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Joshua Scurlock (1730-1795)...

When Joshua Scurlock was born in 1730 in Spotsylvania, Virginia, his father, William, was 30 and his mother, Margaret, was 24. He married Sarah Ann Adams and they had two children together. He then married Elizabeth 'Betty" Norman and they had eight children together. He died on August 16, 1795, in Hancock, Georgia, at the age of 65.

Joshua Scurlock was the son of William and Margaret Scurlock, the grandson of Thomas Schurlock, and great-grandson of Michael Scurlock. Birth and Death dates are approximate.

According to family accounts, Joshua was married two times. Joshua's first wife was ---Adams and his second wife was Betty Norman.

In the mid 1700s, Joshua and his wife, Betty (Norman) Scurlock were living in Prince William County, Virginia. Their son, William was born there in 1762.

According to records, (Prince William County, VA, Order Book 1759-61, pages 16, 72, 155,217, 350,394), Joshua Scurlock was sued by two men, William Foster and William Carr for debt, and another man, Thomas Cooling charged Joshua Scurlock with trespass and assault and battery. On September 24, 1760 "the defendant saith he cannot deny he owes the cost of the suit."

Joshua and his family migrated from Virginia sometime after 1762, going to Wilkes County, North Carolina where he received a North Carolina land grant of 300 acres on both sides of Moravian Creek on March 1, 1780, which he sold on October 27, 1788. Next, Joshua and Betty appear in Wilkes County, Georgia where records in 1792: "Joshua Scurlock and Betty, his wife of Greene County, Georgia" sell 200 acres in Wilkes County, Georgia on the headwaters of Upton Creek which were granted to Joshua Scurlock on September 14, 1794.

Joshua Scurlock died in Hancock County, Georgia where his will, made on September 14, 1794, was proved on August 13, 1795. Betty (Norman) Scurlock probably died between 1792 and 1794 as she is not named in his will.

The children of Joshua Scurlock by his first wife ---Adams were:

-Agnes Scurlock who married ---Watts.

-Thomas Scurlock, wife unknown (Children of Thomas: Dudley Scurlock, Beverly Scurlock (son), Joshua Scurlock, Washinton Scurlock, a daughter who married ---Thompson)

The children of Joshua Scurlock by his second wife, Betty Norman Scurlock were:

-Elizabeth Scurlock married Billy Wyatt

-Daniel Scurlock

-William Scurlock, born 1762 in Prince William County, VA. Died August 15, 1840 in Muscogee County, Georgia. Married in 1790 to Rhoda Ann Simmons who died March 13, 1851. (Children of William and Rhoda were: Elizabeth Scurlock who died in infancy; Joshua Scurlock; Daniel Scurlock 1799-1825, who married Lucena N. turk; John Scurlock 1816-1874, who married Gracey McCrary; Priestly Norman Scurlock 1806-1877, married Easter Ann Brown; Caroline Matilda Scurlock who married John Files, William Scurlock; Kitty Scurlock who married (1) Jeremiah Cooper, (2) Joseph Collins; Winifred Scurlock who married Ezekiel Redding).

-James Scurlock who married Judy Norman in 1783. (Children: William Scurlock, Joshua Scurlock, Daniel Scurlock, Washington Scurlock, and "daughters")

-Joshua Scurlock married Sarah Brewster. (Children: Henry Scurlock married Elizabeth Perry; Jefferson Scurlock; Eliza Scurlock married Benjamin Foscue; "daughter" Aug 28, 1801-Aug 30, 1888; Harriet Scurlock married William Pope; Walton Scurlock married (1) Marianna Pope (2) Amelia Everett; Lucy Scurlock married Ivy Perry; Napoleon Scurlock; Washington Scurlock; Jackson Monroe Scurlock married (1) Mary M. Mills, (2) Camella I. Braswell

-Priestly Scurlock married Hulda W.---.(Children: Jeff, Samuel)

-Sarah Scurlock married (1) Thomas Hambrick (2) Jacob Parker (3) William Ryan (Children by each marriage)

-Lucy Scurlock married "her cousin Martin Norman, had one child and both died".



More- Milledgeville-Baldwin County, GEORGIA.

In The News 1910-1919


Jan 5, 1913

Atlanta Constitution


In The Constitution of December 1, 1912, the state editor has asked for information as to the grave of William Scurlock, a revolutionary soldier buried near Columbus. Some information relative to the Scurlock family may be of interest, and a brief sketch is given below:

William Scurlock was born in North Carolina, and served in the revolution with the militia of that state. It is likely that the family removed to South Carolina, as a William Scurlock received a bounty in that state (Revolutionary Bounties, Book 4) in 1784. He received a bounty in the Georgia lottery of 1827, being then a resident of Baldwin county. He was a revolutionary pensioner, and the records show that he was living in Alabama at the time of his death.

The father of William Scurlock, was *Joshua Scurlock. He made his will in Hancock county, Georgia, September 14, 1794 (Probated August 18, 1795) and mentions children, Agatha Watts, Thomas Scurlock, Elizabeth Scurlock, Daniel Scurlock, William James, Pressley, *Joshua (1765-1831), Sarah Parker and Lucy Norman, and made his sons William and Daniel his executors. In 1803 William Scurlock returned for taxes in Hancock county three slaves; no land.

Joshua Scurlock drew 580 aces in Wilkes county in 1785, on Upton's creek. Joshua Scurlock was captain of the Jackson county militia in 1801, and was granted 624 acres in that county in 1815. In 1820 the entire family seems to have been living in Baldwin County. Sarah Scurlock married, in 1793, Jacob Parker, Jr., who died in a few months, their twin daughters Sarah and Polly, being born after his death. Sarah Parker and William Ryan were made administrators of the estate of Jacob Parker, and they were married a few years later.

Pressley Scurlock and his sons Jefferson and Eli, took up land in Walton or Jackson county, west Florida in about 1824 or 1825, as did Joseph Scurlock, Jr. The writer is descended from Sarah Scurlock and here husband Jacob Parker, and should like to get into communication with other Scurlock descendants.


- J. A. LeConte, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

- Os Confederados: The Scurlocks to Brazil @ScurlockstoBrazil  · Book

Jackson Monroe Scurlock was born 10 Jeb 1795 in Clark County, Alabama.  He married twice. First to Mary M Mills and then to Camilla I Braswell.  Jackson and Mary M Mills were married in Choctaw, Alabama on 24 May 1847 in Washington Alabama by Judge C.C. Houston and surety bond by S.S. Houston.  Mary was the daughter of Alfred Mills and Sarah Ann Pennrice, early pioneers to the Alabama territory whose families were from Virginia and North Carolina respectively.
Jackson and Mary had three children: Walton Louis Scurlock, probably named after Jackson's brother; Patrick Henry Scurlock (sometimes called John); and Alfred Scurlock, who died as an infant. 
Mary M Mills died 25 Feb 1855 in Choctaw County, Alabama just ten days after the birth of her third son, Alfred, on .15 Feb 1855.  Alfred lived until 1 May 1856.  She was only twenty-three years old.  
On 14 May 1864, Jackson paid the fee for the administration of Louisa H Braswell's property in Alabama.  She was the mother of Camilla Braswell, who became Jackson's second wife.  Jackson's tombstone in the Corinth Cemetery in Choctaw County Alabama says he was buried at sea, probably on a trip to or from Brazil.  There is a question as to whether he was on the "Talisman" which veered off course and ended up in the Cape Verde Islands before reaching Brazil, months later.  Some think that he is buried in Cape Verde.
Camilla, having returned to Alabama with some of the Scurlock family after a nine-year stay in Brazil, is buried in the Corinth Cemetery but the date on the tombstone indicated birth in 1837 and death in 1897 not 1891. 
Jackson and Camilla had eight children:  Franklin Buchanan Scurlock; William Burton Scurlock; Mary Scurlock; James Scurlock; Mary (Mamie) Scurlock; Toutant Beaureguard "Booty" Scurlock; Louisa Scur-lock; and Don  Pedro Scurlock Sr.

Jackson Monroe Scurlock

BIRTH 1817

DEATH  1867 (aged 49–50)

São Paulo, Brazil


Corinth Cemetery

Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA 

MEMORIAL ID48149424 

Camelia Brasswell.jpg

Camellia Braswell Scurlock

BIRTH  24 Apr 1837

Upson County, Georgia, USA

DEATH14 Apr 1897 (aged 59)

Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA


Corinth Cemetery

Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA 

MEMORIAL ID48149429 

Children by   Jackson and Mary:

Walton Louis Scurlock

BIRTH 27 JAN 1850 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 23 JUN 1875 • São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Patrick Henry Scurlock

BIRTH 13 FEB 1853 • Mt Sterling, Choctaw, Alabama, USA

DEATH 1 OCT 1917 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  30 Jun 1874 • Limeira, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sarah Caroline Moore

BIRTH 8 MAR 1855 • Alabama, USA

DEATH 21 NOV 1935 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Caroline was the daughter of Joseph Hardy Moore and Mary A. Joiner,  Joseph was from Choctaw County Alabama but had relocated to Mississippi where on May 27, 1851 he married Mary A. Joiner.  The Joiner family was originally from South Carolina but had relocated early on to Mississippi when the Indian lands opened up.


Joseph and Mary would have about four children.  Three of whom there is little information except that they could have possibly been sent to Texas.  Fredonia A. Moore the second child, however, was definitely in Brazil as she married the Rev.John L Bruce, a missionary, in December of 1891 in Brazil.   Fredonia and Caroline, her mother, were both very active in the church.

