LEITNER, Col. George O.

George O. Leitner Jr


BIRTH 23 OCT 1802 • Richland County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 23 MAY 1869 • Bahia, Brazil

Married 1st:   1822 • South Carolina, USA

Elizabeth Owens


BIRTH 1804 • Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 1833 • Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA

George Leitner, and WS Scofield as interpreter, embarked in Rio for Bahia on 25/09/1867 coming 29th following. In Salvador the vessel "Santa Cruz" followed, 31 to Canavieiras. He went to Jequitinhonha and returned to Sugarcane and there was by canoe to the Rio Pardo following up the Three Waterfalls Sisters. Chandler engineer who accompanied him, died on the way and then Leitner asked to be sent a replacement. 


These data and other details can be found in its written proceedings of Finance of Barriers, Rio Pardo, Bahia, June 30, 1862.


The above was translated from Portuguese to English and was originally found at http://www.pibrj.org.br/historia/arquivos/DadosImigracaoAmericana.pdf

Barriers, Rio Pardo, Bahia, June 30, 1862




Alice D. Leitner


BIRTH ABT. 1822 • Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH Mississippi, USA

No further information


George Elisha Leitner


BIRTH 1824 • Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 1851 • Florida, USA

Died as a young man at age 26.  George and Parthenia had married in Abbeville County, South Carolina, and shortly thereafter removed to Madison County Florida, where her family also had some large landholdings - their only son being born in Florida the year that George died.

Married:  Before 1851

Parthenia A. Chatham


BIRTH 1832 • Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 1882 • Madison, Madison, Florida, USA

The daughter of Thomas Chatham and Susan B. Griffin

After the death of her first husband in 1851, Parthenia married Guilford T, Waller about 1853 (the birth of a first child)  back in Abbeville, South Carolina.  The couple would go back to Florida about 1854 / 1855 where Gilford had a land patent for 39 acres. 



Parthenia Married 2nd:  Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina, USA

Gilford T Waller


BIRTH 1820 • Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 22 FEB 1864 • Battle of Olustee, Baker, Florida, USA

Guilford would enlist with the Confederate Army as a private and would be killed at the Battle of Olustee, Florida on February 22, 1864.


Parthenia and Gilford would have six children during their short marriage.



Martha Ann Leitner


BIRTH 3 AUG 1826 • Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 11 OCT 1850 • Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA


John Rooker Shurley


BIRTH NOV 1818 • York, York, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 15 MAR 1863 • Ebenezer, York, South Carolina, USA



John Rooker Shirley was born November 1818; He was operating a school with many scholars in Fairfield Co SC in the 1850 census; He died March 15, 1863, York District, SC.; buried Ebenezer Presbyterian Church Cem. Rock Hill York County, South Carolina.

He was doubtless named for the Rev. John Rooker, founding pastor of the Flint Hill Baptist Church, located north of what is now Fort Mill and very near the North Carolina State line. if the name "John Rooker" came from the Baptist pastor, then the likelihood is that some of the early Shurleys in York County were of the Baptist faith. John Rooker Shurley ... was a renowned teacher and school principal in both Fairfield and York districts. He founded the Shurley Institute at Winns-boro and then moved it to Ebenezer, where he was the principal of the Ebenezer Academy until his death. The latter school was often referred to as "the Athens of York."



William Zachariah Leitner


BIRTH 23 SEP 1829 • Winnsboro, Fairfield, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 23 APRIL 1888 • Columbia, Richland, South Carolina, USA


Anne Doby "Annie" Dunlap


BIRTH 22 SEP 1833 • Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 1 MAR 1915 • Holly Hill, Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA








He was during and immediately after the war twice elected to the Legislature from Kershaw at the head of the ticket, and was elected District Judge, and held that position until the Districts Courts were overthrown by military orders. He was again selected by the people of Kershaw for the Legislature in the memorable campaign of 1876, but was defeated by an overwhelming negro majority. In 1884 he was elected to the State Senate from Kershaw County, in which body he has since continued to service with eminent satisfaction to the public and to the good of the State.


Events at Gettysburg

2 July 1863

Gettysburg, PA

Primarily about WZ Leitner's surgeon friend removing him from the battlefield

Dr. T. W. Salmond

Was born in Camden, S.C., on 31st of August, 1825.  Received his diploma from the Medical College, in Charleston, S.C., in 1849.  Practiced medicine in Camden till the war came on.  Married first, Miss Mary whitaker, afterwards Miss Isabel Scota Whitaker.  He had two daughters, one by each marriage.  When the troops were ordered to Charleston, he left with General Kershaw as Surgeon of his regiment.  General Kershaw was Colonel of the Second South Carolina Regiment.  His regiment was at the bombardment of Sumter.  His staff consisted of Dr. T. W. Salmond, Surgeon; Fraser, Quarter-Master; J. I. Villipigne, Commissary; A. D. Goodwyn, Adjutant.

At the reorganization of the Brigade, Dr. Salmond was promoted to brigade Surgeon and was in all of the battles in Virginia.  He went with General Kershaw to Tennessee and came home when General Kershaw went back to Virginia, owing to ill health in the spring of 1864.

He resumed his practice after the war and continued till his death, August 31st, 1869.

I give below a short sketch concerning the Brigade Surgeon, copied from a local paper, as showing the kind of metal of which Dr. Salmond was made:

To the Editor of The Kershaw Gazette:

I never look upon a maimed soldier of the "Lost Cause," who fought manfully for the cause which he deemed to be right, without being drawn towards him with I may say brotherly love, commingled with the profoundest respect.  And I beg space in your valuable columns to relate an incident in connection with the battle of Gettysburg, which, I think, will equal the one between General Hagood and the Federal officer, Daley.

In the memorable battle, whilst we were charging a battery of sixteen pieces of artillery, when great gaps were being made into the lines by the rapid discharge of grape and canister, when the very grass beneath our feet was being cut to pieces by these missiles of death, and it looked as if mortal men could not possibly live there; Capt. W. Z. Leitner of our town was shot in the midst of this deadly shower at the head of his company.  When his comrades were about to remove him from the field he said, "Men I am ruined but never give up the battle.  I was shot down at the head of my company, and I would to God that I was there yet."  He refused to let them carry him off the field.  Dr. Salmond, then Brigade Surgeon of Kershaw's Brigade, learning that his friend Captain Leitner was seriously wounded, abandoned his post at the infirmary, mounted his horse and went to the field where Captain Leitner lay, amid the storm of lead and iron, regardless of the dangers which encompassed him on every hand.  He place Captain Leitner on his horse,and brought him off the field.  The writer of this was wounded severely in this charge, and while he was making his way as best he could to the rear, he met the Brigade Surgeon on his mission of mercy to his fallen friend, ordering those to the front who were not wounded, as he went along.

Brave man, he is now deat.  Peace to his ashes.  As long as I live, I shall cherish his mrmory and think of this circumstance.




