The Rev. George Anderson Landes

Conducting genealogical research I am also sometimes curious about

people who somehow appear related to facts and documents involving



Months ago I found, by chance, in the books of the Civil Registry of

Botucatu/SP (research in a CHF of the IJCSUD of the seat of the 2nd

marriage of one of my 4th paternal grandparents named Luis Antonio

Braga (Itapetininga, 1827 - ?), son of Captain Luis Castanho de

Almeida and the Uruguayan Isidora Bengoechea, with Constancia Maria

Conceição, both widowers.


It was the civil conversion of a religious wedding held on 11/17/1883 in

Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo/SP.


What caught my attention is that this religious wedding had been cele-

brated by Pastor GA Landes of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church,

something rare at the time.



Consulting the researcher of the History of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo,

Celso Prado, he informed me that he was the North American missionary

Reverendo George Anderson Landes. And that the records of that church

in that city were totally lost.


Out of curiosity, I read about this missionary and discovered that he was

a Reverend of the Presbyterian Church in the USA who arrived in Brazil

in 1881 and was a Presbyterian pioneer in São Paulo, Paraná, and Santa



George Anderson Landes was born February 7, 1850, in Milroy, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, and married Margareth N. Sheeder. The couple lived in Botucatu/SP for a few years where they founded the Escola Americana (or Botucatuense), later managed by Colégio Mackenzie in São Paulo, and had 10 children, including Phillipe Sheeder Landes (Botucatu/SP, 1883 - São Paulo/SP). , 1966) who was married to Margaret B. Hall, daughter of North American immigrants living in the interior of São Paulo. Phillipe along with his sister Maud Landes was active in the missionary and educational field in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul.


In researching the US Immigration documents scanned on the Family Search website, I located two processes for issuing George's passport in 1880 and 1921, whose images follow below. He died in Pasadena, California on 12/30/1938.


Passport Application in 1880

Excerpt from the instructions on Passport - 1879

Passport Application in 1921

Statement by the Presbyterian Church in the USA

                                                                 Enlarged photo of the passport application - 1921














Presbyterianism in Santa Catarina

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Presbyterianism is the fourth largest historic Protestant denominational family in the State of Santa Catarina (behind LutheransAdventists, and Baptists ), corresponding to 0.19% of the state's population.  Therefore, it is one of the states with the lowest percentage of Presbyterians in Brazil, although it presents great growth in the region in the 2000s and 2010s. 


In 1877 the Rev. Alexander L. Blackford, agenda of the American Bible Society, was the first Presbyterian missionary to visit the State of Santa Catarina. Subsequently, in 1889, George W. Chamberlain was sent as a missionary by the Synod of the Presbyterian Church of Brazil

In 1887 missionary Emanuel Vanorden passed through the state, from a mission to Rio Grande do Sul. His work did not result in the founding of any church in the intended state, but the conversion of Francisco Lotufo, in Santa Catarina. After his conversion, he also felt called to the pastoral ministry, moving to São Paulo to study Theology at the Presbyterian Seminary.

In 1896, Francisco Lotufo began a Presbyterian work in São Francisco do Sul, already having a degree in Theology, having as his first professor the Portuguese João da Cruz Salvado. Lotufo works through religious conferences, held in a hotel in the city. In the same year, 26 people were ready for baptism and profession of faith.

In the same year, Rev. George Landes, pastor of the Curitiba Presbyterian Church held the first official service and baptized 9 adults and 4 children.

However, work in the state capital only started later. In 1898, Rev. James Burton Rodgers moved to Desterro (now Florianópolis ). The following year the Rev. James was replaced by Rev. Roberto Frederico Lenington, after moving to the Philippines.

From 1900 onwards the Rev. James Theodore Houston (father-in-law of Rev. Roberto Frederico Lenington) began to assist the missionary work in the state. In the same year, the first Presbyterian church in the state was organized in São Francisco do Sul and in 1901 in Florianópolis. Both churches were part of the Southern Presbytery, created in 1990.

The first professed members, from then on, were received in Lages in 1907, the year in which two more churches were organized, one in Xanxerê and the other in Jordão. In 1909 another church was organized in Camboriú so that Presbyterianism continued to grow in the state.

