age of 27, and was buried there.

Alfred Glen Walker

Gruver, Texas – Billie Joyce Johnson, 89, passed away early Thursday, September 15, 2011 at Hansford Hospice, Spearman, Texas.

The  daughter of  Laura (Gill)  and  Joseph O. Walker,
she was born    October 9, 1921 in Breckenridge, Step-
hens County, Texas. The Walker family lived in Level-
land,  Texas  where  Joyce attended school. She atten-
ded Texas  Technological  College  in Lubbock, Texas.
While at  Texas  Tech,  she met  William  Lewis  John-
son and  they  were  married on  January  28, 1940 in
Liberal,  Kansas. The   Johnson   family   made   their
home, farming and ranching  in the Oslo community.
Joyce was a  member of  Oslo  Lutheran  Church and
was a gifted artist. Her art, whether it be watercolors,
pencil or pastels, was enjoyed by her family and many
in the community.

She was preceded in death by her sister Frances Eloise
Walker, brother Joe Walker, husband Bill Johnson in
1998, a son Charles Eugene (Charlie) Johnson in 2011.
Survivors include a daughter, Carol Eloise and husband,
Doug Hackett of Greenville, TX; three sons, James Elton
(Jimmy) Johnson and wife, Karen; and Christopher Ed-
ward Johnson, all of Oslo, and Walter Eric Johnson of Gruver; six grandchildren, Susan Runnels, Bob Hackett, Justin Johnson, Missy Cartwright, Lucas Johnson, Lisa Johnson; and seven great grandchildren, Dakota, Levi, Will, Nick, Emma, Crosby and Milly.

Graveside services will be Saturday afternoon, September 17th, 2:00 PM at the Oslo Lutheran Cemetery. Memorial services will follow at 2:30 PM at Oslo Lutheran Church with Pastor Arlen Lloyd officiating. Services are under the care of Henson-Novak Funeral Directors of Guymon.

Memorials may be given to the Oslo Lutheran Church or a charity of choice, c/o Henson-Novak Funeral Directors, P.O. Box 1306, Guymon, OK 73942.
GRUVER - William Lewis "Bill" Johnson, 79, of Oslo, died Friday, March 6, 1998.Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in the Oslo Lutheran Church with John Chandler, pastor, officiating.
Burial will be in Oslo Cemetery by Henson-Novak Funeral Directors of Guymon.Mr. Johnson was born near Oslo. He graduated from Gruver High School in 1937 and attended Texas Technological College.
He was active in farming and ranching. He was a member of the Hansford County Soil Conservation District and the Oslo Lutheran Church.He married Billie Joyce Walker in 1940.
Survivors include his wife; a daughter, Eloise Carol Hackett of Greenville; four sons, James Elton Johnson, Charles Eugene Johnson and Christopher Edward Johnson, all of Gruver, and Walter Eric Johnson of College Station; a sister, Amelia Johnson of Austin; six grandchildren; and one great-grandson.
Friends may call from 1 until 8 p.m. today and from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. Tuesday at the funeral home.The family requests memorials be to the Bill Johnson Memorial for the Oslo Lutheran Church. They will be accepted at the church or Henson-Novak Funeral Home, Box 1306, Guymon, Okla., 73942.

Added: Aug. 15, 2008
Charles Eugene Johnson of Gruver, Texas, died Wed., July 1, 2011. Born on June 17, 1942, in Guymon, Okla., the second son to William Lewis and Billie Joyce (Walker) Johnson, he was raised in the Oslo Community. Called "Gene" as a young child, he later became known as "Charlie."
He never married, but spent an interesting life traveling the world as a helicopter pilot, at one time as a civil instructor for U.S. Army pilots. He enjoyed telling stories about the 18 years he flew in Alaska for Era and Evergreen. In 1986 he and his brother, Chris, began the business Aeroflight Publications.
Charlie's special interest was in photography and in his last years he especially enjoyed photographing Gruver High School athletic events.
He is survived by his mother, Joyce Johnson of Oslo; his brother James Elton Johnson of Oslo and his wife Karen; his sister Eloise Hackett and her husband, Doug, of Greenville, Texas; his brother Eric of Gruver; and his brother Chris of Oslo.  He is  also survived  by  his  nieces and ne-
phews, Susan  (Hackett)  Runnels, Bob Hackett,
Justin  Johnson,  Missy  (Johnson)  Cartwright,
Lucas Johnson, Lisa Johnson and several grand-
grandnephews and a niece. He was preceded in death
by his father, William Lewis Johnson. 