Major William Zack Leitner (1830-1888) was born in Fairfield District.  After a course at Mt. Zion Collegiate Institute, Winnsboro, he attended the Couth Carolina College, graduating in 1849.  He was admitted to the bar in 1854, settling in Camden, where he practiced his professin for more than thirty years, at one time in partnership with his borther-in-law, Joseph Dunlap.

He entered the Confederate service at the beginning of the war as a lieutenant and rose to the rank of Major.  At Gettysburg he was severely wounded, necessitating the amputation of his right leg.

In 1865, he was sent to the Legislature.  About this time he was elected a district judge and served until the office was abolished on the adoption of the Carpet-bag Constitution of 1868.

Major Leitner played a prominent part in the campaign to elect Hampton in 1876.  He was sent to the State Senate in 1882, and in 1886 he was elected Secretary of State, in which office he died two years later.  

He married Anne, daughter of James Dunlap, of Camden; she , with two sons and three daughters, survived him.

Their home, the old Gamewell house, on Monument Square, was sold, after his death, to the Trustees of the City Schools and was used as a High School intil 1919.

The family left Camden.  The sons were already in business elsewhere.

Mrs Leitner died in 1916, in her 84th year.

An editorial in the News and Courier, at the time of Major Leitner's death, speaks of his courteous manner, absolute sincerity and downright honesty and adds that "Beneath this gentle exterior there beat as brave and true a heart as ever throbbed with love for South Carolina."

guilford 2.jpg
Guilford Waller.jpg

"In memory of Gilford Waller

He built the first mansion in Madison Co.

He died in the battle of Olustee  Feb 22 1864

Body was never found       By his family"

rebel flag.jfif

1.   Susan Waller (1853, South Carolina - 1901, Unknown) 

2.  Willie E. Waller  (about 1854, South Carolina - Unknown)

3.  Emma Waller (1855, Florida - Unknown)

4.  Mary E. Waller  (1857, Florida - Unknown)

5.  Josephine Waller (1859, Florida - 1918, Florida - Married Lewis Ashton Minor Thomas

      They would have eight sons and one daughter

6.  Dee G. Waller (About 1863 - Unknown)


Rev. George Thomas Leitner


BIRTH 7 AUG 1851 • Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 15 MAY 1911 • Anthony, Marion, Florida, USA

Married: 1870

Rebecca Ann Dozier


BIRTH 23 FEB 1851 • Madison County, Florida, USA

DEATH 27 JUL 1931 • Arcadia, DeSoto, Florida, USA

Daughter of Dr.  Albert John Dozier and Almena Catherine Sullivan


The Ocala Evening Star  Mon May 22, 1911  page 2


Rev. Geo. T. Leitner, one of the best-known Baptist ministers in the state, died at his home in Bartow one day last week.  Nr. Leitner was one of the pioneer preachers of Florida, coming here when very young from South Carolina.  He was a charter member of the State Baptist Convention, carrying the first money which was ever donated to it.  He was president of the state board of missions for twelve years previous to the spring of 1910, when he resigned on account of ill health, and was secretary of the B.M.A.A.

He is survived by his wife, four sons, and six daughters, namely: Dr. Dozier Leitner of Kissimmee, Mssrs. George, and Will Leitner of Arcadia, Sumter Leitner, a student at the University of Florida; Mrs. W.D. Debhan of Bartow; Mrs. T.S. Chatham; Mrs. F.C. Chatham, of Greenwood, S.C., Mrs. F.C. Edwards, of Starke; Misses Almena and Ruby Leitner, all of whom were with him during his last illness.

Two of his children, Dr. Dozier Leitner and Mrs. F.C. Edwards were at one time residents of Ocala, and Mr. Leitner was a frequent visitor to the city, preaching at the Baptist church a number of times.


Leitner Shurley


BIRTH 11 NOV 1848 • Winnsboro, Fairfield, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 1903 • Lancaster County, South Carolina, USA

Married:  1874 • South Carolina, USA

Margaret W. Ross


BIRTH MAR 1842 • Pleasant Valley, Lancaster, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 28 OCT 1907 • Lancaster, South Carolina, USA

Leitner Shirley was born 11 November 1848; age 11 in the 1860 census; He died before 1 August 1903.

As a young man he went to live in Brazil with his Leitner cousins who had fled the South following the Civil War. He did not remain there for any length of time and returned to the United States with Cephas J. and Matilda (Rives) Kee, natives of Chester District, S.C.

He followed in his father's footsteps and conducted several well-known schools in South Carolina. He was at one time principal of the Ebenezer Academy. Later he removed to Lancaster County, S.C. where he operated an excellent school for many years. He called the school Carolina Academy for it was close to the North Carolina line and many of his pupils lived in Mecklenburg's Providence community.

Lancaster Ledger, 1 Aug 1903. - The handsome monument erected at Pleasant Valley church to the memory of Prof. Leitner Shurley, by his former pupils, will be unveiled with impressive ceremonies next Thursday. Capt. W. E. Ardrey of Fort Mill, will act as master of ceremonies, and will make the introductory speech. Mr. Thomas F. McDow of Yorkville; Mr. Victor S. Bryant of Durham, N.C. and Mr. James a Bell of Charlotte, all former pupils of Mr. Shurley, will make addresses appropriate to the occasion. Mr. Shurley, who spent several years of his life in South America, was one of the most successful teachers this country has ever known. He was remarkable for the thorough-ness with which he prepared boys for college. He taught at a private school at Pleasant Valley for a number of years, which drew a large patronage from North Carolina, as well as from different parts of this state. He was idolized by his pupils.  Married Margaret W. Ross about 1874, married 26 years in 1900 census.

leitner shurley.jpg
w z leitner 2.jpg
rebel flag.jfif

William Z. Leitner entered the South Carolina College in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1847, graduating with the class of 1849. He was admitted to the South Carolina State Bar in 1853.He entered the service of the State with his company, the Camden Volunteers, on the 9th day of April, 1851; was present at the bombardment of Fort Sumter, and after the fall of the fort went immediately to Virginia. He was engaged in most of the battles fought by the army of Northern Virginia, and fell on the battlefield of Gettysburg with his right leg below the knee shattered by grapeshot.

w z leitner 3.jpg


The Camden Confederate

Fri.  Jul. 24, 1863  page 3

w z leitner 1.jpg


The Newberry Herald and News, Thu. Apr. 19, 1888 page 2


The Late Secretary of State Laid to Rest by His Faithfull Comrades of the Richland Aurvivors Association

Speccial to The News and Courier

Columbia, April 16th-- The funeral services of the late secretary of State, Major W.Z. Leitner, were held this afternoon.  In evidence of respect to the  memory of the honored dead, the State and Federal flags were displayed during the day at half-mast from the StateHouse, and all of the State offices were closed.   Owing to the late arrival of a relative of the deceased, the funeral which had been set for 5:45 p.m., was  was delayed one hour.  Sixty members of the Survivors' Association of Richland County, of which Major Leitner had been a vice-president, assembled at the residence of the deceased and formed a guard of honor for the remains.  Each wore a blue badge and a knot of  crepe on thr the left breast.  The pall-bearers were Governor Richardson, Ex Governor  Buchanan, Mayor Rhett, Col. A.D. Goodwyn, Col. F.W. McMaster, Comptroller General Verner, Attorney General Earle , Col. J.D. Brown, Judge Kershaw, Mr. D,H. Means, Sheriff S.W. Bowen, Chief Justice Simpson, Capt. E.R. Brooks, Judge Wallace, State Treasurer Bamberg and Dr. A.N. Tally, a distinguished looking body of men.