Other cities that received Presbyterian missionary work at the same time were: São José, Palhoça  São Migue,  Tijuquinhas , Caieiras , Ganchos, Tijucas , Bom Retiro , São Joaquim , Orleans , Pedras Grandes , Tubarão and Laguna .

In addition to these missionaries, others who contributed to the growth of Presbyterianism in the state were Rev. Ashmun Salley and Ver. Lino da Costa. John Benjamin Kolb also contributed to the founding of the American School of Florianópolis in 1903.

Later, Rev. Tancredo M. da Costa (son of Rev. Lino da Costa), was also a pastor in Florianópolis. In 1910, Rev. George Anderson Landes took over the job in the state capital. This same pastor was responsible for receiving the first professed in São Francisco do Sul in 1896, when he was a pastor in Curitiba. In 1914 the Rev. George Anderson returned to Paraná.

In addition to the pastors, the church counted on the contribution of other members to its growth, such as Dr. Eliézer dos Santos Saraiva (1879-1944), son Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos Saraiva (former priest), who contributed as an elder of the United Presbyterian Church of São Paulo .

In addition to foreign missionaries, the state capital also received other national pastors, such as the Revs.: Júlio Nogueira, Aníbal Nora, Palmiro Ruggeri, Nelson Omegna, Tancredo Costa, Agenor Mafra, Armando Amorim and others. The American missionaries, however, continued their work in the interior of the state, among them: George L. Bickerstaph, Harry P. Midkiff, Latham E. Wright, and Floyd Sovereign. 


Presbyterians stood out in the State for encouraging education and creating schools. Among the intellectuals of Florianópolis linked to Presbyterianism are: João Teixeira da Rosa Júnior, Laércio Caldeira de Andrada. 

In 1903 the Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPB) suffered a split that gave rise to the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPIB). In this split, part of the members of the church of São Francisco do Sul left the church and gave rise to a new local church linked to IPIB.

In the early years of the 20th century, the change of pastor in the Presbyterian Church of Florianópolis proposed preaching outdoors, in addition to the church and members' homes. Not being the measure supported by the Council, a disaffected group wanted to leave and start a second Presbyterian church in the city.

For not accepting the decision of the Presbytery of the South, which was against the division of the church in two, in 1929 a group separated from the Presbyterian Church of Florianópolis, giving rise to the Independent Presbyterian Church of Florianópolis, being supported by João Teixeira da Rosa Júnior. , Laércio Caldeira de Andrada.

end of the 20th century

Among the Presbyterians who stood out in this period was Deputy Paulo Stuart Wright (son of Rev. Latham), who disappeared during the military regime.

In 1956 the Presbytery of Florianópolis was created, unfolding in 1981, with the creation of the Presbyteries of Planalto Catarinense and Vale do Itajaí. In 1982, the Southern Synod of Brazil was organized, which has the jurisdiction of the three presbyteries of Santa Catarina.

Other pastors who contributed to the growth of Presbyterianism in the last decades of the 20th century were the Revs. Waldyr Carvalho Luz and Osvaldo Henrique Hack. 

Presbyterian Church of Brazil

Municipalities with churches federated to the Presbyterian Church of Brazil in Santa Catarina.

The Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPB) is the largest Presbyterian denomination in Santa Catarina, with more than 70 churches and congregations. 

The IPB has 2 of its 84 synods in Santa Catarina: the Santa Catarina Integration Synod and the Southern Synod, which together cover churches throughout the state. 

IPB and its federated churches in Santa Catarina operate 7 schools in the state. 

The National Mission Board works with Santa Catarina missions in the municipalitiesof Araquari, AraranguáImbitubaIndaial, and Laguna

Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil

The Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil 02 presbytery in the State: Santa Catarina Presbytery and Grande Florianópolis Presbytery. Its churches are in the cities of: Florianópolis , Passo Fundo , São Francisco do Sul , Joinville and Chapecó .


other denominations

The Conservative Presbyterian Church of BrazilUnited Presbyterian Church of Brazil, and Fundemen-talist Presbyterian Church of Brazil do not have federated churches in Santa Catarina.