Patrick and Caroline would have at least eleven children:

1.   Mary Kathrerone Scurlock

2.   Julia Scurlock

3.   Annie Scurlock

4.   Joseph A. Scurlock

5.   Ellie Scurlock

6.   Robert Ezelle Scurlock

7.   Fredonia Jeanette Scurlock

8.   Pamela Scurlock

9.   Willie lee Scurlock

10. Henry Wesley Scurlock

11.  Lucy Katherine Scurlock


BIRTH 7 APR 1875 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 15 JUN 1941 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  1899 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil


He was the son of Joseph Elisha Whitaker and Isabella P. Norris

BIRTH 3 FEB 1874 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 4 OCT 1951 • Brazil

Mary and Henry would have four children:


                      Joseph Henry Whitaker

                      BIRTH 20 FEBRUARY 1901 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                      DEATH 17 NOVEMBER 1977 • Brazil


                       Josephina Santon 


                       Anna Izabella Whitaker

                      BIRTH 1903 • Brazil

                      DEATH Brazil

                      Married: 1925, Brazil

                      William Daniel


                       Cicero Jones Whitaker

                       BIRTH 1905 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                       DEATH Brazil

                       Married:  About 1925, Brazil

                       Cacilda Silva

                      They would have at least one child: 

                                     1.  Ilvandro Whitaker born about 1930 in Brazil


                       Douglas Scurlock Whitaker

                       BIRTH 1907 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                       DEATH Brazil

                       Married:  About 1930, Brazil

                       Maria Terrine

WHITAKER FAMILY (in process)

BIRTH 30 APR 1877 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 23 OCT 1966 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  1909 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil


BIRTH 15 MAR 1880 • Villa, Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 21 JULY 1953  Brazil

Julia and Oscar had at least one child:


                       Elmer Lee Pyles

                       BIRTH 4 JUL 1913 • Vila Americana, São Paulo, Brazil

                      DEATH Unknown




BIRTH 7 SEP 1880 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 21 JUN 1965 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil



BIRTH JAN 1882 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH DEC 1886 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Died as a toddler at 4 years old.  Named after his maternal grandfather, Joseph A. Moore.  Buried at Campo Cemetery.



BIRTH 23 JUN 1884 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 1 SEP 1975 • Sumare, Sao Paulo, Brazil



BIRTH 1881 • Brazil

DEATH Unknown

Albert was the son of Joseph long Minchin

and Juliet Antoinette Pyles

Ellie and Albert would have at least one child:


                       Joseph Minchin

                       BIRTH 09 07 1904

                       DEATH 1989 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil


                       Julia Carlton

                       BIRTH 1906 • Sertaozinho, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                       DEATH 1981 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                       Julia was the daughter of James Carlton and Alexandrina______



BIRTH 2 FEB 1887 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 23 FEB 1910 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Died as a young man of 23 years old.  Not listed as married or with childrem


Fredonia "Donnie"Jeanete Scurlock

BIRTH 1 AUG 1889 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 15 JUL 1966 • Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  1915

Albert William Hartmann

BIRTH JAN 1889 • Lancaster Township, Lancaster

Village, Erie, New York, USA

DEATH 20 NOV 1957 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Albert was the son of Wilhem W. Hartmann and

Margaret Adler,   German immigrants to New York,

USA in 1885

Fredonia "Donnie" and Albert haad at least one child:


                       Lucille Muriel Hartman

                       BIRTH 3 JUN 1916 • Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

                       DEATH 30 JAN 1990 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                       Married: 1939 • Sao Paulo-Brazil

                       Gilbert Edward Arthur Adams

                       BIRTH 6 DEC 1916 • Basingstoke, Hampshire, England

                       DEATH 07 OCT 1999 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                       He was an Englishman, the son of Henry

                      Arthur Adams and Katherine "Kate" Elizabeth Cripps



BIRTH 21 AUG 1891 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Piracicaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil



BIRTH 23 NOV 1892 • Sao Paulo, Humaitá, Amazonas, Brazil

DEATH 20 FEB 1945 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

Leroy was the son of William Leroy McFadden and Julia Brice Hall

Pamela and Leroy would have at least six children:


                       Ezequiel McFadden

                       BIRTH 1906 • Sao Paulo, Humaitá, Amazonas, Brazil

                      DEATH Sao Paulo, Brazil


                      William McFadden                                                                                                                                                 BIRTH 1907 • Sao Paulo, Brazil                                                                                                                      DEATH Sao Paulo, Brazil                                                                                                                                   3.

                       Leroy McFadden

                       BIRTH 1909 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

                       DEATH Sao Paulo, Brazil


                       Edith McFadden

                       BIRTH 1910 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

                       DEATH Sao Paulo, Brazil


                       William Clay McFadden

                       BIRTH 1913 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

                       DEATH 13 JUL 1997 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil


                       Mercedes Zanetti

                       BIRTH 1947 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

                       DEATH 19 APR 1999 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil


                       Lucy McFadden

                       BIRTH 12 JUN 1884 • Sao Paulo, Humaitá, Amazonas, Brazil

                       DEATH 28 SEP 1972 • Sao Paulo, Brazil



BIRTH 21 NOV 1894 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 21 AUG 1962 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil



BIRTH 15 MAR 1896 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH NOV 1925 • Brazil





BIRTH 1 MAR 1900 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 31 MAR 1951 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Children by   Jackson and Camellia:


BIRTH 30 DEC 1856 • Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 1 DEC 1937 • Gilbertown, Choctaw, Alabama, USA

Franklin B Scurlock Home


Gilbertstown, Alabama

Franklin Buchanan Scurlock was born 1856 and named after famous Admiral Franklin Buchanan of the "Virginia" ship which fought the Monitor in Hampton Roads 1862. Franklin B Scurlock however remained single all his live, although he bought property and cared for his two sisters, Mamie and Lou until their deaths. This is the house they lived it. Originally it was built to be a hotel of sorts for people who came in off the train. But the railroad never brought that many tenants, so Franklin and his sisters lived in theome until their deaths. The home was lived in by Scurlocks until 1976 when the last of the family moved to Gulf Shores. It still stood as of 2007.

F B Scurlock Home.jpg



BIRTH 25 APR 1859 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 27 SEP 1859 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

Died as a two day old infant




Twin to Mary Anne Scurlock

BIRTH 09 JUL 1860 • Ararat, Choctaw, Alabama, USA

DEATH 1860 • Gilbertown, Choctaw, Alabama, USA

Infant, died within a year




Twin to James Scurlock

BIRTH 9 JUL 1860 • Bladon Springs, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 30 AUG 1942 • Gilbertown, Choctaw, Alabama, USA

Never married


The Choctaw Advocate (Butler Alabama)   Sept. 3, 1942, Thursday,    page 1


82 year old spinster dies at Gilbert town


Miss Mary Scurlock, 82-year-old spinster died Sunday night at her home in Gilbertown of a heart attack. Miss Scurlock was borned and reared near Mount Sterling, but most of her life was spent at Gilbertown where she and her sister, Miss Louise Scurlock made their homes together.


She is survived by one brother D. P. Scurlock at Butler, and one sister, Miss Louis Scurrlock of Gilbertown.


Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at Gilberttown and burial made in the Arafat cemetery. Pallbearers were John Barber, Jack barber, a. Jay. Martin, George Grimsley, Roy Rogers and A. L. Doggett




BIRTH 25 NOV 1862 • Ararat, Choctaw, Alabama, USA

DEATH 14 AUG 1901 • Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

Married:  02 Feb 1892 Choctaw, Alabama



Choctaw County, Alabama

A Story About Toutant Beauregard Scurlock and Fannie Camella Sanford Braswell II as told by Heath McMeans

Toutant B Scurlock was born 25 Nov 1862 in Choctaw County, Alabama.  He was called "Booty" by nearly everyone.  He married Fannie Camella Sanford Braswell II on 2 Feb 1891.  She was born 22 Jan 1872 in Upson County, Georgia.  They had five children:  Jeanette Elizabeth Scurlock; Mary Lucille Scurlock; Frank Dennis Scurlock; Daisy Camella Scurlock and Charles Braswell Scurlock, the last child born just months before Toutant's death.  After Toutant's death, Fannie Camella moved to Mobile Alabama and became a Registered Nurse in order to support her family.  The children were placed in the Sisters of Mercy Convent and educated. Fannie Camella moved to Birmingtham, Alabama and was eventually able to have all her children returned to her.  Fannie Camella died of heart failure in San Francisco California.  She is buried in the Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham Alabama with her husband Toutant Scurlock.  The following is information quoted from an article by Heath McMeans and Harold Scurlock on the family:

"Toutant Beaureguard Scurlock and Fannie Camella Sanford Braswell II were my (Heath McMean's) grandparents, one I knew and the other I never knew.  So it is with some difficulty that I writing a story about them.  The stories which I am going to relate come from many stories my grandmother told.  We would ask her to tell about the "olden" days and her beloved "Booty", Toutant Beauregard Scurlock, who preceded her in death by many years, but she never forgot him.  Mama, Fannie Comilla Sanford Braswell Scurlock II often told of a recurring dream she had from time to time.  The dream went like this:  Booty stood at the end of a long mirrored hall beckoning to her and calling her name saying "Milla, I'm waiting for You."  This was the reason she gave for not marrying again.  Our favorite stories were about trips down the Tombigbee River to Mobile on the famous riverboat "Robert E. Lee".  The women folk would spend the summer sewing and making pretties for the coming fall. When all the cotton was picked and bailed, it was loaded onto the riverboat for the trip south. 