From the residence on Senate Street, the funeral pro-cession moved to Washington Street Methodist Church, of which the deceased was a member.  The survivors marched two abreast in advance of the hearse.  The atten-dance at th church was very large and thoroughly representative.  The services of the Methodist Church were conducted by Rev. M. Richardson, the pastor of the church.  Mr. Martin's prayer was eloquent and touching.


Leaving the church for the internment, the funeral pro-cession moved in the same order to Elmwood Cemetery, where the service at the grave was conducted by Rev. Mr. Martin.  The floral offerings were profuse and beautiful.  It was quite dark before the last words were spoken, and the remains of the gallant soldier and patriotic citizen were left in their quiet resting place. 

leitner 1.jpg
leitner 2.jpg

Col. George O. Leitner married secondly:

Celia Davis Boyd


BIRTH 1810 • Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 5 OCT 1872 • Rio Pardo, Cannaviliras, Brazil

Married:  1832 • Richland County, South Carolina, USA

Daughter of John Joseph Boyd and Elizabeth Davis

Died, after a brief illness, at the residence of her daughter, near Spring Hill, Sumter County, on the 15th of November, Mrs. Dorcas Boykin. She had reached the age of three score and ten years. A. S. W. Died, on the 5th of October, at the homestead, on the Rio Pardo, Cannaviliras, Brazil, Celia Davis Leitner, relict of the late Colonel George Leitner, formerly of Florida.

South Carolina Baptist Deaths and Marriages, 1866-87

The Working Christian
Issue of January 9, 1873
page 121


1.  James Gregg Leitner  1832–1855
2.  Elias P. Leitner  1833–1929
3.  Celia Davis Leitner  1833–1873
4.  Margaret Jane Leitner  1837–1896
5.  Benjamin Franklin Leitner  1842–1862
6.  Wilbur F Leitner  1845–
7.  Pierce S Leitner  1847–
8.  Howard B Leitner  1849–
9.  Maria Eunice Leitner  1852–1872


James Gregg Leitner


BIRTH 1832 • Richland County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 7 APR 1855 • Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA

Columbia Newspapers: the South-Carolinian 


Died of consumption, at his father's residence in Fairfield district, on Saturday, 7th inst., Mr. James Gregg Leitner, in the 24th year of his age.


Celia Davis Leitner


BIRTH 14 AUG 1833 • Fairfield District, South Carolina, USA

DEATH SEP 1873 • Cidade de Cannavieras, Brazil

Married:  29 May 1870 • Balna, Brazil

Walter Sanders Scofield


BIRTH 22 OCT 1846 • Evergreen, Itawamba, Mississippi, USA

DEATH 17 JUN 1923 • Cidade de Cannavieras, Brazil


Austin-American Statesman Sun Apr 22, 2007  page 49


Walter Saunders Scofield's people came from Fairfield County, Conn., to Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana where he was born in 1847.  Records indicate that Scofield was paroled out of the Confederate Army as a private on June 8, 1865, and the following year walked from Louisiana to Galveston where he boarded a British sailing ship, the "Derby," bound for Brazil.  (The Derby was the ship that Frank McMullen had chartered for his immigrant colony.)   .....

....Scofield, a civil engineer, and surveyor met and married Celia Davis Leitner, another Confederado immigrant about the same age.  They lived on Leitner's parent's farm in Cidade de Cannavieras.  Georgia was born in 1871, Edith in 1873, but their mother, who apparently suffered from a respiratory condition, died two months after Edith's birth after, "Literally being worked to death.  These people were unaccustomed to hard labor."

After the death of his first wife, Walter would remarry to fifteen year old Mary Rives Mobley, daughter of Confederado Samule Wagner Mobley and Mary Elizabet Kee and have ten more children.  (Detailed on the Scofield family page.

rebel flag.jfif
Celia Davis Leitner.jpg
Scofield 1.jpg
Scofield house Brazil.jpg





Elias Pope Leitner


BIRTH 1832 • Richland County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 7 APR 1855 • Fairfield County, South Carolina, USA


Margaret Cook


BIRTH JAN 1854 • South Carolina, USA

DEATH Richland County, South Carolina, USA

Elias and Margaret would have children: 

1.  Edward Lightner 1875–, 2.  Sallie Lightner 1883–  3.  Lula Lightner  1886–,  4.  Ada Lightner, 1887–,  5.  Henry Leitner, 1888–,  6.  Ira Lightner  1888–,  7.  Fannie Lightner, 1890–,  8.  Jessie Lightner,  1894–,  9.  Chris Lightner,  1896–,  10.  Ella Lightner,  1898– .

rebel flag.jfif
lias leitner 1.png

Margaret Jane Leitner


BIRTH 1837 • Richland County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 1896 • Belleview, Marion, Florida, USA

Married ist:  10 Sep 1846 • Duval, Florida, USA

Joshua Lucas McGahagin


BIRTH 1 NOV 1818 • Effingham County, Georgia, USA

DEATH 5 FEB 1891 • Belleview, Marion County, Florida, USA

Son of William McGahagin and Margaret Lucas

Joshua Lucas McGahagin was born on November 1, 1816, in

Effingham County. Georgia and died on February 5, 1891, in

Belleview, Marion County, Florida.  About 1836, young Joshua, already an orphan, at about 18 years of age left Georgia and trekked down to Marion County, Florida, where his older brother had relocated a little earlier.  His brother, William became a Judge and a member of the Florida Seccission convention.  William and his wife would have one child, Willie.  William's wife would sie young of consumption and, sad to say, Willie would follow, dying at the age of 21, unmarried of the same disease.


Joshua married twice, the first time to Sarah Adeline Eubank, and on September 16, 1846, married her in Jacksonville, Florida.  Joshua and Sarah would have six children.  Two sons would die young.  Sarah would die a couple of days after the birth, at the age of 28,  of her sixth child.  Joshua remarried, this time to Margaret Jane Leitner.  She was the daughter of Col. George O. Leitner, a wealthy planter from Micanopy.  Joshua and Margaret would have eleven children, with two more sons dying young.

During the War Between the States, he served as a Captain in Company K, 1sst Reserves Infantry.