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Rev. George Anderson Landes


BIRTH 17 FEB 1850 • Milroy, Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH 30 DEC 1938 • Los Angeles, California, USA

Son of George Landes and Paulina J. Paulick

Married:  1881

Rebecca Margaret Newell Sheeder


BIRTH 6 NOVEMBER 1857 • Berlin Somerset Co, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH 27 NOVEMBER 1941 • Los Angeles County, California, USA

Daughter of Rev. Phillip Sheeder Jr. and Susan Miller



1.  Ray Calder Landes

2.  Philip Sheeder Landes

3.  Pauline N. Landes

4.  Margaret Winnifred Landes

5.  Maud Mary Landes

6.  Charlotte Hauer Landes

7.  Ruth Enangeline Landes

8.   Jessie Porter

9.  Dorothy E. Landes

10. George Harold Landes


The father of Rebecca Sheeder was a well-known pastor from Pennsylvania.  The following is from Find A Grave

Rev. Philip Sheeder, a Lutheran minister, was born in East Vincent Township, Chester County Pennsylvania.

He graduated from Pennsylvania College and in 1847 graduated from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg.

He married Susan Miller (b. 8/26/1818, d. 10/8/1906) of Chambersburg on 11/8/1851. Her parents were George and Margaret Miller.



Rev. Sheeder first served the Brookville Lutheran Charge in Jefferson County. In 1853 he was called to the Black Hole Valley Charge in Lycoming County and then to the Berlin Lutheran Charge in Somerset County. He served there until 1864. At the time this charge consisted of Trinity, Berlin, Trinity, Shanksville, St. Paul's (Fritz), Meyersdale, Center, Friedens, Somerset Township, St. Michael's, Pine Hill, and Brothersvalley.


At the start of his pastorate, St. John's, Allegheny Township, and Mt. Olive were split off in 1858 to help form the West End Lutheran Charge. From here he was called to the Wilmore Charge in Cambria County and then to the Martinsburg Charge in Blair County, the Milroy Charge, Mifflin County, and then to the new Berlin charge when he resigned in 1873. In that year he became the pastor of the Newport Charge in Perry county and served until 1881, the last few years as a supply. In that year he was called to the Upper Berm-udian Charge in Adams County until 1883 when he was called to the Silver Run Charge in Maryland. Rev. Sheeder retired in 1887. Peoples Advocate and Press, Newport, Perry County 10/28/1896Rev.


Philip Sheeder Dead - Rev. Philip Sheeder, pastor of the Bloomfield Lutheran charge from 1873 to 1879, died at his home, near Gettysburg, Wednesday of last week, in the 80th year of his age. The Reverend gentleman had been feeble owing to advanced years, but on Monday previous to his death was stricken with apoplexy, which resulted fatally at the time above stated. Rev. Mr. Sheeder had been actively engaged in the ministry for thirty-six years, but for the past nine years had lived a retired life. His remains were interred at Gettysburg on Saturday.


There survive him an aged wife, two daughters – Mary, who lived with her parents; Mrs. Maggie Landis, a missionary with her husband in Brazil, and Rev. B. R. M. Sheeder, pastor of the Lutheran charge at Williamsburg, Blair County, Pa. The inscription on their tombstone reads:

"For I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day."


Ray Calder Landes


BIRTH 17 JUN 1881 • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

DEATH SEP 1961 • Dade County, Florida, USA

Married: 5 May 1922 • Pulaski, Arkansas, USA

Lallah Scarbrough


BIRTH 10 JUN 1891 • Piggott, Clay, Arkansas, USA

DEATH 28 MAR 1983 • Dade County, Florida, USA

Daughter of Malcomb Alexander Scarbrough and Dora Gilson



Julia Maud Landes


BIRTH 10 AUG 1923 • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

DEATH 07 DEC 1978 • Dade County, Florida, USA

Married::  1948 • Dade, Florida, USA

Divorced:  1949 • Dade, Florida, USA

Edward J. Witt



Margaret Bookwalter Hall


BIRTH 7 JAN 1883 • Brazil

DEATH MAY 1979 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Married:  16 Jun 1915

Rev. Philip Sheeder Landes


BIRTH 22 JUL 1883 • Botucatu, Estado do Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 27 JUL 1966 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Son of Rev George Anderson Landes and Rebecca Margaret

Newell Sheeder

Find A Grave:

Age 83. Son of the Rev. George Anderson and Rebecca

Margaret Newell Sheeder Landes, presbyterian missionaries

in Brazil.  Graduated College of Wooster (1907) and Princeton

Theological Seminary  (1910). Returned to Brazil in 1912 as a

missionary of the Presbyterian  Church in the U.SA. Married

in 1915 to Margaret Bookwalter Hall.