The planters and their families would board and the festivities would begin.  Parties, balls, etc. were held while steaming down the Tombigbee on the "Robert E Lee".  Courting of course, was in order as well as other activities, the younger people would have picnics at the various stops along the way. Upon arrival in Mobile, parties would continue in the homes and hotels.  After the cotton was sold, the long way back home was begun and things quieted down.  Mama said the reason that she and Booty never had any money was that he thought he was a card shark.  But, the bigger sharks always ended up with his money and when they got back to Ararat, he would be broke.  In the summer of 1940, my mother's cousin, Saddie Bush Martin, invited me to spend the summer with her and her family at their home in Millery, Washington County, Alabama.  James, her husband, was a timber and businessman in Millery.  There were two daughters and Jim Bush, another cousin, a little older than I, living there.  Saddie's uncle, Uncle Cornelius Bush (whom we call Uncle Con) came and went.  Uncle Con was my grandfather's best boyhood buddy and knew all of the boyhood secrets.  He told me a few and I sure wish I had been there with them.


They fished, hunted and trapped on the river and courted the girls. What we in this day would call dating.  At the time, Uncle Con was telling me all of this he was in his seventies and still unmarried.  He said that the reason he never married was that Milla chose Booty over him and he was still in love with her.  He said that Booty was very handsome and that he was just an average looking river rat, and that was why Milla chose Booty.  Mama denied all of this when I confronted her with all this juicy gossip. When another suitor asked for her hand she turned him down flatly because Booty was waiting for her in the hall of mirrors.   I not only learned about the world as it was back in the olden days but also how oxen were used to snake the cut timber out of the swamps of Washington and Choctaw counties.  Only teams of oxen and no machinery were used for this job, due to the fact that they could get around the woods better.  I witnessed, first hand, the old-time art of bargaining and trading by the past master.  I would stand for hours while trades would be made for a heifer or any other object of trade.  I am still amazed, to this day, at the results skilled trading achieved.  The old families all gone now, except the grand-children, who still cherish the memory of Mama and our parents, aunts and uncles.  We grew up with them in the 1920s and 1930s as a close-knit family that was separated by World War II.  After World War II, nothing was ever the same again and the old ways never repeated.


Booty and Milla had six children:

Rosa Lee Scurlock

BIRTH 07/19/1892 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 1893 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

Infant, died within one year

Jeanette "Jean" Elizabeth Scurlock

BIRTH 20 SEP 1894 • Ararat, Choctaw, Alabama, USA

DEATH 13 JUL 1976 • Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, USA


George Clifton Nichols

BIRTH 1894 • Massachusetts

DEATH 1951

                 Jean and George had one son:


                 John Clifton Nichols

                 BIRTH 28 NOV 1929 • Tulsa, Tulsa,

                 Oklahoma, USA

                 DEATH 30 JAN 2013 • Gloucester, Essex,

                 Massachusetts, USA

                 Married:  10 Jun 1952 • Tampa, Hillsbo-

                 rough, Florida, USA

                 Alden McCormick Sypher



                                     Denise A. Nichols

                                      BIRTH 21 NOV 1974




Mary Lucille Scurlock

BIRTH 29 JAN 1896 • Ararat, Choctaw, Alabama, USA

DEATH 4 JUL 1978 • Fairhope, Baldwin, Alabama, USA

Married:  8 Jun 1916 • St Viencents, Mobile, Mobile,

Alabama, USA

Heath Leigh McMeans Sr.

BIRTH 3 AUG 1889 • Jemison, Chilton, Alabama, USA

DEATH 23 JUN 1976 • Elberta, Baldwin, Alabama, USA

He was the son of Walter Dunklin McMeans and Lillian

Lee Luckett


Mary Lucille and Heath had  four children:


                      Mary Lucille Leigh McMeans

                      BIRTH 5 DEC 1916 • Mobile, Mobile County,

                      Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 26 AUG 1991 • Birmingham, Jefferson,

                      Alabama, USA

                      Married:  10 Apr 1950 • Birmingham, Jefferson,

                      Alabama, USA

                      Charles Ray Marlow

                      BIRTH 16 SEP 1919 • Birmingham, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 26 OCT 2011 • Birmingham, Jefferson

                      County, Alabama, USA

                      He was the son of Grady Marlow and Sarah

                      Irene Davidson


                      Lillian Camilla "Millie" McMeans

                      BIRTH 27 NOV 1918 • Birmingham, Jefferson 

                      County, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 17 JUL 2011 • Birmingham, Jefferson

                      County, Alabama, USA


                      Heath Leigh McMeans Jr.

                      BIRTH 19 OCT 1922 • Birmingham, Jefferson

                      County, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 4 MAY 2011 • McCalla, Jefferson County,

                      Alabama, USA

                      Married:  10 Apr 1950

                      Josephine Smith


                      MCMEANS, JR., HEATH LEIGH McMeans, Lt.

                      Colonel Heath L., Jr., US MC Ret. October 19, 1922

                      - May 4, 2011 Heath Leigh McMeans, Jr., age 88, of

                      Birmingham, Alabama, passed away on Wednesday,

                      May 4, 2011. He was preceded in death by his wife of

                      60 years, Josephine McMeans, his  parents, Major

                      Heath L., Sr., and Lucille McMeans, sister, Leigh

                      McMeans Marlow, and brother, Eugene B. McMeans.

                      He is survived by his sons Heath L. McMeans III

                      (Micha), Larry McMeans (Marye), daughter Linda

                      McMeans Byrne, grandchildren, Christal S. Hancock

                      (Jonathan), Lieutenant Paul M. Byrne, III, Rachel

                      McMeans Miller (Garn), Mary Haley Byrne, Patrick

                      Bachmann, great grandchildren, Kailey Hancock,

                      Braxton Hancock, and sister, Camilla McMeans. He

                      was a graduate of Fairfield High School and a grad-

                      uate of Auburn University, where he was a member

                      of the Kappa Alpha Order. A funeral  mass will be

                      held at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church in

                      Hoover, Alabama, at 10:00 am on Monday, May 9th,

                      2011. Visitation will begin at 9:00 am preceding the

                      service. The family requests that in lieu of flowers

                      donations be made to The Matt Byrne Memorial

                      Scouting Fund, c/o The Community Foundation of

                      Greater Birmingham, 2100 First Avenue North, Suite

                      700, Birmingham, Alabama 35203. 


                      Eugene Bare McMeans

                      BIRTH 27 MAR 1927 • Birmingham, Jefferson

                      County, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 24 FEB 2009 • San Antonio, Bexar

                      County, Texas, USA

                      Married Firstly: 4 May 1951 • Mississippi, USA

                      Sue Byrd Harrell

                      BIRTH 27 APR 1931 • Montgomery, Montgomery

                      County, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 8 JAN 1998 • Fairhope, Baldwin

                      County, Alabama, USA

                      Daughter of Claude Douglas Harrell and Dorothy

                      Guerry Holland



                                               Susan Leigh McMeans


                                               Ann Holland McMeans


                                               Charles Harrell McMeans

                      Married Secondly: 14 Jan 1983 • Mobile, Mobile

                      County, Alabama, USA

                      Cynthia Cargile

                      BIRTH 14 JAN 1953



                                               Braswell Turner McMeans


                     Eugene Bare McMeans  

                       MCMEANS Eugene Bare McMeans, a resident of

                       Daphne, Alabama, died February 24, 2009, at St.

                       Luke's Baptist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

                       Born in Birmingham, Alabama to Heath Leigh 

                       McMeans, Sr. and Lucille Scurlock McMeans on

                       March 27, 1927, he grew  up  during the Great De-

                       ression. Gene was a United States Navy veteran 

                       of World War II,  serving in the Pacific, where he

                       saw combat, including kamikaze attacks, before,

                       during,   and after the invasion of Okinawa.


                       He was recently featured in the historical APT

                       documentary "Alabama Remembers WWII"

                       where he recounted some of his wartime exper-

                       iences, during 1944 and 1945. Gene  attended

                       Auburn University for three years, majoring in

                       business, and then  earned a  degree from the

                       Birmingham School of Law. His career in the

                       insurance  business lasted  over 40 years, as a

                       claims manager for the U.S.F.& G. and then as an 

                       expert witness. He  was an avid fisherman and a

                       loyal Auburn football fan.

                       Gene McMeans is survived by his wife of 26 years,

                       Cynthia Cargile McMeans; his sister, Camilla  Mc-

                       Means and brother Heath L. McMeans, Jr. (Jose-

                       phine) of Birmingham; four  children, Susan L. 

                       McMeans and Ann H. McMeans (Bob Bendik) of

                       Fairhope, Alabama, Charles  H. McMeans (Pam) of

                       Gulfport, Mississippi and Braswell  T. McMeans 

                       (Tara) of  San Antonio, Texas; ten grandchildren,

                       Nathan B. Forrest, Sarah  S. Forrest, Kenneth Lee 

                       Crow, Clayton M. Isherwood, Robert H. Green, 

                       Leigh McMeans, Eric McMeans, Kyle  McMeans,

                       Brittany M. LeSerra, and Braswell M. McMeans;

                       four great-grandchildren,  Tyler,  Evan, Tana, and

                       Hunter; and many   other devoted family members

                       and  friends. A memorial service to celebrate the

                       life  of Eugene Bare McMeans will be held on  Sat-

                       urday, March 7, 2009, at 2:00 p.m., at the Wolfe-

                       Bayview Funeral Home, 28720 U.S.  Hwy. 98 in

                       Daphne, Alabama.