In 1868, after the war, Joshua and daughter, Lula, would travel down to Brazil - probably with Col. Leitner and his family who were making the permanent move down south.  Col. Leitner was Joshua's father-in-law.  While in Brazil, Lula met and married Lucius A. White Sr., son of Col. Thomas Bannister White and his second wife, Elizabeth Shepherd Kirby.  

After about two years in Brazil, Joshua returned to Florida (without his married daughter) and went about the business of settling up and liquidating assets.  In 1880 he felt he had arrangements just about finished for the move to Brazil. Most of his investments were liquidated and he still had his cows to gather up and sell. One morning he rode off on a young horse to look for more cows. After some hours the horse came home, dragging him by one foot caught in the stirrup. He had been dragged through bushes, over stumps and rocks, so of course was in terrible condition, though still breathing slightly. He soon died without regaining consciousness. It was supposed the horse became frightened possible by a rattlesnake and bolted, throwing him suddenly from the saddle in such haste he could not free his foot. He was buried in the neighborhood cemetery, Blue Sink, beside his first wife and near his brother and his wife.

Joshua was an honest, clean-living man. He did not drink, swear, make whiskey, or lead a bad life in any particular. He was honored and respected by all who knew him. He would never quarrel. He said it always took two to make a quarrel and he would not be one of them. If anyone began to “fuss” around him, he picked up his hat and left that vicinity. He was devoted to his family, fearless, courageous, and a Christian gentleman.



Find A Grave

Margaret Jane Leitner McGahagin Owens
has a simple tombstone. It states her name, the birth and death year:
"Margaret McGahagin, 1838-1896."

1st Marriage: Alachua County Marriage Records: Joshua L. McGahagin and Margaret J. Leitner applied for a license and were married on December 13, 1859 by F.C. Johnson, Minister of the Gospel as recorded in Book ?, Page 16.

2nd Marriage: Marion County Marriage Records: J.H. Owens and M.J. McGahagin applied for a marriage license and were married on December 2, 1883 by J.F. Pelot as recorded in the Marion County Marriage Book D, Page 694.



The Ocala Banner, May 01, 1903

Death of a Good Woman

Mrs. Margaret J. Owens, after a long illnes, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs Edwin Spencer, Tuesday morning.  Had Mrs. Owens lived until today she would have been sixty-six years old.

She was first married to Capt. Joshua L. McGahagin and reaed a large family, the most of whom survive her.  Namely: William McGahagin of Lake Weir, Joshua nad Ben, of Belleview section, and George, of Ocala.  Her daughters are Mrs. Edwin Spencer, Ocala, Mrs. Joe Lucius, Belleview, and Miss Eunice MsGahagin, of Ocala.


Laid to Rest

The funeral of M.J. Owens was impressively performed Wednesday morning at the home of her son-in-law, Col. Edw. Spencer, by Rev. L.R.Warren.  After the funeral ceremonies, the remains were conveyed to the old family burial ground at Long Swamp and were laid to rest.



Notes (From Wikitree)

Margaret Jane Leitner was born about 1838 in Richland County, South Carolina, USA to George O Leitner and Cecilia Davis Boyd.

She married Joshua Lucas McGahagin on 13 Dec 1858.

After his death, she married J. H. Owens on 2 Dec 1883. The Ole Warhorse, pp. 57-58, giving his name only as “Mr. Owen”, says he was from South Carolina, and brought to the marriage “a little girl about six”. He is presented there as unable to get along with her sons, and abandoned the marriage, returning to South Carolina with his daughter. The 1885 Florida State Census, giving her name as “Maggie Owens”, has her living with her children, giving her marital status as “widowed”, and her relationship in the household as “mother-in-law”; J. H. Owens is not shown as present.

She died about 1896 in Florida. The Image of her obituary on her FindAGrave memorial gives her name as “Mrs Margaret J. Owens, the image of her headstone shows her name as “Margaret McGahagin”.

Birthdate estimated from “He was nearly forty, she was twenty” at their marriage, from The Ole Warhorse, p. 53; FindAGrave memorial gives birth date as 1838.

The FindAGrave memorial weding date as 13 Dec 1859: “1st Marriage: Alachua County Marriage Records: Joshua L. McGahagin and Margaret J. Leitner applied for a license and were married on December 13, 1859 by F.C. Johnson, Minister of the Gospel as recorded in Book ?, Page 16.”

Her FindAGrave Memoral lists her father as George O. Leitner, and links to the memorials of Col George O. Leitner Jr., which lists a daughter Margaret Jane Leitner McGahagin, linking back to her memorial. The Ole Warhorse Says she was “Margaret Leitner, a daughter of Colonel George Leitner” [page 53], and says he came to Florida from South Carolina, and also says that after the Civil War he and his wife moved to Brazil and “they died there” [page 56]; in both of these points it agrees with the FindAGrave memorial, which has George Leitner being born in South Carolina and dying in Brazil.

The Ole Warhorse, page 56, also gives a son, Howard, mentioned as “[o]ne of her brothers”, whom the FindAGrave Memorial mentions in the biography.


1.  Cora Isabelle McGahagin  1859–1922,  2.  Clara McGahagin  1860–,  3.  Margaret McGahagin

1861–1925,  4.  Benjamin McGahagin  1863–1903,  5.  Joshua L McGahagin  1868–1937,  6.  Wilbur McGahagin  1869–1869,  7.  James G. Mcgahagin  1870–1951,  8.  George Leitner McGahagin  1874–1950,  9.  Eunicey Mcgahagin  1876–,  10.  Mary Eunice"Tunie" McGahagin,  1877–,  11.  Howard McGahagin  1879–1879

Joshua was previously married to Adeline Eubanks.  Only one child, Lula would make the journey to Brazil with her father.


1.  William "billy" Emmit McGahagin  1847–1936,  2.  Ann Elizabeth Mcgahagin  1848–1873
3.  J Elizabeth McGahagin  1849–1873,  4.  Stephen Eubank McGahagin  1850–,  5.   Lula A (Alelia Talula) McGahagin,  1852–1892. 6.   Sarah Adeline McGahagin 1856–1950

We will only look at Lula as she was the only child that traveled to Brazil

Lula A (Alelia Talula) McGahagin


BIRTH 25 DECEMBER 1852 • Marion County, Florida, USA

DEATH MAY 1892 • Plainview, Hale, Texas, USA

Married:  9 Jun 1873 • Province of Bahia, Empire of Brazil,

Lucius Alphonso White Sr.