Four children.


Philip married Margaret Bookwalter Hall, daughter of Charles, and Mary Elizabeth Hall of Americana, Brazil, in 1915. They made their home in Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, for the next fifteen years.

Among the churches that Landes helped to establish are the First Presbyterian Church Cuiaba and the Presbyterian Churches of Rosario Oeste, Pocone, Sao Luiz de Caceres, Guia, and others.

After years in Mato Grosso, Landes became the evangelist at large for the PCUSA Central Brazil Mission, from 1930 to 1935. Then he was assigned to Campo Grande, Mato Grosso, to establish new churches in that region. From 1938 to 1939, Landes returned to Princeton Theological Seminary, where he completed coursework and prepared for his new assignment as a professor of Church History at the Theological Seminary in Campinas, Brazil. There he spent the remainder of his career.

After his retirement in 1953, he and Mrs. Landes went to live in Jandira, Sao Paulo, where the Jose Manoel da Conceicao Institute was located and contributed much volunteer time toward the construction and growth of the local church.

Rev. Landes passed away on July 27, 1966, at the age of eighty-three. He left his wife, Margaret, and four children: Pauline, George, Mary Elizabeth, and Philip. Mrs. Landes died in 1979 in Sao Jose dos Campos, where she had been living with her daughter, Mary Elizabeth Hodgkiss. Mr. and Mrs. Landes are buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Sao Paulo.


landes philip 2.jpg

Philip Sheeder Landes was born in Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil, on June 22, 1883. His parents, the Rev. George Anderson and Rebecca Margaret Newell Sheeder Landes, were missionaries in Brazil for the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Subsequently, the family moved to other towns in the south of Brazil, establishing mission work in such places as Curitiba, Ponta Grossa, and Florianopolis. During the early years, young Philip sometimes accompanied his father on his missionary travels.

Philip studied at the American School in Curitiba and then at Mackenzie College in Sao Paulo. He graduated from the College of Wooster (1907) and Princeton Theological Seminary (1910) in the United States.  After his graduation from seminary, Philip returned to Brazil in 1912 as a missionary of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A (PCUSA). He made an extensive journey of missionary exploration with the Rev. Franklin Graham, across the states of Baia, Goias, and Mato Grosso


Later Years


Pauline Hall Landes


BIRTH 26 MAR 1916 • Cuiabá Matto Grosso, Brazil

DEATH 18 AUG 2008 • St Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida, USA

Married:  21 May 1940 • Wayne County, Ohio, USA

Rev. George Chalmers Browne


BIRTH 15 OCT 1915 • Tian Fu Shantung, China

DEATH 28 SEP 1987 • Wooster, Wayne, Ohio, USA

Son of Rev. George Francis Browne and Irene Elizabeth Cowen


George Landis


BIRTH ABT 1919 • Brazil

DEATH Unknown


Mary Elizabeth Landis


BIRTH 17 JAN 1921 • Cuiabá Matto Grosso, Brazil

DEATH 1 FEB 2005 • Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA


Philip Sheeder Landis Jr.


BIRTH ABT 1927 • Brazil

DEATH Unknown

Tampa Bay Times

21 Aug 2008, Thu  •  Page 2



Pauline Newell Landes


BIRTH 13 AUG 1885 • Botucata, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 17 AUG 1909 • Manhattan, New York, USA

Not married



Dr. Margaret Winifred Landes


BIRTH 27 OCT 1887 • Brazil

DEATH 28 JUN 1932 • Ferikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

Died of Vertebral cancer

landes margaret w.3.jpg
landes margaret w obit.jpg
landes margaret w.2.jpg

Boston Post

Boston, Massachusetts

21 Jul 1918, Sun  •  Page 4

landes margaret w.png


Maud Mary Landes


BIRTH 1 MAR 1889 • Fulton County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH 26 JUL 1967 • Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, USA