                 Sue Byrd Harrell, age 66, died Thursday, Jan-

                       uary 8, 1998 at a local hospital. She was a former

                       resident of Birmingham, AL and a longtime resident

                      of Fairhope.

                      Mrs. Harrell is survived by three children, Susan

                      McMeans Forrest of Fairhope, Ann McMeans Isher-

                      wood of Fairhope, Charles Harrell McMeans of

                      Memphis, TN; 8 grandchildren, Kenneth Lee Crow,

                      Nathan Lake Forrest, Clay McMeans Isherwood,

                      Sarah Suzanne Forrest, Robert Holland Green, Leigh

                      Karen McMeans, Eric Stephen McMeans, Kyle Har-

                      rell McMeans; 1 great grandchild, Kenneth Tyler

                      Crow; a brother, Dr. Claude D. Harrell, Jr. of Fair-

                      hope, Alabama.

                      Funeral services will be held Saturday, January 10, 1998 at 1:30 p.m. from St. Paul's                                Episcopal Church in Daphne with the Reverend Richard H. Schmidt officiating.                                          Interment will follow in Pine Rest, Foley.

                      In lieu of flowers the family requests memorial contributions be made to St. Paul's                                  Episcopal Church, 28788 N Main Street, Daphne, AL 36526. Funeral arrangements were                        by Bayview Funeral Home, Daphne. AL.

                      Mobile (AL) Register, issue 9 Jan 1998, pg 6B


Franklin Dennis Scurlock

BIRTH 26 MAY 1898 • Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 17 FEB 1972 • Dalton, Muskegon, Michigan, USA

Married:  31 Dec 1921 • Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA

Regina A. Wallace

BIRTH 7 JULY 1903 • Alabama, USA

DEATH 29 JUN 1989 • Muskegon, Muskegon, Michigan, USA



                      Jeannette Catherine Scurlock

                      BIRTH 11 FEBRUARY 1929 • Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 9 JANUARY 2012 • Whitehall, Muskegon County, Michigan, USA

                      Married:  2 Jun 1951 • Muskegon, Muskegon, Michigan, USA

                      Robert Earl Streeting

                      BIRTH 24 SEP 1923 • Muskegon, Muskegon, Michigan, USA

                      DEATH 21 AUG 2011 • Whitehall, Muskegon, Michigan, USA

                      He was the son of Walter Klause Steeting and Carolyn L. Brown

                      Jeanette and Robert would have five children


                      Franklin "Frank" Dennis Scurlock Jr

                      BIRTH 12 JAN 1935 • Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 15 MAY 2009 • Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan, USA


                      Arlene Carlson

                      Frank and Arlene would have four children:  Michael , Kirk, Cindy and Sue

                      Frank Dennis Scurlock was born 26 May 1898 in Choctaw County, Alabama. He married                        Regina Wallace in 1922 and they had two children:  Jeanette K Scurlock (born 1928) and                        Dennis Scurlock (unknown birth).  In 1920, before his marriage, Frank and his mother                          and his brother Charles were living with their grandparents Ernie and Melissa Braswell                        in Choctaw County, Alabama. In 1930, Frank and his wife Regina and their children                                lived in Birmingham Township, Jefferson County, Alabama. Between that time he                                    moved to Michigan. Frank died Feb 1974 in the town of Dalton, Muskegon County,                                    Michigan.

Daisy Camilla Scurlock

BIRTH 14 OCT 1899 • Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 4 JAN 1997 • Bokeelia, Lee, Florida, USA

Married:  14 Mar 1922 • Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA

Paul Hobart Sarvis Sr.

BIRTH 2 JUN 1896 • Mark Center, Defiance, Ohio, USA

DEATH 24 NOV 1983 • Fort Myers, Lee, Florida, USA

Daisy and Paul would have three children:


                       Paul Hobart Sarvis Jr

                       BIRTH 13 APR 1925 • Alabama. USA

                       DEATH 13 SEP 2019 • Sylacauga, Talladega, Alabama, USA

                       Married:  26 Jun 1949 • Sylacauga, Talladega, Alabama, USA

                       Zora Nell Whetstone

                       BIRTH 31 JAN 1925 • Alabama, USA

                       DEATH 14 FEBRUARY 2008 • Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA

                       She was the daughter of Adair Knight Whetstone and Caroline Wood


                       SYLACAUGA —
                       Funeral service for Nell Sarvis, 83, will be Saturday, Feb. 16, at 2:30 p.m. at First United                         Methodist Church with Dr. Lewis Archer officiating. Burial will be  in Evergreen                                       Memorial Cemetery. Mrs. Sarvis died Thursday, Feb. 14, 2008 at   Brookwood Medical                           Center, Birmingham. She was a member of the First United  methodist Church where                             she was active in the Adult Choir for 35 years. She was  preceded in death by parents,                               Dr. A. K. and Carrie Whetstone; sisters, Gertrude  Arnold,  Mae Lane, Olivia                                                 Whetstone,  Agnes Woodward, Margaret Brown, Dollie Roberts, Deedie Remson;                                     brother, Bill Whetstone. She is survived by her husband of 58 years, Paul Sarvis Jr. of                             Sylacauga; sons, Paul Sarvis III of Sylacauga, John Sarvis and  wife Ellen of McCalla;                               brother, Wood Whetstone of Jackson, Tenn.; sister-in-law, Sarah Whitman of                                             Sylacauga. Visitation will be Friday Feb. 15, from 6-8 p.m. at Curtis and Son North                                     Chapel. Online registry at

                       Betty Jeanne Sarvis

                       BIRTH 14 SEP 1926 • Birmingham Junction, Alabama

                       DEATH 4 OCT 1992 • Gulf Shores, Baldwin, Alabama, USA


                       Mr. Elgie 


                       Doris Camilla Sarvis

                       BIRTH 31 AUG 1929 • Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA

                       DEATH 2 MAR 2017 • Fort Myers, Lee, Florida, USA

                       Married Firstly: 17 Jun 1952 • Marion, Indiana, USA

                       Divorced: 16 Jul 1970 • Lee, Florida, USA

                       William Leonard Pierpont

                       BIRTH 3 OCT 1931 • Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

                       DEATH 7 MAR 1977 • Lee, Florida, USA

                       Son of William Laurence Pierpont and Lois Irene Leonard

                       Married Secondly: 28 Jan 1972 • Lee County, Florida, USA

                       Emil M. Angel

                       BIRTH 2 SEP 1922 • Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

                       DEATH 20 MAR 2014 • Fort Myers, Lee, Florida, USA

                       Son of Anthony Aloyisus Angel and Theresa Rosalie Dombrowski


Charles Braswell Scurlock

BIRTH 14 FEB 1901 • Ararat, Choctaw, Alabama, USA

DEATH 19 NOV 1950 • Fort Miley, San Francisco County,

California, USA


The Birmingham News - 24 Nov 1950 - Page 14

Charley B. Skurlock

Funeral services will be held tomorrow at Brown service

chapel in Norwood for Charley Braswell Skurlock , 49. 

Time for the service will be announced.  Burial will be in

Elmwood Cemetery.  Mr. Skurlock died Sunday in  San

Francisco.  He had lived in Birmingham, 1917- to 1940. 

He was em-ployed by the Southern Railroad and was a

member of the St. Paul's Catholic Church. 

Surviving  are  three  sisters,  Mrs. Jeannette Nichols,  Glou-

cester,  Massachusetts;  Mrs.  Lucille McMeans, Birming-

ham;  and Miss Daisy Dow, San Francisco,; one brother, 

Frank D.. Skurlock, Muskeegon, Michigan.

Charles Braswell Scurlock.jpg
Heath Leigh McMeans.jpg
J C Nichols.jpg
Heath Leigh McMeans Sr
Alden Sypher and John C. Nichols
Mary Lucille McMeans 1.jpg
Charles Ray Marlow.jpg
Charles Ray Marlow
Mary Lucille Leigh McMeans
Lillian Camilla Millie McMeans.jpg
Lucille Camilla "Millie" McMeans
Heath Leigh McMeans Jr and Jo.jpg
Heath Leigh McMeans Jr. and Josephine Smith
Eugene McMeans.jpg
Sue Bird Harrell.jpg
Ann Holland McMeans.jpg
Charles Harrell McMeans.jpg
Eugene Bare McMeans
Sue Byrd Harrell
Charles Harrell McMeans
Ann Holland McMeans


Louisa Scurlock

BIRTH 14 OCT 1864 • Choctaw, Alabama, USA

DEATH 24 MAR 1963 • Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA


The Choctaw Advocate (Butler Alabama)  Mar.  28, Thursday,  page 3


Miss Lou Scurlock passes at age 98


Miss Lou Scurlock, 98 year old native Choctaw Countian, died Sunday

at the home   of her niece Mrs. John Green,  at Gilbertown.  Miss.

Scurlock was born at the Ararat area and made her home there for

most of her life. 

Funeral services were held at 2 PM Monday afternoon at the Ararat

cemetery with the Rev. Ingram officiating.  She is survived by one

brother, D. P. Scurlock, Sr.  of Butler. Pallbearers were Jack, Aaron,

Wash and Don Scurlock. John Green, Jr., and Truman Powe.




