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William Henry

William Henry Capps

BIRTH 1841 • Alabama, USA

DEATH 6 OCT 1904 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Married 1st: Before 1872, Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Brazil

Elizabeth Annie "Annie" Ellis

BIRTH ABT 1852 • Copiah County, Mississippi, USA

DEATH 1891 • San Pablo, Brazil

Daughter of Warren Montgomery Ellis and  Mary Matilda Strong

Married 2nd: About 1894 in Brazil

Agnes Marianna Hawthorne

BIRTH OCT 1867) • West Ham. Essex,

DEATH BEFORE 1900 • Brazi

Daughter of  Englishman Michael Charles Hawthorne and Frances Miriam Alston

William Henry Capps was born in 1841, or 1845 ?, being the son of William Calhoun Capps and Mary Matilda Capps. It is said that he came to Brazil - from the state of. Alabama. We don't know when he arrived. He married, in Santa Barbara, SP, Anne Ellis, daughter of Warren Montgomery Ellis and Mary Matilda (Strong) Ellis, probably shortly after August 1869. William and Anne would have 12 or 13 children.  Of these, the name of 8 can be found in the regis-

ration of W. H. Capps, which took place on June 6, 1890. Anne must have died shortly before April 30, .1890, because, in the list of voters in Santa Barbara in the 49th quarter of the city the name of Henry Capps _ appears as a widow, for about 45 years, therefore not coinciding with that of registration of death. 


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The information below was loosely translated from Portuguese.

In  August 1883, and April 1894, W.H. Capps acquired ownership activities in the area of ​​Santa Barbara, SP, as evidenced by documents found in Cartorio.  In 1892, his name appears in the list of electoral names in Santa Barbara, SP. In 1893, he paid the City Hall tax on the mill (sugar? Brandy?). that was yours and on the 1899 voters' list, there is a note 1: 1 along the. This must be Correct Do1s, as it appears in the Obito Registry.


** The name of WH Capps was with others on the commission appointed by PIB / SB, in order to prepare and sign a document that would be valid for the registration of WB Bagby and then EH Soper, as pastors, in accordance with that established by Imperial Decrees. , from 1861 and 1863.


We try to get other information about w.H. Capps, through two of his descendants, however, our efforts were unsuccessful. Those who are here have found themselves in the docs:! 111 of arorio and the Arch.! _ Municipal voor of Santa Barbara d Oeste, in addition to references in the book Sol Given Descansa.



William Henry Capps' name appears almost always written as HENRY CAPPS.


 SOURCE:  Loosely translated and paraphrased from the original Portuguese manuscript.


Uma  Contribuiao  para  a  Hist6ria dos Prim6rdios do Trabalho Batista no Brasil    1985

Betty  Antunes  de Oliveira





William and Annie:



Henry Spencer Capps

BIRTH ABT 1872 • Brazil

DEATH 1 DEC 1930 • Bibb, Georgia, USA

Married:  May 1908

Ethel Fugate

BIRTH 8 DEC 1885 • Mississippi, USA

DEATH 1 JUN 1962 • Bibb, Georgia, USA

Daughter of  Braxton Brock Fugate Jr and Annie Ewing Sturges


Ella George Capps

BIRTH ABT 1883 • Brazil

DEATH Unknown


Edwin Capps

BIRTH ABT 1883 • Brazil

DEATH Unknown


Allie Capps

BIRTH ABT 1885 • Brazil

DEATH Unknown


Clarence Capps

BIRTH ABT 1887 • Brazil

DEATH Unknown


Charles Roland Capps

BIRTH ABT 1890 • Brazil

DEATH Unknown


Robert Capps

BIRTH ABT 1892 • Brazil

DEATH Unknown


Beulah Capps


Monroe Capps


Fredrick Capps


Arthur Capps

Child by William and Agnes


Miriam Constance Capps

BIRTH 29 JAN 1894 • Sao Paolo Brazil

DEATH 11 AUG 1973 • Sao Paolo Brazil


His second marriage, W. H. Capps married on April 18,.1892, with Agnes Mariana Hawthorne, according to marriage registration, in Santa Barbara. On January 29, 1894 Mirian Constance Capps was born and died on August 11, 1983 buried in the field of Campo.  Agnes (or Ignes?) Mariana (Hawthorne) Capps must have died between 1894 and 1900, since in W. H. Capps's death record he is mentioned as a widower.


He was buried in the - Cem1ter10 do Campo. The inscription of his tomb, like that of Anne, has his month, but not the dates. According to the W. H. Capps death record, we have the name and age of the following children: Henry Spencer, 32; Edwin and Ella, 25; Allie, 23; Clarence, 21; Roland, 18; Robert, 12 (his age should be 15). In SD, the names of Arthur, George, Frederick, Charles Monroe and Beulah are also mentioned.

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