The  funeral  celebrating  the  life of Charles Eu-
gene Johnson is scheduled to be held  Wednes-
day,  July  6,  11:00  AM  at   the  Oslo  Lutheran
Church  with   Pastor  Arlen  Lloyd   officiating.
Interment will be in Oslo Cemetery. 

Memorials may be given to the Oslo Lutheran
Church, c/o Henson-Novak Funeral Directors,
P.O. Box 1306, Guymon, OK 73942
Eloise Carol Johnson was born in 1944, her father, William, was 26, and her mother, Billie, was 23. She has one daughter with Douglas Hackett. She had four brothers.
Christopher Edward Johnson was born in Texas, the son of Billie and William. He married Rosemarie Hinojosa on April 24, 1998, in Lubbock, Texas. He had three brothers and one sister.
  • BIRTH 26 Sep 1923

  • DEATH 9 Jul 1939

  • BURIAL Levelland Municipal Cemetery  Levelland, Hockley County, Texas, USA

  • MEMORIAL ID 21035720

 Frances Eloise Walker was born on September 26, 1923, in Stephens, Texas, her father, Joseph, was 32, and her mother, Laura, was 29. She had one brother and one sister. She died as a teenager of lung disease on July 9, 1939 at the age of 15, in Levelland, Texas, and was buried there.
Minnie Gill was born in December 1896 in Texas, her father, EUGENE, was 26, and her mother, STELLA, was 23. She had three brothers and five sisters.   She is listed on the 1900 Federal Census.  N further record of her.
Mattie Gill was born on January 1, 1898, in Comanche, Texas, her father, EUGENE, was 27, and her mother, STELLA, was 24. She had three brothers and five sisters. She died on April 24, 1917, in her hometown at the age of 19, and was buried in Texarkana, Arkansas.
Dixie Ellen Gill was born on December 27, 1898, in Comanche, Texas, her father, EUGENE, was 28, and her mother, STELLA, was 25. She had three daughters with Edward Leeroy Cocks between 1933 and 1939. She died on November 28, 1992, in Hatch, New Mexico, at the age of 93, and was buried there.
Edward Leeroy Cocks was born on March 5, 1907, in Grandfield, Oklahoma, his father, William, was 48 and his mother, Amy, was 39. He had three daughters with Dixie Ellen Gill between 1933 and 1939. He died on May 15, 1992, in Hatch, New Mexico, at the age of 85, and was buried in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Edward Leeroy Cocks

  • BIRTH 5 Mar 1907

  • DEATH 15 May 1992

  • BURIAL Masonic Cemetery  Las Cruces, Doña Ana County, New Mexico, USA

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  • MEMORIAL ID 98964824

Dixie Ellen Cocks

  • BIRTH 27 Dec 1898

  • DEATH 28 Nov 1992

  • BURIAL Garden of Memories  Hatch, Doña Ana County, New Mexico, USA

  • PLOT Sec B, Block 3

  • GPS Add coordinates

  • MEMORIAL ID 84218744

1940 United States Federal Census



NameEdward L Cocks



Estimated Birth Yearabt 1907




Marital StatusMarried

Relation to Head of HouseHead

Home in 1940Rodey, Dona Ana, New Mexico

Map of Home in 1940Rodey, Dona Ana, New Mexico

StreetRural District-rincon Road


Inferred Residence in 1935Rural, Doña Ana, New Mexico

Residence in 1935Rural Doña Ana New Mexico

Resident on farm in 1935Yes

Sheet Number1A

Number of Household in Order of Visitation5


House Owned or RentedRented

Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented12

Attended School or CollegeNo

Highest Grade CompletedHigh School, 4th year

Hours Worked Week Prior to Census52

Class of WorkerWorking on own account

Weeks Worked in 193952


Income Other SourcesNo

Household Members


Edward L Cocks33

Dixie Cocks41

Roy Sue Cocks6

Carolyn Cocks5

Phyllis Cocks6/12

Carl Denson Sims, 77, passed away on Sept. 16, 2012. Denson was born on March 13, 1935, in Mesilla, N.M., to Carl and Virginia Sims. On June 4, 1957, he married his high school sweetheart, Phyllis Dawn Cocks. They made their home in the Hatch Valley where they farmed for many years, raising cotton, chile and alfalfa, to name a few. Denson was a kind and gentle soul, and he loved all animals, even to the point of talking baby-talk to a bear in a zoo. It worked; the bear got up and walked towards him.


