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Very little is known about Mr. Crawley.  He was one of the immigrants who made the journey from its inception in Texas to form the short-lived New Texas colony in Brazil.  for a good synopsis of that journey focused on one of his compatriots see: Billy Bud - His Story

SOURCE: The Elusive Eden  Griggs  

Page 63

"...One other passenger, however, was not so fortunate.  When the Derby struck the rocks, C.A. Crawley, formerly of Fairfield, Texas, fell off the table where he was sleeping and broke his collarbone.  Although Crawley was in pain, his injury was not extremely serious.  Barnsley (Doctor) treated the man as best he could and tried to make him comfortable. "

Page 71

"...But even injured, C.A. Crawley elected to continue to South America. His collarbone was mending satisfactorily, and his enthusiasm for Brazil was as high as ever."

Page 110

The first wedding among the Texas settlers shortly after their arrival in Brazil was between two of the settler families.  Eugene smith, son of Alfred Smith and Sue Bowen, daughter of William Bowen, tied the knot at a Texas-style wedding at the home of the Bowens on the Ariado river.  Only the large extended families were present with the preacher, Rev. Quillen, a little upset that there was no unrelated person there to act as a witness.  unannounced,

"...About mid-afternoon fellow colonist C.A. Crawley arrived for a visit on the way to Periube to purchase supplies.  All were delighted to see their companion, especially the parson, who was dissatisfied that no witnesses save family were present to sign the wedding certificate.  To correct the situation, he called the newlyweds into a room in Bowen's house, made them pronounce the vows again, the secured Crawley's signature on the official papers." 

In the November 9, 1867, Census of the New Texas colony;

Page 150

C.A. Crawley shares a home with James Davis 

Upon the dissolution of the New Texas colony:

C.A. Crawley married the widow Rachel Garner Russell.  Mr. Russell had died just before the group had left Texas for Brazil.  Rachel traveled with her father Thomas Garner and family.  

Page 112

"...C.A.Crawley and his wife, Rachel Russell Crawley, went to Santos, then to Santa Barbara.  Rachel's father, Thomas Garner, followed the couple to their new home."

Both C.A. and Rachel are buried at the Campo Cemetery in Santa Barbara d"oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

No known descendants 

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