Don Pedro Scurlock Sr was born 14 Dec 1866.




On his 100th birthday the local newspaper wished a wonderful Happy Birthday with banner headlines...they did not know he would live well past 104.  This is the article from the 100th birthday greetings of the newspaper:

"Perhaps it does take a bit of journalistic license to print a headline in a newspaper wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DON PEDRO SCURLOCK SR.  However we feel wholly justified to take this means to wish Mr. Don P. Scurlock Sr a very ahppy 100th birthday. Anybody with stamina and good fortune to reach the century mark deserves some recognition.  Mr. Sculrock's life began in Choctaw County, Alabama 100 years ago.  At that time Alabama was occupied by Federal Troops and carpetbaggers who descended on the South after the Civil War.  Times were hard then. Mr. Scurlock's father who had fought in the Civil War for the Confederacy decided to move his wife and family with others to Sao Paulo Brazil.  They took a ship and the journey and seas were rough. The elder Scurlock was taken ill and died at sea where he was buried.  Mrs. Scurlock was left with 5 children to support and care for.  The Scurlock family lived in Sao Paulo Brazil for nine years before returning to the U.S.  Don Pedro Scurlock Sr married Lucy Caroline Green on 23 Aug 1899.  They had ten children."

From another article:

The Choctaw advocate Thursday, December 15, 1966


Don P. Scurlock


Perhaps it does take a bit of journalistic license to print

a headline like the one above but we feel holy justified

in taking this means to wish Mr. Don P. Scurlock, Senior

a very happy one hundredth birthday anybody with the

stamina and good fortune to reach the century mark cer-

tainly deserves some recognition.


Mr. Scurlock life began in Choctaw County exactly 100 years ago yesterday. At that time Alabama was occupied by federal troops and carpetbaggers who had to send it on the south after the Civil War, which had been over for scarcely a year. Times were hard then.


Mr. Scarlet's father, thought to have been in poor health when our local centenarian was born, had decided to leave the occupied confederacy with his family and move to Brazil. It is thought that he did so because of poor health but it is also possible that his decision was affected by the heavy migration of southerners to Brazil after the war was lost.


The Scurlock family sailed for Brazil when the van and then Don P. Scurlock was only a few weeks old. In fact, some of his children maintain that he was only one day old when the family left.


The journey to Brazil was a long and stormy wind for the Scurlock family. It was tragic to end that the elder Mr. Scurlock was taken ill and died while the ship was still several days out of port in the south Atlantic. He was buried at sea leaving Mrs. Kurlak with five young children to support and care for.


The Scurlock family lived in Brazil for about nine years before returning to the United States. Mr. scala, now nearly totally blind, remembers that at one. In his childhood the Brazilian store afraid that their country was going to war and that all the young men began getting married to avoid the draft.  The war didn't start though, and Mr. Scurlock remember that he was amazed at the plight of the draft dodgers.

Don Pedro Scurlock Sr died 8 Mar 1970 and is buried beside is wife Lucy Green Scurlock at Corinth Cemetery, Choctaw County, Alabama.

And from a third article (A little repetitive but some additional insight)

The Choctaw advocate December 14, 1966


Don P. Scurlock, Sr.


Mr. Scurlock said that when he was growing up he spent most

of his life working on a farm. He also worked in a store but

said he likes farming a lot better "cause you can sit down when

you want to."  He contracted the economy in Choctaw County

then and now by telling that when he was a young man farm-

hands were paid $10 per month and board.


And commenting on the government Mr. Scurlock said that he

believed Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson were the best

presidents he could remember. He said he liked them because

they seem to serve the people fairly and honestly.


Mr. Scurlock didn't have any comment about the present gov-

ernment but we imagine there is a soft spot in his heart for the

Social Security department. Mr. Scurlock was presented with

a personal birthday greeting from the director of Social Security

at his home yesterday!


National number Mr. Scurlock and his late wife were the parents of a family of 10 children. Eight of them are still living and among them are butler councilman Don P. Scurlock, Junior., Mrs. Mary Barbara, John Scurlock, Jack Scurlock of Silas, Washington Scurlock, Butler, Aaron Scurlock, Pensacola, Florida., Mrs. John Green, Jr., Gilbert town, and Mrs. C. R. Ezell, Lisman.


Again all of us at the Choctaw advocate, and in the community as well, say happy birthday Mr. Scurlock. We hope this will be a memorable occasion for you and that you will enjoy many, many more.

Don Pedro and Lucy Caroline would have ten Children:



























































Scurlock Homeplace, Ararat, Choctaw Coun
Don P.Scurlock 4.jpg
Lucy C. Green.jpg
Dom P Scurlockk Sr.  3.jpg
Don Pedro Scurlock Sr. at 103
Scurlock Home-Place, Choctaw County, Alabama

Zallie Green Scurlock

BIRTH 23 JUN 1900 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 24 AUG 1952 • Butler, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

Married:  03 Mar 1923 • Butler, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

Samuel Lee Webb

BIRTH 16 APR 1886 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 29 JULY 1952 • Sterling, Cherokee County, Alabama, USA




                Carolyn Webb

                      BIRTH 8 MAY 1925 • Butler Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 12 JUN 1998 • Orange Beach, Baldwin, Alabama, USA

                      Married:  Jun 6 1943 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

                      John Louis Steele

                      BIRTH 26 MARCH 1925 • Chatom, Washington, Alabama

                      DEATH 25 JUNE 2006 • Spanish Fort, Baldwin, Alabama, USA


                Camilla Tina Webb

                      BIRTH 5 MAY 1927 • Butler, Choctaw, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 24 JUNE 1992 • Citronelle, Mobile County, Alabama, USA


                      Sammie Lee Webb

                      BIRTH 13 NOV 1929 • Butler, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 23 JUL 2007 • Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA

                      Married Firstly:

                      Mr. ______Duncan

                      Married Secondly:  14 Mar 1953 • Escambia County, Florida, USA

                      Jack Perry DeLoach

                      BIRTH 28 JUL 1917 • Evans County, Georgia, USA

                      DEATH 15 FEB 2001 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

                      Son of Glenn Elliott DeLoach and Eola Eveline Daniel


Eugene Herbert Scurlock

BIRTH 26 DEC 1901 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 10 JUN 1965 • Butler, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA


John Andrew Scurlock Sr.

BIRTH 10 JAN 1904 • Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 27 MAY 1990 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA


Nelloyse Allen

BIRTH 23 MAY 1916 • Alabama

DEATH 18 FEB 2003 • Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama, USA

Nelloyise was the daughter of Richmond Franklin Allen and Biva Jay



                      John Andrew Scurlock Jr

                      BIRTH 28 JUN 1949 • Butler, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 22 MAY 1979 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA


Jackson Monroe Scurlock

BIRTH 25 NOV 1905 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 6 NOV 1993 • Silas, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

Married: 20 DEC 1947 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA 

Emma Hazel Powe

BIRTH 3 SEP 1911 • Silas, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 21 DEC 1990

Emma was the daughter of William T. Powe and

Annie Dora Chesnut


Washington Brewster Scurlock

BIRTH 29 APR 1908 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 30 OCT 2003 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA


Mary Elizabeth Scurlock

BIRTH 22 MAR 1910 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 2 FEB 2007 • Meridian, Lauderdale County, Mississippi, USA

Married:  Dec 5, 1934 • Butler, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

Dr. William Jefferson Barber

BIRTH 26 AUG 1907 • Butler, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 11 JUN 1956 • Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA

Obituary -  Published in the Meridian Star 2.6.2007

BUTLER, Ala. — Services for Mary Scurlock Barber were held Monday at 2 p.m. at Butler First United Methodist Church, with the Rev. Dan Nixon officiating.

Mrs. Barber, 97, of Butler, died Friday, Feb. 2, 2007, at Heartfelt Hospice in Meridian. After the death of her husband in 1956, she managed rental properties in Butler,
the Barber Hospital and the Choctaw Drug store for several years. She retired in 1965 and devoted her time to travel.

Survivors include her daughter, Shirley Scott and her husband, Dr. E. Gray Scott; grandchildren, W. Jeff Scott and his wife, Dana, of Vestavia, Michael Scott and his wife, Sandy, of Butler, Don Scott of Starkville, Miss., Leslie Hooper and her husband, John, of Montgomery, Lisa Rish and her husband, Michael, of Marietta, Ga.; siblings, Rosa Green, Don P. Scurlock Jr.;and seven great grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her parents D P Scurlock Sr. and Lucy Green Scurlock; her husband, Dr. William J. Barber; sisters, Zalie Webb and Lucy Barber Ezell; and brothers, Herbert Scurlock, John Scurlock, Jack Scurlock, Wash Scurlock and Aaron Scurlock.


Dr. Barber was born at Butler on August 26, 1906, son of Dr. H. W. and Mattie Bruister Barber. His father, a dentist, received his degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and practiced in Butler for forty-two years, or until his death in 1937. He was a native of DeSoto, Mississippi, the son of James Barber, who was born in South Carolina, but he came to Alabama in 1896, settling at Butler. Dr. Barber’s mother was born in Butler, the daughter of Hiram J. and Mattie Nicholson Bruister, Her father was a farmer. Both of her parents were natives of Choctaw County. She and her husband were the parents of six children, among whom Dr. William J. Barber was the fourth born.