He was especially crazy about his dogs, and he spoiled them rotten. Denson loved his family, and was so very proud of all his kids. He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Phyllis; his daughter, Carla (Paul) Dugie of Las Cruces; sons, Bryan (Charlotte) Sims of Artesia and Joel Sims of Las Cruces; his grandchildren, Kaitlyn Dugie, Tyler Dugie, Jared (Neala) Rankin, Rachael Sims and Tyrell Sims; his great-grandchildren Derek Michael Rankin, Avi Sims and Westyn Rankin. He also considered Wanda Wilson Powe and her husband Greg Powe to be his kids as well. He is also survived by three sisters; Barbara (Larry) Hartman of Seattle, Linda Alvarez of Alamogordo, and Susie (David) Martinez of Las Cruces; brother James of Las Cruces, his sister-in-law Carolyn (Al) Hartman, many nieces, nephews, cousins. We will all miss him terribly.


He was preceded in death by his parents, and his grandson, Derek Rhea Rankin and by his dog Spice. A visitation will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012 at Getz Funeral Home. Funeral services to celebrate Denson's life are at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012 at Church of Christ in Hatch, with the Minister Danny McKinney officiating. Burial will follow at Garden of Memories Cemetery also in Hatch.


The honor of being a pallbearer will go to his family and friends and honorary pallbearers will be his high school buddies. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Humane Society or to a charity of choice. Arrangements by Getz Funeral Home corner of Solano and Bowman Aves., Las Cruces, NM. 526-2419. To sign our local online guest book go to

Published in Las Cruces Sun-News on Sept. 18, 2012

6.   WILLIAM A GILL  1900
William Alexander Gill was born on December 28, 1900, in Comanche, Texas, his father, EUGENE, was 30 and his mother, STELLA, was 27. He had one son and one daughter with Zada Naomi Tunnell between 1937 and 1942. He died on November 28, 1975, in Waco, Texas, at the age of 74, and was buried there.

James W. Wade

  • BIRTH 27 Jul 1933

  • DEATH 14 Feb 1975

  • BURIAL Rosemound Cemetery  Waco, McLennan County, Texas, USA

  • PLOT Section J. 57

  • GPS Add coordinates

  • MEMORIAL ID 43848354

James William Wade was born on July 27, 1933, in Texas, his father, Sam, was 21 and his mother, Nora, was 19. He had two daughters with Patricia Kay Gill between 1961 and 1964. He died on February 14, 1975, after spending forty five days in the hospital from cardiac arrest while being treat for a brain abcessin Waco, Texas, at the age of 41.
Faye Marie Gill was born on January 31, 1904, in Comanche, Texas, her father, EUGENE, was 33, and her mother, STELLA, was 30. She had one son with Frederick Tecumseh Rogers in 1930. She died on October 22, 1995, in Levelland, Texas, at the age of 91, and was buried there.

Faye Gill Rogers

  • BIRTH 31 Jan 1904

  • DEATH 22 Oct 1995

  • BURIAL Levelland Municipal Cemetery  Levelland, Hockley County, Texas, USA

  • MEMORIAL ID 21308819

Jack Gordon Rogers

December 29, 1930 - October 14, 2010



J. Gordon Rogers, 79, of Lubbock and formerly of Levelland, passed away on Thursday, October 14, 2010 at Lakeridge Rehab and Nursing Center, Lubbock, Texas after a lengthy illness. Gordon was born in Austin on December 29, 1930. He was born to Faye Gill Rogers and Frederick Rogers, both of whom preceded him in death. Gordon attended public schools in El Paso, Levelland and Tucumcari, New Mexico. He graduated from Levelland High School in 1948. He attended the University of Munich for one year and graduated from the University of Texas in Austin. He served in the United States Army and he was fluent in German and Spanish.

Gordon was baptized when he was 13 by Roy L. Foutz in the Austin Street Church of Christ. While living at Lakeridge, he was active in Bible study classes; his great joy was to attend the worship activities and services sponsored over the years by various congregations in Lubbock. His daily schedule was to read chapters out of both the Old and New Testaments. He especially loved to read his Bible in the German Language.

George Price Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Gordon will be cremated and a private family service will be held at a later time.
Gordon is survived by his guardians: Gary and Lin Gill and other cousins. Many thanks go to the administration, staff and residents of Lakeridge and to VistaCare Hospice for their care.