BIRTH 09 FEB 1852 • Austin County, Texas, USA

DEATH 25 APR 1919 • Caldwell, Burleson, Texas, USA

Son of Confederado Col. Thomas Bannister White and Elizabeth Shepard Kerby


Joshua McGahagin.jpg
rebel flag.jfif


William Alphonso White


BIRTH 15 AUGUST 1876 • Brazil

DEATH 27 AUGUST 1949 • Cleve-

land, Liberty, Texas, USA

Married:  14 Feb 1899 • Evergreen,

San Jacinto, Texas, USA

Sarah Katherine Smith


BIRTH 18 NOV 1879 • Fannin,

Rankin County, Mississippi, USA

DEATH 16 FEB 1965 • Dallas, Dallas,

Texas, US

Daughter of James Jefferson Smith

and Mary Mollie Melissa Lee

William was the oldest child of Lucius and Lula White, who were American citizens living in Brazil at the time of his birth.  William married Sara Katherine Smith on Valentine's Day 1899 in Evergreen, in San Jacinto County, Texas.  At first, they lived in Oakhurst where Kate taught school, but soon moved to Cleveland, where William was a businessman, to raise their eight children; Fonso, Luke, Bob, Doug, Walton, Kath-erine, Elizabeth and Neal.


William also served as postmaster of Cleveland, Texas.   He had learned Portuguese from the servants as a small boy in Brazil and that even after 60 years of living in Texas, he still had just the slightest of accents, not enough to make him sound foreign, but just enough to add a melodic quality to his speech.  Family storues often spek of William's kind and happy demeanor.

(By Carolyn White Davis, grandaughter)



Mrs. Kate White, 86, of Dallas, formerly of Cleveland, died Tuesday, Feb. 16, in Dallas.  Last rites were conducted at 2 p.m. Friday, Feb. 19, in the First Baptist Church of Cleveland with the pastor, the Rev. Dan Gardner, and the Rev. G.M. Cocof Conroe officiating.


Interment was in Cleveland Cemetery, Pace-Stancil Funeral Home dorecting.  Active pallbearers were T. A. Brooks, Ernest Cummins, Frank Roark, Jr., W.M. Perkins, W.H. Meekins, Johnnie Woods, and Hill McCanahan.  Honorary pallbearers will be the pastor and deacons of the First Baptist Church.


Born Sarah Katherine Smith November 18, 1879, in Fannin, Rankin County Miss., she was the daughter of James Jefferson and Mary M. Smith.  Her father died in July 1884.  In the spring of 1890, she joined the Baptist Church and was baptized in Fannin.  She came to Texas with her mother and two sisters in August 1890.  She completed high school at Coldspring, in May 1895, and taught school for two years.


While teaching she met and married Mr. William A. White at Evergreen on Feb. 14 1899.  They moved to Oakhurst where she was teaching at that time.  They moved to Cleveland in June 1905, where he preceded her in death several years ago.  They were members of the First Baptist Church of Cleveland until their deaths.  Mrs. White lived in Cleveland for over thirty years before moving to Dallas with her children because of ill health.  She was a prominent businesswoman here for many years, she and Mr. White at one time operating the Smart Shop.


Mrs. White is survived by four sons, William A White, Jr., of South Huston, L.J. White of Houston, D.E. White of Dallas, and Neil E. White of Wilmington, Ill., two daughters, Mrs. Katherine Clements of Dallas and Mrs. Elizabeth Glascock of Big Lake.


Also one daughter-in-law, Mrs. Walton E. White of Wichita Falls; 14 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. M.J. Harris of Houston.


Also one brother in-law and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett White of Poty Arthur; one sister-in-law, Mrs. C.D. Otto of Boling; four sisters-in-law, Mrs. Laura White of Berkeley, Calif., Mrs. Hollie White of Belton, and Mrs. F.A. White of Baytown; a number of nieces and nephews. 















Thomas Bannister White


BIRTH JULY 28, 1878 • Bahia, Brazil

DEATH MAY 1880 • Brazil


Lucius Alphonso White Jr


BIRTH 12 MAR 1881 • Bahia, Brazil,

DEATH 27 MAY 1959 • Berkeley, Alameda, California, USA

Married:  23 Jun 1907 • Bell County, Texas, USA  

Laura Agnes McKey


BIRTH 28 APRIL 1886 • Mississippi, USA

DEATH 6 DEC 1977 • Berkeley, Alameda, California, USA


William A. White. & Katherine Smith

50 th Wedding Aniversary  1949

W A White Famiily.jpg


William Alphonso White Junior


BIRTH 23 JAN 1900 • Oakhurst, San Jacinto, Texas, USA

DEATH 24 APR 1975 • Houston, Harris, Texas, USA



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1900 - 1975
W A White Jr
William Alphonso White, Jr.
Auto Mechanic Extraordinaire

Fonso was a veteran of World War I and is buried in Forest Park East Cemetery, near the Gulf Freeway, in Webster, Texas.

Fonso was the oldest of Kate and William's eight children. His siblings were Doug, Bob, Luke, Walton, Elizabeth, Katherine, and Neil.

He was a superb auto mechanic. I remember he and my dad, his brother Neil, talking about the Magnolia Oil Company. Uncle Fonso's son, by his first wife, Esther Mae Parson, was named George William White, but we called him Billy. I remember Fonso greeting me with a big "How ya doin, George?" When I asked my dad about it, he laughed as he told me, "Don't worry; Fonso calls everybody George."

Fonso's second wife, Vergie Fitzgerald, loved to bake.  Fonso and Vergie lived in South Houston, in Harris County, Texas.

Carolyn White Davis


Lucius "Luke" Jefferson White


BIRTH 24 MAR 1902 • Walker County, Texas, USA

DEATH 3 FEB 1986 • Harris, Texas, USA


Hortense Allene Bell


BIRTH 20 OCTOBER 1908 • Putnam, Marengo, Alabama, USA

DEATH 29 JUL 1996 • Athens, Henderson, Texas, USA


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Lucius Jefferson White , known as Luke, was the second child of Kate and Wm A White of Cleveland, Texas.
He was named for his two grandfathers, Lucius Alphonso White and James Jefferson Smith.
His siblings were Fonso, Bob, Doug, Walton, Katherine, Elizabeth, and Neil.
Luke and and his wife Hortense lived in Longview in 1940, in Corsicana in 1947, and in Alvin in 1986.
Together they raised a daughter, Mary Louise, and a son, Jim.


Robert Lee White

BIRTH ABT 1904 • Rayburn, Liberty County, Texas, USA

DEATH 1 JUNE 1963 • Electra, Wichita, Texas, USA

Married 1st: 8 Dec 1935 • Caldwell County, Texas, USA

Ruby Louise Wimberley


BIRTH 10 NOV 1909 • Italy, Ellis County, Texas, USA

DEATH 4 AUG 1942 • Luling, Caldwell County, Texas, USA

Married 2nd:  30 Aug 1946 • Dallas, Texas, USA

Frances Kathryn Kelly


BIRTH 3 JAN 1918 • Harrold, Wilbarger County, Texas

DEATH 12 NOV 2005 • Electra, Wichita County, Texas


Find A Grave (Obituary - Unnamed Newspaper)

R. L. White Funeral Rites Held Sunday

Funeral services for Robert Lee White, 58, who died Saturday in the Electra Hospital after suffering a heart attack, were held Sunday from the First Baptist Church.