The future doctor and hospital operator began his education in Choctaw County Public Schools. Following his graduation from the county high school at Butler, he spent two years in premedical study at the University of Alabama. He then prepared for his profession in the Medical School of Tulane University, from which he received the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1929. After a year as intern in the City Hospital of Mobile, Dr. Barber returned to Butler and on November 7 1931 opened his office and consultation rooms for his practice. Even before leaving home to study medicine, he had felt the need of a hospital in the community, and for the five years that followed his return, he planned to give the community one. He built the first unit of Barber Hospital in 1936, increasing the number of beds to thirty-two.


Rosa Caroline Scurlock

BIRTH 10 OCT 1912 • Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 1 JUN 2011 • Waynesboro, Wayne County, Mississippi, USA

Married:  1933

John Bunker Green Jr.

BIRTH 11 JAN 1907 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 5 SEP 1976 • Creola, Mobile County, Alabama, USA


     Funeral services for Ms. Rosa Caroline Scurlock Green, 98, of Gilbertown will be held Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 11 A.M. from the Chapel of Bumpers Funeral Home with Bro. Dudley Clark and Bro. David Scurlock officiating. Burial will follow in the Green Family Cemetery. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. at the funeral home Friday, June 3, 2011 and at 10:30 Saturday prior to the service.

     Ms. Green passed away Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at Wayne General Hospital in Waynesboro, Mississippi.

     Ms. Green is the daughter of the late Don Pedro Scurlock, Sr. of Ararat who lived to be 103 years old and Lucy Camilla Greene Scurlock of Ararat, Alabama. She was the wife of the late Mr. John Green, Jr. of Gilbertown, Alabama.

     She was preceded in death by her children John “Buddy” Green and William Jefferson Green. She was also preceded in death by grandchild Bruce Bradford.

     She is survived by her daughter Mary Earl Green Bradford of Hueytown, Alabama; sons Rankin Green of Gilbertown, Alabama; Don Pedro Green, Sr. of Gilbertown, Alabama; 7 grandchildren Gary Wayne Bradford of Hueytown, Alabama; John Randy Bradford of Hueytown, Alabama; John Green, IV of Butler, Alabama; Victor Michael Green of Butler, Alabama; David Ryan Green of Butler, Alabama; and Don Pedro Green, Jr. of Moselle, Mississippi; 7 great grandchildren Jonathan Bradford of Hueytown, Alabama; Tyler Bradford of Hueytown, Alabama; John Thomas Bradford of Hueytown, Alabama; Jacob Bradford of Hueytown, Alabama; Sara Elizabeth Green of Butler, Alabama; John Matthew Green of Butler, Alabama; Peyton Olivia Green of Butler, Alabama;

     Pallbearers: Don P. Green, Jr., Gary Wayne Bradford, John Randy Bradford, Tyler Bradford, David Ryan Green.



                Mary Earl GREEN

                      BIRTH 17 MAR 1934 • Meridian, Lauderdale County, Mississippi, USA

                      DEATH 7 MAY 2013 • Hueytown, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA


                 Joseph Thomas Bradford

                      BIRTH 09 DEC 1931 • Bibb County, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 27 DEC 2009 • Bessemer, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA


                 John Bunker "Buddy" Green III

                       BIRTH 20 OCT 1935 • Gilbertown, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

                      DEATH 2 FEB 2005 • Gilbertown, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA


                 Don Pedro Green Sr.

                       BIRTH 28 JAN 1950 • Butler, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

                       DEATH 23 APR 2016 • Gilbertown, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA



                                 Funeral services for Mr. Don Pedro Green, Sr., age 66, of Green Valley Community,                            AL, will be held at 11:00 a.m., Tuesday, April 26, 2016, at Phillips Funeral Home in                                        Gilbertown, AL, with Reverend Sammy Singleton and Reverend Eugene Ray officiating.
                      Visitation will be held from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., Monday, April 25, 2016, at Phillips                           Funeral Home. Interment will be in the Green Cemetery in Gibertown, AL.
                                 Mr. Green passed away on Saturday, April 23, 2016, at his residence in Gilbertown,                            AL. He was a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
                                 He is survived by his wife, Elsie Diamond Green of Green Valley Community, AL; one                        son, Don Pedro Green, Jr. (Jennifer) of Biloxi, MS; one brother, Rankin Green of                                          Gilbertown, AL; and four step grandchildren.
                                 He was preceded in death by his father, John B. Green, Jr.; mother, Rosa Scurlock                              Green; two brothers, John “Buddy” Green, III and William Jefferson “Jeff” Green; and                              one sister, Mary Earle Bradford.


                 William Jefferson Green

                       BIRTH 4 JAN 1956 • Butler, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

                       DEATH 4 NOV 2001 • Citronelle, Mobile County, Alabama, USA



David Aaron Scurlock

BIRTH JAN 22, 1915 • Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH JAN 12, 2005 • Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida, USA

Married Firstly: About 1936

Ruby Joel Williams

BIRTH 26 AUG 1916 • Alabama, USA

DEATH 31 MAR 1970 • Gadsden, Florida, USA

David and Ruby would have two sons


                      William David Scurlock


                      Larry Donald Scurlock

Married Secondly:22 Jan 1972 • Escambia, Florida

Glennie Ruth Gaston

BIRTH 23 JAN 1918 • Palmyra, Lowndes County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 17 FEB 2014 • Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida, USA


     Mr. David Aaron Scurlock, age 89, of Pensacola, passed away at a local nursing facility on January 12, 2005.
     Mr. Scurlock was born in Ararat, AL on January 22, 1915. He was a retiree of Pensacola Creosoting Company and a member of Myrtle Grove Baptist Church.
     Visitation will be held at 12 noon Saturday, January 15, 2005 at Bumpers Funeral Home in Butler, AL.
     Funeral services will be held at 1:00 p.m. Saturday, January 15, 2005 at Bumper Funeral Home Chapel in Butler, AL.
Rev. William David Scurlock will officiate. Burial will follow in Ebenezer Cemetery in Pennington, Alabama.
     Mr. Scurlock is survived by wife Glennie Gaston Scurlock of Pensacola; sons William David (Betty) Scurlock of Pensacola and Larry Donald (Pam) Scurlock of Jackson, AL; stepsons Vastine (Joann) Craig and Billy Craig, all of Pensacola; stepdaughter Patricia (David) Darville of Pensacola; sisters Mary Barber of Butler, AL and Rosa Green of Gilbertown, AL; brother Don Pedro Scurlock of Butler, AL; grandsons David Randall Scurlock, Richard Wayne Scurlock, Robbie Dean Scurlock, Brian Scurlock, Jake Scurlock, Luke Scurlock, Tim Craig, Steve Hebb and Alan.

     Craig; granddaughters Wendy Vander Zanden, Sendi Odom, Christi Hebb and Sharra Craig; and 14 great-grandchildren.
     Pallbearers will be Mr. Scurlock's grandsons.
                      Children of David and Ruby:

                 William David Scurlock

                      BIRTH 19 DEC 1936 • Butler, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

                       DEATH 31 OCT 2019 • Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida, USA

                      Married:  Jun 1961 • Escambia, Florida

                      Betty Jeam Cumbie


                      William  David Scurlock is originally from Butler, Alabama.  He attended public schools in                         Mobile,  Alabama and  Pensacola, Florida.  He graduated from  Pensacola  High  School  in
                      1956.  On Novembet 17, 1957 he surrendered to full-time ministry. He graduated from Troy                        State College with a  Bachelor of  Science  degree  with a majo r in  History  and  a minor in                        Music.

                      After graduation from college, he attended New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and
                       graduated in 1963 with a  Bachelor of Church  Music degree,  Upon graduation from semi-                        nary he served as Minister of Music and  Education in churches in Central and   Northwest                        Florida and in  South and North Alabama.  Reverend Scurlock was ordained to the preach-                        ing ministry in 1982 and pastored churches  in Florida and Alabama before his retirement                        in 1996.

                      He is  preceded in death by his mother,  Ruby  Scurlock  and his father,  David Aaron  Scur-                        lock. He is survived by his loving wife, Betty Scurlock; sons, Randall,  Richard and  Robbie                        Scurlock;  granddaughter,  Hunter Marie  Scurlock; brother, Larry Scurlock and a   special                        claimed grandson, Ethan Arnold-Ethan referred to him as Big “D”.

                      Pallbearers will be his nephews.

                Larry Donald Scurlock

                      BIRTH ABT 1948

                      Married: 6 Mar 1965 • Mobile, Alabama, USA

                      Carol Ann Listander


Lucy C Scurlock

BIRTH 7 DEC 1916 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 11 FEB 1970 • Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

Married  Firstly:  Dec 12, 1946 • Choctaw County., Alabama, USA

Edward L. Barbour

BIRTH ABT 1903 • Detroit, Watne County, Michigam, USA

DEATH 31 AUG 1948 • Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida, USA

The Choctaw Advocate  Alabama, 26 Dec, 1946, Thursday, page 3


Scurlock -  Barber


Miss Lucy Scurlock and Mr. Edwin L. Barber who are united in marriage had a quiet ceremony Monday, evening. The wedding ceremony was performed at the home of the bride sister, Mrs. W. T. Barbar, the wedding Val being pronounced by Judge Hunter Phillips.


The bride is the lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Scurlock of this place and was successfully operating a beauty parlor here at the time of her marriage.


Mr. Barber is a resident of Pensacola, Florida in which city  the couple will make their home.