To join the family in celebrating Gordon's life, go to


Harriet Gill Debnam

Published: Monday, July 26, 2004


Harriet died of cancer at her home in Lubbock at age 102. She was born April 26, 1902, in Comanche County to Fleet and Minnie Gill. She graduated from Texas Tech and taught many years, including in Brazil while her husband worked for the Rockefeller Foundation. She was a member of Broadway Church of Christ.

Survivors include a son, Steven of Natalia, Texas; grandson, Nathan Hess; granddaughter, Margaret Hess; great-grandson, Atticus; great- granddaughter, Haleigh; and sister, Marydell McCrummen. A memorial service will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday, July 27, at Agap? Funeral Home. Memorials may be sent to Children's Home of Lubbock, P.O. Box 2824, Lubbock, TX 79408-9973.

Debnam celebrates century of life

Published: Friday, April 26, 2002


Harriet Debnam, who is 100 today, will celebrate

at 2 p.m. Satur day at Grand Court Lubbock,

4601 71st St.

She was born in 1902 and attended a country school

in Comanche County. After moving to the Lubbock

area, she served as a public school teacher. Her

husband, the late Steve Debnam, was a county

agent in the Levelland area, and she taught reading

classes at a school in Levelland.

Centenarian celebration

• Harriet Debnam.

• Born April 26, 1902, Comanche County.

• Birthday party 2 p.m. Saturday.

• Grand Court Lubbock.

"I enjoyed teaching school," Debnam said.

Among her pupils was a younger sister, Marydell McCrummen, now of Lubbock.

"She was a pretty good student," Debnam remembers.

During her teaching career, Debnam also taught at Lamesa and a number of other South Plains schools.

She taught English to Brazilians during a period of time when her husband worked for the Nelson Rockefeller Foundation in Brazil.

After the couple returned to Texas, Harriet Debnam enrolled in Tech and graduated in 1964. She later taught drama at Lamesa.

Her family includes a son, Steven Lee Debnam, and a daughter, the late Diane Hess. She also has two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Debnam is one of six children born to Fleet and Minnie Gill.

She doesn't offer a particular secret to living a long life, but she chooses to concentrate on living in the present. She somewhat avoids talking about her lifetime experiences.

"So much of this I used to think about and talk about," she said. "But I have just put it away." 766-8711


Diane Debnam Hess

Harriet A Debnam

Steven A Debnam

Small Heading
Joy Diane Debnam was born on April 10, 1932, in Lamesa, Texas, her father, Steven, was 29, and her mother, Harriet, was 29. She had one son and one daughter with William Huie Hess between 1958 and 1962. She died on April 24, 1970, in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the age of 38, and was buried in her hometown.

William Huie Hess(1933 - 2015)

December 24, 1933 ~ March 26, 2015
William Huie Hess died on March 26, 2015 of natural causes at the age of 81 in College Place, Washington. 
He was, for many years, professor of Classics in the Department of Languages & Literature in the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, from 1968 to 1998, where he had served as Chairman 1977-1983. Before that, he taught at the University of Texas, Austin from 1962 to 1968. He graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a B.A. degree in history in 1955, M.A. in 1959, then received another M.A. degree and a Ph.D. in Classics from Princeton University in New Jersey in 1962 & 1963.
William was born in Arkadelphia, Arkansas on December 24, 1933 to Elise Huie & Jack Smith Hess, who were later divorced. In 1940, he moved with his mother to Corpus Christi, Texas where she taught elementary school. After his mother married Claude Campbell in 1942, they moved to Borger, Texas, and he attended school there and at San Marcos Baptist Academy, 1943-44 and 1945-56, a military boarding school. From 1948 to 1950, they lived in Port Arthur, Texas where he graduated from high school. After college, he taught high school in Brownwood, Texas for one year, then served in the US Army, 1956-1958, during the Korean War era. 
In 1954, he married Diane Debnam. They had two children, Nathan, born 1958 and Margaret, born 1962. Diane died in 1970. He married Cheryl Potter Stevens in 1975 who had one daughter, Kelli, born 1968. 
He is survived by his wife, Cheryl; his son, Nathan; daughter, Margaret & her children, Haleigh & Atticus and by his stepdaughter & husband, Kelli & David Reeves and their children, Autumn, Stone, Forest and Canyon.
William was baptized in the Methodist Church and confirmed in the Episcopal Church in 1950. For 30 years, he was a member of St. Mark's Cathedral in Salt Lake City, Utah and then a member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Walla Walla.
Funeral arrangements and cremation will be handled by Herring Groseclose Funeral Home of Walla Walla. A memorial funeral service will be held at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Tuesday, April 9, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. with Reverend Steve Woolley officiating. 
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to St. Paul's Episcopal Church or Blue Mountain Humane Society through the funeral home. 
Family & friends are invited to sign the online guestbook at