The Rev. Charles Priester, the pastor, officiated. Burial was in the New Electra Cemetery under the direction of James B. Totten and son Funeral Home.  Pallbearers were C.R. Shaw, Elmer Langston, F.L. Davis, Woody Wilson, Skeet Pollock, Benny Balke, Elbert Humphreys and Jerry Neff.


Born July 10, 1904, in Rayboprn, Texas, White had lived in Electra about 18 years.  He began his career in the oil business in 1923 when he was employed by the Magnolia Petroleum Company as a pipefitter, pumper and oli gauger in the Luling, Texas, refinery.


In 1926 he became associated with the Skelly Oil Company in Borger, Texas, in the operation of their gas plant, and in 1927,  became associated with the Gulf Pipeline in West Texas as a time checker, material, and commissary man.  During the same year, he was transferred to Venezuela by the same company as a mechanic dispatcher at which place he remained until May 1932 when he again became associated with the Magnolia Petroleum Company in Luling, Texas as a pumper-gauger and a relief foreman and machinists helper where he remained until he volunteered for military service on Nov. 17, 1942.

He served in the U.S. Navy, as Chief Motor Machinists Mate and was honorably discharged on Oct. 9, 1945, at Camp Wallace, Texas.  Upon his discharge, he again was employed by the Magnolia Petroleum Company as mechanic and machinist foreman in charge of providing supervision to assigned personnel, installing, maintaining, and modifying mainline stations, field stations, and auxiliary equipment.  He was a member of the First Baptist Church.

Survivors include his wife, the former Miss Franes Kelly of Harrold; his son, Robert White of Lubbock; his mother, Mrs. Kate White of Dallas; two sisters, Mrs Kathryn Wills of Dallas and Mrs. Elizabeth Glasscock of Big Lake, Texas; four brothers, W.A. and L.J. White, both of Houston; D.E. White of Dallas and Neil White of Willington, Ill. 



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Frances Kelly White
November 14, 2005

Frances Kelly White, age 87, of Electra, Texas, passed away Saturday evening, Nov. 12, 2005, in the Electra Health Care Center.

Services will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2005, at Aulds Funeral Home of Electra with Nathan Smith, interim pastor of Bible Baptist Church of Electra, officiating. Interment will be in the New Electra Cemetery under the direction of Aulds Funeral Home.

The family will receive friends from 6:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 14, 2005, at Aulds Funeral Home, located at 420 N. Waggoner in Electra.

Mrs. White was born Jan. 3, 1918, to Sam Kelly Sr. and Katherine Mounts Kelly in Harrold, Texas. She was a 1936 graduate of Harrold High School.

She and R.L. "Bob" White were married in 1947 in Dallas, Texas. She and her husband owned and operated White's Mobil Station in Electra until the early 1950s. Her husband passed away on June 1, 1963.

After his death, she attended Draughon's Business College in Wichita Falls and graduated in 1964 with a Business Degree. She worked as a ward clerk at the Wichita General Hospital until her retirement in the late 1980s. She had also been engaged in farming and ranching since the 1970s and was awarded "Outstanding Conservation Farmer" for Wilbarger County in 1990. Her hobbies included playing bridge and working in her yard. She was a member of the First Baptist Church of Electra.

Survivors include one stepson, R.L. White Jr. and his wife, Sherry of Arlington, Texas; three nephews, Perry Moore and Sam Moore, both of Electra, and David Moore and his wife, Melinda of Fredericks, Colo.; one great-niece, Kelly Anzaldua and her husband, Cody of Electra; four great-nephews, Joey Moore of Electra, Matt Moore of Denver, Colo., Zack Moore of Sister Bay, Wis., and Ben Moore of San Diego, Calif.; and one great-great nephew, Ayden Anzaldua of Electra.

The family suggests memorials to Hospice of Wichita Falls, 4909 Johnson Road, Wichita Falls, Texas 76308

From Timesrecord.com
14 November 2005
Wichita Falls, TX




Douglas Emmett White


BIRTH 7 APRIL 1907 • Rayburn, Liberty County, Texas, USA

DEATH 8 JUN 1979 • Kaufman County, Texas, USA


Audrey Inez Tompkins


BIRTH 2 DEC 1909 • Orange, Orange, Texas, USA

DEATH 23 JAN 1993 • Mabank, Kaufman, Texas, USA


Walton White


BIRTH 4 JUL 1909 • Cleveland, Liberty, Texas, USA

DEATH 16 JUL 1956 • Houston, Harris, Texas, USA

Married:  22 Aug 1936 • Comal County, Texas, USA

Clifford Elaine Elder


BIRTH 30 SEP 1910 • Cuero, DeWitt, Texas, USA

DEATH 5 DEC 2008 • Amarillo, Potter, Texas, USA


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Mr. Walton E. White
Superintendent, Sugar Land I.S.D.
(1950 - 1956)
Collective memories from the four (4) Earnest kids
Jo Grace (Jo), Judy, Billy, & Carolyn

Walton E. White loved sports, having an innate knowledge of all different sports. He was a wonderful football coach and was instrumental in the success of the Sugar Land Gator football team. He had an ability to watch a game, size up the problems, and know what to do. He also recognized talent and was able to nurture it.

Mr. White encouraged Kenneth Hall, who played in the band, to try out for football. Kenneth would play ball; at half-time he would perform with the band, then finish playing the 2nd half.

Mr. White was raised, we think, in East Texas. After high school he entered the Navy during World War II and was assigned to a battleship. By the time he left the service his dark hair had turned snow white. It made him appear older than he was.

In the late 40's, Edward and Mildred Earnest worked at Caterina I.S.D. (Dimmet County), which had a small student enrollment. There were only three employees in the high school. Mr. Earnest was superintendent, principal, teacher, coach, janitor, football, basketball and track coach. Mrs. Earnest, in addition to teaching, was the girl's coach. Miss Pierce, a teacher who lived at Pierce Ranch near the edge of town, was the school's third employee. All eleven boys, who comprised the entire high school, were on the football team. In 1948 Caterina High won the 6-Man District Championship. Mr. White must have worked in an adjoining school district because he met Mr. Earnest at a track meet where their team's competed against each other. Both men loved sports and became good and fast friends.

Later, Mr. White became superintendent of Pearsall I.S.D (Frio County) and Mr. Earnest joined him as principal. They made a great team. Even though they lived on different streets, their houses backed up to each other's back door. Mr. Earnest and Blondie, the owner of the local theater, would referee the football and basketball games. Once the entire town watched the Harlem Globetrotters play the Pearsall basketball team.