The Choctaw Advocate Sep. 2, 1948, Thursday, page 1

Edward L. Barber died suddenly


     The tragic news of the sudden death of Edward L. Barber was received here Tuesday afternoon around 2 o'clock. His wife, the former Miss Lucy Scurlock, who was on a visit to her family, was notified by a neighbor of his passing.

     Mr. Barber, 45 years of age, was a resident of Pensacola, Florida, coming to chapter county from six years ago where he was engaged in operating a small sawmill near Littman, Alabama. And disposing of his sawmill holdings, he read cane certain real estate in this county and return often in the interest of his holdings. Even though his day in the county was of short duration his genial nature one for him many long-lasting friends. He was a gentleman in every respect.

     During the Christmas holidays of 1946 he and Miss Lucy Scurlock were married at the home of her sister, Mrs. W. J. Barber. They departed immediately for his home in Pensacola, and only a week before his passing had visited the Scurlock family here, along with his wife and baby, who remained for a longer visit.

     And receiving the news of the death of her husband, Mrs. Barber was informed that he died of a heart attack around 1 o'clock on Tuesday. August 31. Feeling ill, he had remained in bed and had called his neighbor to tell him of his illness. On reaching the home, the friend found Mr. Barber dead in his bed. Mrs. Barbara left immediately for her home.

     Details of funeral arrangements have not been learned, but the body will be carried to his native home in Detroit, Michigan, for internment.


Married Secondly: :  Nov 1965 • Choctaw County., Alabama, USA

Charles Rainer Ezell

BIRTH 6 JUL 1910 • Mount Sterling, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 15 FEB 1987 • Lisman, Choctaw County, A, USA labama

Charles was the son of Baker John Ezell and Nora Rainer. About 1936 Charles married Lucille Earliine Means, the daughter of Reuben Cicero Means and Earline Clark.  They would have five children,  On February 19, 1961 she died.  He would marry Lucy Scurlock Barber in 1965.

Don Pedro Scurlock Jr.

BIRTH 25 NOV 1919 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 23 SEP 2011 • Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County,

Alabama, USA

Married:  17 Sep 1945 • York, Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

Florence Olivia Watkins

BIRTH 5 NOV 1922 • Edna Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 4 NOV 1999 • Choctaw County, Alabama, USA

She was the daughter of Carl Winston Watkins and Jessie 

Susan Dedman.



                      Don Pedro Scurlock III

                      BIRTH APR 1946 • Alabama, USA




                      Joe Herbert Scurlock


                      BIRTH JAN 1954 • Alabama, USA


                      Jan Scurlock


                      Robert Sexton

Don Pedron Scurlock Jr. married secondly:

Beatrice M. ____

BIRTH 24 MAY 1945

DEATH 12 JULY 1982 • Ararat, Choctaw

County, Alabama, USA




The Choctaw Advocate 28 Sep 1945, Thurs., page 3




A marriage of wide interest throughout this section was that of Lawrence Olivier Watkins and Mr. Don Pedro Scurlock, which was Salome Monday evening September 17, at the home of the Presbyterian minister in York, Alabama.


The bride was attractively attired in an ensemble of navy blue and her corsage was of talisman roses..


The young couple left on a short wedding trip to points in Mississippi.


Mrs. Scurlock is the younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Watkins of  Choctaw, and since graduating from the Choctaw County high school has been a popular member of the young business set of the county.


Mr. Scurlock has recently received his discharge from the Army Air Corp with which branch he was a bombardier, and later receiving a Captain's rating.


He left today for the University of Alabama where he expects to enroll.




           Graveside services for Don P. Scurlock, Jr., 91, were held Sunday, September 25, 2011 from the Corinth Cemetery in Ararat with Rev. David Scurlock officiating. Visitation was from 1 until 2 Sunday at the funeral home. 

           Mr. Scurlock passed away Friday, September 23, 2011 at the VA Medical Center in Tuscaloosa. He was a WWII U.S. Army Air Corps Veteran. 

           During World War II he served as a Captain in the Army Air Corps, flying 67 missions as a bombardier in B17 and B24 bombers. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Air Medal with oak leaf cluster. He later served as a member of the Butler National Guard unit for many years. 

           He owned and operated the Standard Station, and later, Butler Tire and Appliance.


          Mr. Scurlock was the son of Don P. Scurlock, Sr. and Lucy Green Scurlock. He is survived by two sons Pedro Scurlock (JoAnn) of Butler; Joe Herbert Scurlock of Tuscaloosa; one daughter Jan Scurlock (Bob Sexton) of Tuscaloosa; grandchildren Heath Adams, Angel Adams, Crystal Meigs (Chad), and Andy Scurlock (Kristyne); great grandchildren Josiah Adams and Kyiere Adams.

           Pallbearers: Heath Adams, Rankin Green, Chad Meigs, Andy Scurlock, Bob Sexton, Elvin Shepherd.



                      Judge  Don Pedro Scurlock III




                      Joe Herbert Scurlock


                      Jan Scurlock


                     Robert Sexton

Scurlock  Don P jr.jpg
Don P Scurlock Jr.jpg
Louisa Scurlock 1.jpg
Don Pedro Scurlock Jr.
Choctaw County is a county located in the southwestern portion of the U.S. state of Alabama. As of the 2010 census, the population was 13,859. The county seat is Butler. The county was established on December 29, 1847 and named for the Choctaw tribe of American Indians.

Choctaw County was originally part of the Choctaw Nation, with Choctaw settlements known to be in the vicinity of Pushmataha prior to the removal of Native Americans from the southeastern United States during the Trail of Tears.

Most of the early European American pioneers of Choctaw County were farmers from North and South Carolina. In 1912 the Alabama, Tennessee and Northern Railroad was completed through the county from north to south, connecting the area to the Port of Mobile and northern Alabama. It induced a population shift from areas near the Tombigbee River to the central part of the county.

The county's population reached its peak in the 1920s, due in part from jobs created by a sawmill boom with companies as the E. E. Jackson Lumber Company and Choctaw Lumber Company. The sawmill industry collapsed during the Great Depression. The first successful oil well in Alabama was drilled at Gilbertown in 1944, with oil and gas becoming the county's most important industry. This industry waned by the 1970s as the wells lost profitability.

An African-American family, the Thorntons of Mobile, was featured in the September 24, 1956, issue of Life Magazine. The article included an interview with the Thorntons' daughter, Allie Lee Causey, of Shady Grove in Choctaw County. In the article, Mrs. Causey, a schoolteacher, spoke openly about her family's life, stating that "integration is the only way in which Negroes will receive justice. We cannot get it as a separate people. If we can get justice on our jobs, and equal pay, then we'll be able to afford better homes and good education."[6] When the magazine was seen in Choctaw County, the Causeys were subjected to brutal economic retaliation by white residents, who tried to coerce Mrs. Causey into recanting her remarks. Their loans were called in, local stores refused to sell them food and gasoline, Willie Causey was cut off from his employment as a woodcutter, and Mrs. Causey was fired from her job as a teacher. The Causeys left Shady Grove and Alabama for good in October 1956.

Apparel factories opened during the 1950s–60s in Silas, Toxey, and Butler, although the plants had largely closed by the 21st century. The 1950s also saw the building a paper mill at Naheola, now owned and operated by Georgia-Pacific. The county was declared a disaster area in September 1979, due to damage from Hurricane Frederic. The 1980s saw the main railroad close and the tracks removed.

The Site of the Scurlock Home-place
The community was inundated by Crowley Lake (January 23, 1950)
Sao Paulo State, Brazil
For more about Americana and Santa Barbara d'oeste "click "  Red Button

Americana (Portuguese pronunciation: [ameɾiˈkɐnɐ]) is a municipality (município) located in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. It is part of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas. The population is 229,322 (2015 est.) in an area of 133.91 km².The original settlement developed around the local railway station, founded in 1875, and the development of a cotton weaving factory in a nearby farm.

After 1866, several former Confederate citizens from the American Civil War settled in the region. Following the Civil War, slavery was abolished in the United States. In Brazil, however, slavery was legal until 1888, making it a particularly attractive location to former Confederates, among whom was a former member of the Alabama State SenateWilliam Hutchinson Norris.

Around three hundred of the Confederados are members of the Fraternidade Descendência Americana (Fraternity of American Descendants). They meet quarterly at the Campo Cemetery.

The city was known as Vila dos Americanos ("Village of the Americans") until 1904, when it belonged to the city of Santa Bárbara d'Oeste. It became a district in 1924 and a municipality in 1953.

Americana has several museums and tourist attractions, including the Pedagogic Historical Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum.

Rio Branco Esporte Clube, founded in 1913, is the football (soccer) club of the city. The team plays their home matches at Estádio Décio Vitta, which has a maximum capacity of 15,000 people.

The first records on the occupation of the lands where Americana now stands date from the late 18th century, when Domingos da Costa Machado I acquired a crown property between the municipalities of Vila Nova da Constituição (now Piracicaba) and Vila de São Carlos (now Campinas). In that area several estates were created, including Salto Grande, Macha-dinho, and Palmeiras.

A part of the property, which included the Machadinho estate, was sold by Domingos da Costa Machado II to Antônio Bueno Rangel. After Rangel's death, the estate was divided between his sons José and Basílio Bueno Rangel. A part of the property was afterwards sold to the captain of the Brazilian National Guard, Ignácio Corrêa Pacheco, who is considered the founder of Americana

In 1866, the region started to be populated with American immigrants from the former  Confederate States of America, who were fleeing the aftermath of the American Civil War. The Emperor Dom Pedro II was a fierce advocate of the South during the war, and openly recruited the former Confederates, offering free transport, cheap land, and an easy path to citizenship.