Steven Lee Debnam was born on February 15, 1935, in Midland, Texas, his father, Steven, was 31 and his mother, Harriet, was 32. He had one sister. He died on September 12, 2004, in Natalia, Texas, at the age of 69.

Marydell Gill McCrummen


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Marydell Gill McCrummen LUBBOCK-Marydell Gill McCrummen, a longtime resident of Lubbock, passed away on Feb. 27, 2012, in Colorado Springs, Colo. She was 97 years old. Marydell was preceded in death by her beloved husband, Luther Hall McCrummen, to whom she was married for 63 years, and her eldest son, Marshall Hall McCrummen. She is survived by two sons, Lindsey Gill McCrummen of Colorado Springs and Roger Kent McCrummen of Kansas City, and their families, including grandchildren, Katherine McCrummen Jenkins, Katrina McCrummen, Abigail McCrummen Carr, Anna McCrummen Perez, John Paul McCrummen, and Gabriel Isaac Luther McCrummen, and two great-grandchildren on the way. Marydell was a godly woman and loving wife and mother. She was a member of the Broadway Church of Christ for over 75 years. A memorial service will be held for friends and family at the Broadway Church of Christ on April 30, 2012, at 10:30 a.m. Memorial gifts in her honor may be made to the Children's Home of Lubbock.

Published in The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal on Apr. 22, 2012

Marshall McCrummen, 62

LAKE SAN MARCOS - Marshall Hall McCrummen, 62, died Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2003, of cancer.

Born Sept. 24, 1941, in Lubbock, Texas, he lived in San Marcos for five years. He was a CPA in San Marcos for five years. He received an accounting degree from Texas Tech University in 1965.

Mr. McCrummen was preceded in death by his father, Luther Hall McCrummen.

He is survived by his wife of 28 years, Barbara McCrummen of Lake San Marcos; mother Marydell McCrummen of Lubbock, Texas; brothers Lindsey McCrummen of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Roger McCrummen of Kansas City, Kan.; daughters and sons-in-law Kirsten "Kiki" and Michael Oleson of Lake Arrowhead and Tamara and Chris Caballero of Northglenn, Colo.; and granddaughter Darby.

A memorial service is scheduled for 1 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24, at North Coast Calvary Chapel, 7220 Avenida Encinitas in Carlsbad.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to Elizabeth Hospice, 150 W. Crest St., Escondido, CA 92025 or North Coast Calvary Church, 7220 Avenida Encinitas, Carlsbad, CA.

California Funeral Alternatives in Escondido is handling arrangements.

Joyce Anita Gill Smith

SWEETWATER- Mrs. Smith died at Sweetwater's Rolling Plains Hospital at 3:40 PM, Saturday, Jan. 3, 2004. Services will be held at the Roscoe Church of Christ at 1:00 PM, Monday, Jan. 5, 2004, directed by McCoy Funeral Home. Burial will be in the family plot at the Evergreen Cemetery in Ballinger.

      Joyce Gill Smith was born in Comanche, Texas, to Fleet and Minnie Gill on February 25, 1918. The family moved soon after her birth to the Texas Panhandle area. She finished junior high school in Levelland, then moved to Littlefield where she finished high school.

     She entered Texas Technological University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in home economics. After teaching two years in Grady, New Mexico, and attending the University of New Mexico, she returned to Texas. She taught home economics in Martin, Ward, and Nolan Counties. She returned to Texas Tech where she completed work for a Master of Science degree in child care and development.

     Mrs. Smith worked two years for the Texas Extension Service with offices in Fort Stockton. She supervised nine counties in the Big Bend area, extending from Presidio to Rock Springs. She retired from teaching after 21 years of service.

     She met her future husband, Vershel H. Smith- a school administrator- in 1965, and they were married some time later in Lubbock.