Died of Carcinoma of the colon

Not married

landes maud obit.jpg
landes maud 2.jpg


Charlotte "Lottie" Hauer Landes


BIRTH 7 MAY 1891 • Coriteba, Parano, Brazil

DEATH 26 JUL 1967 • Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, USA

Not married

landes charlotte.jpg

U.S., School Yearbooks, 1900-1999 for Charlotte Hauer Landes

Tennessee, Maryville, Maryville College, 1914

landes charlotte. 2jpg.png


Ruth Evangeline Landes


BIRTH 29 JUL 1893 • Coritiba, Porand, Brazil

DEATH 12 AUG 1944 • Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

landes ruth.jpg


Jessie Porter Landes


BIRTH 2 JUL 1895 • Coritiba, Porand, Brazil

DEATH 6 NOV 1948 • Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA


Monroe Harry Goodner


BIRTH 1 JUN 1897 • Mosca, Colorado, USA

DEATH Unknown

landes jessie.jpg

California, U.S., Voter Registrations, 1900-1968 for Jessie L Goodner

Los Angeles County,1946, Roll 064

landes jessie 2.png

U.S., School Yearbooks, 1900-1999 for Jessie Porter Landes

Ohio, Oberlin, Oberlin College. 1921




Dorothy Edna Landes


BIRTH 6 MAR 1897 • Brazil

DEATH 14 DEC 1991 • San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California, USA

Married 1st:    10 Sep 1923 • Manhattan, New York, USA


Frank Peterson


BIRTH 25 SEP 1895 • Popular Grove, Illinois, USA


Married 2nd:  7 Jun 1932 • Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

Edwin Stein Geiger


BIRTH 21 MAR 1895 • Wabash County, Illinois, USA

DEATH 29 NOV 1973 • Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

Son of John Geiger and Clara Louise Stein

Child by Dorothy and Frank


Richard Landes Peterson (AKA Geiger)


BIRTH 19 MAY 1926 • Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

DEATH 17 FEB 1988 • Sonoma County, California, USA

Children by Dorothy and Edwin



(Pasadena, California)

1973, December, 1, Page B-4



Robert Landes Geiger


BIRTH 8 MAR 1933 • California, USA

DEATH 28 MAR 2014 • Mission Veijo, California, USA

Married:  3 Aug 1962 • Santa Barbara, California, USA

Shirley J McVey


BIRTH 11 OCT 1934 • Washington County, Ohio, USA

DEATH 22 JUN 2013 • San Clemente, Orange, California, USA

Daughter of Eugene Emil McVey and Vivian E Dickson

Shirley McVey Geiger, 78, formerly of New Matamoras, passed away after a four-month stay in a residential care home in San Clemente California. She was born in New Matamoras, on Oct. 11, 1934, the daughter of Eugene and Vivian Dickson McVey. Shirley graduated from Matamoras High School in 1952 and from Bowling Green State University in 1956.


She taught elementary education for two years in Perrysburg, Ohio, one year in Tucson, Arizona, and four years in Palm Springs, Calif., as a reading teacher. She married Robert Geiger in 1962, and they moved to Upland California, where she joined the Upland Elementary School District as a resource specialist. She retired in June 1998 and moved with Bob to San Clemente, Calif.


She is survived by her husband, Robert; a daughter, Jana Mercereau (Lance); two grandchildren, Makena and Ashton Mercereau; one brother, Harry McVey; two nieces, Sharel McVey and Michele Clements (Glen); a nephew, David McVey (Ruth); and many others whom she loved. Preceded in death by her parents; one son, Brian Geiger; and one sister, Anne Lindamood. Graveside services will be held in Matamoras Cemetery in New Matamoras.

landes robert l geiger.jpg


Edwin Ray Geiger


BIRTH 16 FEB 1934 • Los Angeles, California

DEATH Unknown


Arcadia Tribune

Arcadia, California

28 Jun 1962, Thu  •  Page 5


George Harold Landes


BIRTH 5 MAR 1899 • Wooster, Wayne, Ohio, USA

DEATH 30 AUG 1977 • West Haven, Connecticut, USA

Married:  11 Apr 1925 • Erie, Ohio, USA

Mildred Leaton Burge


BIRTH ABT 1903 • Illinois, USA

DEATH 13 FEB 1949 • New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Daughter of James C Burge and Lissa R Leatson