Around 1950 Mr. White accepted the position as superintendent of Sugar Land I.S.D. In 1952 the position of high school principal became available. He called Mr. Earnest, who made the long trip, much to the surprise of his wife. One of the incentives was the salary: $500.00 a month, which was the most money he had made in his life. After the Earnest family moved into their company home on 6th street, Mr. White encouraged Mrs. Earnest to accept a teaching position which was vacant. She had four children, ages 11 – 4, and she wanted time off. Mr. White persuaded her to take the position, and she agreed "as a favor." Once she started working, she never stopped until she retired.

The White's lived in the first brick house next to the old hospital on 3rd street, now called Lakeview, across from the old Sugar Land gym. His wife, Clifford, was a 4th grade teacher. She and Mrs. Earnest became good friends.
The Whites were never able to have children.

In the summer of 1956 the Board of Education was having a meeting in the library. Mr. White started feeling sick and just as he stood up, he passed out. Before he could hit the floor, Mr. Earnest caught him. Mr. White had a massive heart attack. Dr. DeBakey was a young cardiologist in Houston, just starting his practice. He operated on Mr. White, but the operation, unfortunately, was unsuccessful.
Mr. Earnest took it very, very hard.

The Board of Education offered Mr. Earnest the position of superintendent, but he turned it down. He remembered Mr. Edward Mercer from his college days at San Marcos State Teacher's College. Mr. Mercer accepted the position as superintendent.

Mrs. White began working at Deer Park I.S.D.
She met a wealthy rancher, married and moved to
northwest Texas. She later died in a nursing home.

-- Chuck Kelly


Katherine White


BIRTH 4 DEC 1911 • Cleveland, Liberty, Texas, USA

DEATH 14 DEC 2003 • Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida, USA


Elizabeth White


BIRTH 7 MAY 1914 • Cleveland, Liberty, Texas, USA

DEATH 30 JUN 2000 • Big Lake, Reagan, Texas, USA


William Andrew Glasscock


BIRTH 14 DEC 1906 • Sonora, Sutton, Texas, USA

DEATH 17 JUN 1982 • Big Lake, Reagan, Texas, USA

July 2, 2000 in the San Angelo Standard–Times, San Angelo, Texas.


MIDLAND - Elizabeth Glasscock went to be with the Lord on June 30, 2000. She was born into this world on May 7, 1914, as the daughter of William and Sarah Katherine White. She grew up in Cleveland [Texas]. She graduated from Mary Hardin Baylor University with a master's degree in music. She taught at several school systems in the late 1940s including Texon, Odessa and Big Lake. She married W.A. ''Bill'' Glasscock on July 20, 1941, in Cleveland. They moved to Big Lake where Bill and Elizabeth become lifelong business partners. They owned and operated Glasscock Chevrolet until their retirement in 1977. She was a dedicated member of the First Methodist Church in Big Lake. She was an avid member of the Reagan County Garden Club, the 20th Century Club, and the Trailblazers.

She enjoyed gardening, stock market investing and being with her grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her husband of 41 years, Bill Glasscock, who passed away June 17, 1982, and by all of her six brothers, William, Luke, Robert, Doug, Walton and her favorite brother, Neil. She also had one sister, Katherine, who has been missing for many years.

She is survived by four loving grandchildren and one great-grandson, all of Midland. She is also survived by one special sister-in-law, Effie White, and numerous nieces and nephews.

She leaves behind two very dear and special friends, Norman and Ruth Guess and their daughters Susan, Marla, Janet and Lori.

Visitation in Midland will be from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday, July 2, at Ellis Funeral Home. Services have been scheduled at 11 a.m. Monday, July 3, at the First Methodist Church in Big Lake with the Rev. J.B. Bitner officiating. Burial will follow at Glen Rest Cemetery in Big Lake under the direction of Ellis Funeral Home. Pallbearers will be Dale Little, Michael McClain, Michael Glasscock, Hal Joyce, Joe Barnes, Bryan Kramer and honorary pallbearer, David Glasscock.



Neil E White


BIRTH 10 AUG 1916 • Cleveland, Liberty, Texas, USA

DEATH 25 MAY 1987 • Huntsville, Madison, Alabama, USA

Married:  29 Nov 1942 • Harris, Texas, USA

Effie Inez Green


BIRTH 28 APR 1923 • Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 26 OCT 2003 • Will County, Illinois, USA

Daughter of Harmon Dillard Green and Lucy (Mary) James


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Neil Ellis White was born on 10 August 1916 in Cleveland Texas, in Liberty County, to Kate and William A White. William was a businessman and the postmaster of Cleveland Texas and Kate ran a dress shop. Neil met and married Effie Green in Cleveland Texas. They had five children: Neil Jr, Judy, Debbie, Carolyn and Barbara. They lived on Sherman Street in Houston before settling in 1952 in Galena Park, Texas, across the street from Ralph and Meriam Riha.

Neil worked for the War Department (later the US Army) for over 30 years, first as a truck driver and a dock worker, and later as a logistics officer specializing in munitions. During WWII, Neil worked 18-hour days, loading ships in Houston with supplies headed to the Pacific. Later, shortly after the Texas City Disaster in 1947, Neil was one of a crew sent to Texas City to help clean up the mess. It wasn't until 40 years later that he told me that part of his job was to recover the bodies and take them to a make-shift morgue for identification. Neil was employed at the San Jacinto Ordnance Depot near Houston Texas until the late 1950s, when he worked to help close it down. Then, he and Effie ran a gas station in Galena Park for a short time, until he was offered a government job near Joliet Arsenal in Illinois. Neil's group was called ASPA which I think stood for Army Supply and Procurement Agency. In 1968, the family moved from Wilmington, Illinois, to Huntsville, Alabama, where Neil worked with Redstone Arsenal on the Safeguard Project, and where Effie was able to be closer to her family in and around Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Once all the children had left home, Neil took a job in Oxford Alabama for a short time, before retiring back to Huntsville.

Neil was a quiet man who worked hard and adored his wife. He enjoyed football, yardwork, car repair, country music, dog-training, and piling the family into the car to go to Zesto's for soft-served ice cream cones.

We are very lucky to have had this strong but kind man as our father.
Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn White Davis
January 2019

Neil’s parents gave him the middle name Ellis to honor the family of Rev Joseph HH Ellis, the Baptist minister who married them in 1899.
Rev Ellis had named his son Neal Ellis. I’m told that Grandmother and Granddad liked the sound of that, but opted for a different spelling, so the name would be distinctly his own.
Rev JHH Ellis wrote the 1947 book, Sam Houston and Related Spiritual Forces.



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EFFIE WHITE (1923-2003) -- The earthly remains of Effie White are buried next to those of her beloved husband, Neil, near a large magnolia tree in Huntsville Memorial Gardens in Madison County, Alabama. -- Effie Green was born in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama in 1923. Her mother, Lacy, was known as "Mama Green." Effie's father, Harmon Dillard Green, was a coal miner and a farmer. Her brothers were William, Green, Bill, Robert, Terry and JF. Sisters were Ethel, Lindy, Jessie, Syble, and Ivy. -- Effie moved to Cleveland Texas as a teenager. There she met and married Neil Ellis White. In the coming years, while Neil worked with munitions for the US Army, Effie kept their home and cared for their five children: Neil Jr (Skip), Judy, Debbie, Carolyn and Barbara. The family settled in Galena Park Texas in the early 1950s. In 1959, they all moved to Wilmington Illinois.