The first immigrant to arrive was the lawyer and ex-state senator from Alabama, Colonel   William Hutchinson Norris. Norris installed himself in lands near the seat of the Macha- dinho estate and the Quilombo River.

Norris was to investigate and report on Brazil and as a possible new home for pro-slavery Confederates who no longer wanted to live in the United States. His report was positive, and in 1867 the rest of his family arrived in Brazil, accompanied by other families from the Confederate States. These families settled in the region, bringing agricultural innovations and a kind of watermelon known as "Georgia's rattlesnake".[citation needed] Between 8,000 and 20,000 former Confederates emigrated to Brazil (not all to this one town). Slaves were inexpensive in Brazil, one noted, and at least 54 families bought 536 slaves after arrival in Brazil.

In 1875, almost a decade after the arrival of the Confederate immigrants in the region, the São Paulo Railways Company completed the expansion of its main railway to the city of Rio Claro. A station was built within the lands of the Machadinho estate. Despite belonging to the municipality of Campinas, the station was made to serve the estates in the municipality of Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, which was further away and had no station of its own.

The inauguration of the station counted the Emperor Dom Pedro II and Gaston, Comte d'Eu among those who attended. The station was baptized "Santa Bárbara station". It is unknown exactly when the small village became the city of Americana, but it is known that this village was created by the time of the inauguration of the railway station, and that it was Ignácio Corrêa Pacheco who distributed the lands. Pacheco is thus considered the founder of the city. The municipal holiday of Americana is still August 27, the day when the railway station was inaugurated.

The small town formed around the station was named "Villa da Estação de Santa Bárbara" (Santa Bárbara Station Town). Its inhabitants consisted mainly of American families, and the town became thus popularly known as "Villa dos Americanos" (Town of the Americans)

The similarity between the official name of the town and the one of the neighboring munici- pality frequently caused serious communication problems, such as mail to Santa Bárbara Station often being shipped to the municipality of Santa Bárbara, ten kilometers away. In order to solve the problem, the railway company changed the name of the station in 1900 to "Estação de Villa Americana" (American Town Station). The name of the town itself was then also officially changed to "Villa Americana" (American Town).

The official song of the city says, in part:

The many Confederates
brought us
the wheelbarrow, watermelon,
cotton and the plow.

The city celebrates an annual Confederate festival.

The  Confederate  flag  is  prominently  displayed,

men dress as  Confederate soldiers,  and  the Lost

Cause ideology is endorsed. In 2019 and 2020 there

has been a movement opposing the use of the Con-

federate flag.

n the 1890s, the farm known as Fazenda Salto Grande was purchased by the American  Clement Willmot. Willmot established the first industry in Americana under the name Clement H. Willmot & Cia. In 1889, the factory was renamed Fábrica de Tecidos Carioba (Carioba Textile Factory). The name "Carioba" derives from the Tupi words for “white cloth”.

The factory ran into financial trouble after the abolition of slavery in 1888, and was purchased by German immigrants who were members of the Müller family. The town of Carioba sprang up around the factory. German immigrants brought European-style urbanization to Carioba which is reflected in the style of its manors, factories, hotels, and schools. Asphalt of tar was then first imported from Europe into Americana and utilized in road paving. The factory became the basis for the present-day Parque Industrial de Americana (Industrial Park of Americana)

On October 8, 1887, Joaquim Boer led a large group of Italian immigrants to Brazil. At Americana these Italian immigrants built their first church in 1896, dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua, who eventually became the patron saint of the city. Born in Portugal, and called Saint Anthony of Lisbon there, the saint who is among the three June popular saints in the Catholic calendar (the others being Saints John the Baptist and Peter) is celebrated on June 13 with typical Junine countryside Brazilian food, prayers of the rosary, square dance, liquor, and bonfire.

Although immigrants got incentives to come to Brazil, especially after Emancipation when the government worried about seeing the country convert into a "black" nation, Italians who arrived before that did not seem to have enjoyed special privileges. They often lived within the quarters designed for enslaved Africans who also suffered from lack of comfort and healthy conditions. Those immigrants worked as indentured servants, paying off their debts to farmers who had paid for their tickets and were exploited, until the system was revamped and improved. Their descendants went on to become laborers, merchants, and professionals.

In 1906, two years after the creation of the Distrito de Paz de Villa Americana, the munici- pality received a visit from Elihu RootUnited States Secretary of State, who had been attending and presiding the Pan-American Conference held in Rio de Janeiro. After the conference, Root visited other parts of Brazil (such as Araras), and was informed of the existence of Americana. Root expressed interest in visiting the town, and was received at Americana with great emotion and affection. Hundreds of the residents received Root at nighttime, and because there was no electricity residents carried torches. Root was touched by their reception.

With the change in status from village to district, Americana developed rapidly. Its first police force was created, a sub prefecture was established, and three street lights – lit by kerosene and brought from Germany – were introduced. A school was also established, with the sending of the educator Silvino José de Oliveira to represent Americana's interests with the state government. All of these developments led the local inhabitants to clamor for the status of a city.

In 1922, Villa Americana was one of the most progressive districts in Campinas with a population of 4,500. In this year, the fight to change its status to city began, led by Antonio Lobo and others, such as Lieutenant Antas de Abreu, Cícero Jones and Hermann Müller himself. Their efforts finally bore fruit: on November 12, 1924, the Municipality of Villa Americana was created, comprising two districts: Villa Americana and Nova Odessa, Nova Odesa later becoming its own municipality.

At the time of the beginning of the Getúlio Vargas dictatorship in Brazil in 1930, Americana was undergoing a profound economic transformation due to the rise of the textile industry there (the city was known as the “Rayon Capital”).

In 1932, during the administration of Mayor Antonio Zanaga, the revolt known as the Constitutionalist Revolution erupted against Vargas' regime. Americana sent volunteers to this revolution, and three of them, Jorge Jones, Fernando de Camargo and Aristeu Valente (from Nova Odessa, then part of Americana), perished during the struggle. Their sacrifice is remembered in Americana to this day.

In 1938, Mayor Zanaga changed the name of the town from Villa Americana to Americana, and due to the economic transformation of the town, the Comarca of Americana was created on December 31, 1953, during the administration of Mayor Jorge Arbix. In 1959, during the administration of Mayor Abrahim Abraham, Nova Odessa was made autonomous as its own municipality.

Between 1960 and 1970, the rapid development of Americana led many people to move there in search of work. Because of its size, there was not enough room to accommodate the new residents and many lived on the border of Santa Bárbara d'Oeste and Americana, creating what is known today as Zona Leste de Santa Bárbara (East Santa Barbara).

The same also occurred because the majority of the population were unaware of the location where one municipality ended and where another began. The confusion came about because municipal limits were not yet fully determined. The problem was solved with the creation of a major avenue, today called Avenida da Amizade (Friendship Avenue), which became the dividing line.

At the same time as these developments, some problems were also created. The sudden increase in population caused an imbalance in the public accounts of the municipality, which was not ready for such a great number of new residents.

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State of Sao Paulo
Americana                     Sao Paulo
From the below map - Circa 1875
We see the Scurlock site - across the tracks are the Moores, in-laws, as well as other intermarried familes - Pyles Whitakers and Norrises.  Other related families are the McFaddens and Minchins - although not in the same neighborhood
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Gilbert E A Adams.jpg
F B Scurlock Home.jpg
Gilbert Edward Arthur Adams
F B Scurlock 1.jpg
F B Scurlock 2.jpg
Rev. John Bruce 3.jpg
Rev. John Lee Bruce
Franklin Buchanan Scurlock
Franklin Buchanan Scurlock
Fredonia A. Moore  (Sister of  Sarah Caroline Moore), Wife of Rev. John L. Bruce
Fredonia Scurlock (Named for her Aunt,) and daughter, Lucille 
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Fredonia  Moore.jpg
Jean Scurlock 1.jpg
Jeannette "Jean" Elizabeth Scurlock
Jeannette "Jean" Elizabeth Scurlock
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Heath and Vivian McMeans.jpg
Heath and Vivian McMeans
Don P. and Lucy Green Scurlock.jpg
Don P. Scurlock Sr. & Lucy C. Green
Don P Scurlock at 103  1969.jpg
Don P. Scurlock Sr, at 103
Scurlock Home-Place, near Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama
Louisa Scurlock 1.jpg
Louise "Lou" Scurlock
Scurlock Homeplace, Ararat, Choctaw Coun
Charles Braswell Scurlock.jpg
Charles Braswell Scurlock
Heath Leigh McMeans.jpg
Heath Leigh McMeans Sr.
Charles Ray Marlow.jpg
Don P Scurlock Jr.jpg
Don Pedro Scurlock Jr.
Mary Lucille McMeans 1.jpg
Mary Lucille Leigh McMeans Marlow
Mary Lucille McMeans 2.jpg
Charles Ray Marlow
Mary Lucille Leigh McMeans Marlow
Lillian Camilla Millie McMeans.jpg
Heath Leigh McMeans Jr and Jo.jpg
Lillian Camilla "Millie" McMeans
Sue Bird Harrell and brother Doug Harrel
Heath Leigh McMeans Jr. & Josephine Smith
Sue Bird Harrell.jpg

Sue Bird Harrell and brother, Doug Harrell Jr.

Sue Bird Harrell (Mrs. Eugene B. McMeans)

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