     Mrs. Smith retired to become a housewife and grandmother. She loved her children and grandchildren. Her favorite pastime was making clothes for her granddaughters and baby quilts for the needy, especially the orphanages of Mexico. For years she visited the sick regularly at the Roscoe Health Care Center.

     She enjoyed working with all students in her classes. It was a special pleasure to her to see a teenager finish a dress or other piece of clothing. Over the years, she became famous for her boy's homemaking classes which she called Bachelor Survival.

     While she was a teacher at Sweetwater High, her husband entered her in a chicken cooking contest sponsored by the Texas Poultry Association. The late principal, Mr. Jim Gray, insisted she go to Austin and cook chicken. She was named first runner-up in the State of Texas.

     A member of Delta Kappa Gamma, a sorority for women in education, she served 35 years. She was a life member of the Texas State Teachers Association, Texas Retired Teachers and the District 2A-1 Lions Bank.

     She was a member of the Church of Christ.

     Survivors include her husband, a daughter and son-in-law, Anita and Kenzel May of Midland; a daughter-in-law, Marianne Woody of Mesquite; three granddaughters; two grandsons; a grandson-in-law; two sisters, Marydell McCrummen and Harriet Debnam, both of Lubbock; a sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Wanda and Bill Spurgin of Abilene; brother-in-law and sister-in-law, J.V. and Barbara Smith of Odessa; plus a host of nieces, nephews and friends.

     She was preceded in death by a son, Wayne and three brothers.

     Pallbearers will be Benny Harris, Roland Hairgrove, Frank Davis, Ronnie Freeman, Hallie Gee, Bill Stroman, Randall Smith and Jim Wilks.

Joined the United States Army Air Corps and trained as a P38 fighter pilot. Served as a flight instructor, training both bomber and fighter pilots for the duration. Preceded in death by his parents, Jess and INez Woody; and his son, Wayne Houston Woody, 



Wayne Houston Woody

  • BIRTH 7 Mar 1923 Stanton, Martin County, Texas, USA

  • DEATH 20 Sep 2004 Stanton, Martin County, Texas, USA

  • BURIAL Evergreen Cemetery  Stanton, Martin County, Texas, USA

  • MEMORIAL ID 12778817

Small Heading
Larry Mack Condra

Abilene, TX

Larry Mack Condra, 65, of Abilene, died Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

Born in Lubbock, Texas on April 20, 1949, he was the son of Doris Lorene (Gill) and Bill Condra. 

He had a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from ACU and worked on extensive graduate studies. He taught at Abilene High School, including leading the PALS program. He earned his certification as a Master PAL teacher for the state of Texas. He was also very active in ATPE. He was an avid fisherman and dove hunter. Retiring from teaching in 2010, he spread his love for the outdoors by volunteering and teaching in several areas with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Fishing's Future.

Larry married Tevyan Nunnally on December 20, 1969 in Abilene. He lived in Abilene for 33 years and was a member of Hillcrest Church of Christ. He considered his life especially blessed with his eleven grandchildren, whom you heard about if you talked to him for any length of time.

He was preceded in death by his father.

Larry is survived by his wife, Tevyan Condra of Abilene; five children, Timber Condra of Fort Worth, Blake Condra and wife Abbey of Abilene, Brazos Condra and wife Katie of Lufkin, Tahj Mayes and husband Glen of Austin, and Tryon Condra and wife Cassie of Amarillo; and eleven grandchildren, Mikayla Condra, Mara Condra, Paisley Condra, Keyton Condra, Brezlyn Condra, Avonlea Condra, Pecos Condra, Orion Mayes, Sandler Condra, Rhys Condra and Fallon Condra. Survivors also include his mother, Doris Kinder and husband Florin of Abilene; sister, Brenda Casey and husband David of Eliasville, Texas; and brother, Mark Condra and wife Becky of El Paso. 

The family will receive friends at a visitation 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, June 27, at Hillcrest Church of Christ, 650 E. Ambler. 

The memorial service will be 10:00 a.m. Saturday, June 28, at Hillcrest Church of Christ with Brazos Condra officiating, directed by The Hamil Family Funeral Home, 6449 Buffalo Gap Road in Abilene. 

Memorial contributions to honor Larry may be made to Fishing's Future at or PO Box 3848, South Padre Island, TX 78597.


Note: Larry Mack Condra, a retired Abilene ISD teacher was killed Tuesday, June 24, along US Highway 385 in a two-vehicle accident 4.98 miles south of Hereford, TX.