In 1968, Neil and Effie, along with their two youngest, went to live in Huntsville Alabama. Moving to Alabama proved to be a blessing as Effie's elderly mother fell into ill health, and Effie and her sisters took turns caring for Mama Green so she could stay in her own home and not be put in a nursing home. Years later, after all the children left the nest, Effie and Neil lived for a brief time in Oxford Alabama before coming back home to Huntsville, where they were able to enjoy Neil's retirement. -- Effie was a great cook. Once retired, Neil used to lovingly say "Every day a holiday, and every meal a banquet." Effie enjoyed shopping, especially visiting the Farmers' Market. Her vegetable soup with corn bread was my favorite. She was also a skilled seamstress and enjoyed working in her yard, tending hydrangeas, roses, white daisies, daylilies, red plums, dogwoods, and magnolias. Notice the dogwoods on the grave marker. -- Her grandchildren will always have warm memories of a Granma who loved them more than words could express.

William Alphonso White Family 

Feb 1949

Cleveland, Liberty, Texas, USA

Seated: William and Kate Standing, left to right: Fonso, Elizabeth, Luke, Bob, Doug, Walton, Katherine, Neil



Walter Sanders Scofield


BIRTH 22 OCT 1846 • Evergreen, Itawamba, Mississippi, USA

DEATH 17 JUN 1923 • Cidade de Cannavieras, Brazil

Married 1st:  29 May 1870 • Balna, Brazil

Celia Davis Leitner


BIRTH 1847 • Fairfield District, South Carolina, USA

DEATH SEP 1873 • Cidade de Cannavieras, Brazil

Daughter of George O. Leitner and Celia Davis Boyd



             Georgia Eunice Scofield


                  BIRTH 1871 • Canivieras, Bahia, Brazil

                  DEATH 18 NOV 1901 • Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, USA


             Damazio de Rezende


                  They had at least two, but only one is known


                             Lorenzo de Rezende                                                                                                                             (Died young)


             Edith Lorenzo Scofield


                  BIRTH 10 MAY 1873 • Canivieras, Bahia, Brazil

                  DEATH 9 JUN 1956 • Pineville, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                  Married:  1897

              John Sutton Miller Sr.


                  BIRTH 12 JUL 1849 • Bethel, York, South Carolina, USA

                  DEATH 16 NOV 1924 • Pineville, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                  Son of Robert M. Miller and Adelaide Allison Sutton



                             John Sutton Miller Jr.


                                       BIRTH 2 OCT 1897 • Lancaster County, South Carolina, USA

                                       DEATH 10 MAR 1960 • Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA


                             Lillian Dewey Crow


                                       BIRTH 7 JUN 1900 • Lancaster County, South Carolina, USA

                                       DEATH 21 OCT 1971 • Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                                       Daughter of Andrew Jackson Crow and Elizabeth E Hough




                                             John Sutton Miller III


                                                            BIRTH 3 FEB 1930 • Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA

                                                            DEATH 22 SEP 2021 • Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA


                                             Doris Glenn Brown


                                                            BIRTH 28 MAR 1932 • Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                                                            DEATH 10 SEP 2016 • Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                                                            Daughter of Craig Thomas Brown Sr. and Gaynell Hager


.                             James "Jimmy" Ross Miller Sr.


                                       BIRTH 08 AUG 1899 • Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA

                                       DEATH 6 FEB 1985 • Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA


                             Rebekah A. Blankenship

                                       BIRTH 9 MAR 1901 • Fort Mill, York, South Carolina, USA

                                       DEATH 20 DEC 1997 • Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                                       Daughter of Stephen Pettus Blankenship and Emma Rebecca Faris





                                             James "Jimmy" Ross Miller Jr.          


                                                            BIRTH 8 OCT 1928 • Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                                                            DEATH 10 JUN 2018 • Fort Mill, York, South Carolina, USA

                                                            Married:  26 Dec 1953 • Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                                             Margaret Johnsie McGinn


                                                            BIRTH 30 MAR 1929 • Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA

                                                            DEATH 1 OCT 2008

                                                            Daughter of Barks McGinn and Ola Lee Hall



                                                               James Ross Miller  III


                                                                                    BIRTH 7 MAR 1955 • Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA


                                                               Steve Miller


                                             Marianna Scofield Miller


                                                            BIRTH 15 OCT 1936 • Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                                                             Married:  7 Feb 1959 • Pineville, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                                             James Plummer Raugh Jr.


                                                            BIRTH 22 SEP 1934 • Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

                                                            DEATH 1 JAN 2014 • Hickory, Catawba, North Carolina, USA

                                                            Son of James Plummer Raugh Sr. and Mabel Eleanor Felty




                                                               Anne Scofield Raugh


                                                                                    BIRTH 21 SEP 1964 • Cleveland, North Carolina, USA


                                                               Mr. Keene


                                             John Stephen Miller


                                                            BIRTH 2 APRIL 1932 • Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA


                             Leitner Shirley Miller


                                       BIRTH 22 NOV 1901 • Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA

                                       DEATH 21 AUG 1986 • Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA


                             Mary E Bailes 


                                       BIRTH 7 JAN 1904 • Indian Land, Lancaster, South Carolina, USA

                                       DEATH 26 JAN 1973 • Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                                       Daughter of Joseph Zachariah Bailes and  Manora Jeanette " Nettie" Crane.



                                             John Joseph Miller


                                                            BIRTH 17 SEP 1929 • Pineville, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                                                            DEATH 16 OCT 1995 • Durham, Durham, North Carolina, USA

                                                            Married:  22 Aug 1953 • Buncombe, North Carolina, USA

                                             Mayree Kay Ledford


                                                            BIRTH ABT 1929 • Harrisonburg, Pennsylvania, USA                                                                                              Daughter of Harris Addison Ledford and Freda Bernoice  Widder                                                          2.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Robert Leitner Miller


                                                            BIRTH 19 SEP 1931 • Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA

                                                            DEATH 12 DEC 1947 • Pineville, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

                                                            Died of head injuries at age 16 from a car crash.


                                             William Brevard Miller


                                                            BIRTH 12 DEC 1935 • Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA

                                                            Married:  15 Nov 1964 • Union, North Carolina, USA

                                                            Divorce:  May 1969 • Duval County, Florida, USA

                                             Patricia Brainard


                                                            BIRTH ABT 1941

                                                            Daughter of Richard Brown Brainard and Alice Page Greenwood


The Tampa Tribune,  Sun.  Apr. 18, 1954  page 56

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