Newell Burge Landes


BIRTH 19 OCT 1926 • Ohio

DEATH 18 OCT 2009 • Oakland, Alameda, California, USA

Married 1st  1952 • New York City, New York, USA

Divorced:  Jan 1966 • Los Angeles City, California, USA

Herbert Richard Plumhoff


BIRTH 28 DEC 1929 • New York City, New York, USA

DEATH 29 AUGUST 2011 • Shady Cove, Jackson, Oregon, USA

Son of Herbert Detrick Plumhoff and Elizabeth M "Lillian" Griffin

Married 2nd:  21 Apr 1978 • Santa Cruz, California, USA

William Angus Erwin Jr


BIRTH 7 APR 1925 • Astoria, Clatsop, Oregon, USA

DEATH 14 MAR 1979 • Los Angeles County, California, USA

Son of William Angus Erwin Sr and Jennie Lucile Pierce

landes george harold 2.png

George Harold Landes



Ray Burge Landes


BIRTH 16 MAR 1929 • New York City, New York, USA

DEATH 13 OCT 2001 • Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Married:  19 Sep 1964 • Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Tona Joan Dawson


BIRTH 16 DEC 1933 • Lft Wayne Indiana

DEATH 26 JUN 2004 • Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Daughter of Tona Jerome Hicklin and Esther Rama Zeigler

landes tona landes.jpg


Leatson Burge Landes


BIRTH 18 JUL 1934 • New Rochelle, New York, USA

DEATH 30 MAY 2010 • Hot Springs National Park,

Garland, Arkansas, USA

Married::  Apr 1961 • Montville Township, Morris, New Jersey, USA

Marilyn Lee Dobson


BIRTH 7 OCT 1931 • New Jersey, USA

DEATH 24 FEB 2018 • Hallstead, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Daughter of Lee Augustus Dobson and Ethna Frances Williams



                 Ray D. Landes


                 Leatson D Landes Jr


                       BIRTH 18 MAR 1967

                       DEATH 10 JUN 2013 • Hallstead, Susquehanna,                           Pennsylvania, USA

Leatson D. Landes, 46 of Hallstead, PA went to be with the Lord on June 11, 2013. He is the son of Marilyn and the late Leatson Landes.

Leatson is survived by one brother, Ray D. and Liz Landes; nephew and nieces, Lance Landes, Laura Landes, and Stephanie Roe; grandnieces, Aubree and Jacey Kupst; and several aunts, uncles, and cousins. He was predeceased by his grandparents, Lee and Frances Williams Dobson.

Leatson was a graduate of Johnson Technical Institute in 1994. He was employed with Morrison-Knudsen Corp-oration in Mountain Top, PA as an electrician. He was briefly a member of the National Guard. Leatson had a strong interest in the history of war.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, June 15, 2013, at 4:00 p.m. at the Tuttle-Yeisley Funeral Home, Inc. Inurnment will be made in Woodlawn Cemetery. Friends may call from 3-4 p.m., prior to the service at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions in his memory may be made to Susquehanna County Historical Society, 18 Monument Street, Montrose, PA 18801.


Find A Grave:

Gail L. Bunkers passed away on December 27, after a short fight with cancer. She was born in Rockford, NY, and raised in Walton, CT.

She graduated from Oberlin College, then worked in Chicago. Later moving to California where she met her husband, William Bunkers. They were married in 1964, later moving to Bend in 1973.

She then worked as a Juvenile Probation officer, retiring in 1993 from Deschutes County. Her passions were listening to classical music, reading, cooking, and gardening.

Gail is survived by her husband, William Bunkers of 48 years (Bend, OR); son, Erik Bunkers, and girlfriend, Chelle, and her children, Sabrina and Makynzee (Harrison, SD); daughter, Heidi Desimonie, and husband, Matt and their daughter, Taloni (Winthrop, WA); son, Christian Bunkers, and wife, Michelle and their children, Kayla, Bailey, and Wyatt (Bend, OR).
Bend bulletin


Gail Burge Landes


BIRTH 12 MAR 1937 • New Rochelle, Westchester, New York, USA

DEATH 27 DEC 2012 • Bend, Deschutes County, Oregon, USA

Married:  20 Jun 1964 • Los Angeles, California, USA

Divorced:  15 May 1978 • Deschutes, Oregon, USA

William H Bunkers


BIRTH 17 JUL 1938

DEATH Unknown