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David Reddock 


By Robert, W. Worley

David Reddock Coulter was the second son of John M. Coulter and Nancy Reddock Coulter. He was born on Sept: 4, 1810 and came to Arkansas in' 1836 with his parents and, brothers. He married Elizabeth Yoakum of Kentucky about 1831. She was a cousin of Sarah Yoakum, the wife of his brother, Peter Coulter .. Elizabeth was born Oct. 11, 1815. They were married on Aug. 20, 1835.

Elizabeth Coulter died on Sept. 14, 1864, and was buried in Union County. David It. Coulter died Aug. 10, 1897, and was buried at Mt. Carmel, near Wolf City, Texas., Four generations of this family are buried there. Union County land records indicate David R. Coulter had extensive landholdings. After the Civil War and his wife’s, death, he sold his plantation and went to South America. Along with his son, George D. Coulter, he spent about a year in Brazil near the city of Sao, Paulo. Upon his return to the states, he spent a few years in New Orleans as a cotton broker and later purchased 3,000 acres of land in Hunt Co., Texas and remained there until his death. At the Union County home-site of .the Coulter family,  all that remains is the well "a few rotted timbers, three tremendous magnolia trees, several crepe myrtle trees and the six graves",  listed below. They are located in Township 16 South, Range 17: West" Section 33 or 34, Union County, Arkansas. The family cemetery is about a three-fourths mile off the Mt. Holly road in the vicinity of the Confederate marker recently installed. It is quite overgrown.

(1) 'John A. TOOKE,(Masonic Emblem),    

(2) , Grave" stone, etc. all moved.

(3) Grave, stone, etc., all moved.

(4) Elizabeth E., wife of D. R. COULTER Born in Washington Co., Ky.

(5) , John M. COULTER, born in Union Co., Ark.

(6) Daniel A. COULTER, born Washington Co. , Ky.

(7) , Louis G. COULTER, son of D.R. & E.

(8) James R.. COULTER, son of D. R. & E., 

The 1850 census records for Union Co., Ark. indicate the following about the David R. Coulter family:

Coulter, David R.    40          Georgia

Elizabeth                    35          Kentucky

Daniel                          12          Kentucky

George .                       10         Arkansas

Paul.                              8          Arkansas

 Mary,                           6           Arkansas

John                              4           Arkansas

Garrett                          1           Arkansas

Occupation, Planter

CHILDREN of David R. Coulter and  Elizabeth Yoakum


Daniel A. Coulter

BIRTH MAY 6, 1838 • Washington Co., Kentucky - DEATH NOVEMBER 10, 1857 • Union Co., Arkansas

Died at age 19, no known issue


George Dekalb Coulter

BIRTH 25 DEC 1839 • Sevier Co, Arkansas - DEATH 1 APR 1881 • Brazil

Married on April 7, 1872, in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

BIRTH 22 JUN 1848 • Louisiana, USA - DEATH 19 JUL 1878 • Santa Bárbara, Minas Gerais, Brazil,  the daughter of Martin Felix Demaret II and Pamela Zelde Foster, Confederado settlers of Santa Barbara.  They are both buried at the Campo Cemetery in Santa Barbara.

George and Pamela would have at least two children:

           1.  Demaret Paul Coulter,  BIRTH 28 FEB 1873 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil, DEATH 29 DEC 1939 • Lee, Arkansas.  He returned to the USA in 1889 and married on May 28, 1905, in Carter County, Oklahoma, a cousin, Docia D. Coulter, the daughter of George Washington Coulter and Amanda Elnora "Nellie" Mitchell. They would have at least one child - Permalor Lenora Coulter, born 1906 in Oklahoma.


           2.  George Demaret Coulter of which nothing is known.         


Paul James Coulter

BIRTH 14 SEPTEMBER 1842 • Arkansas - DEATH 12 JUNE 1902 • Mt Carmel, Texas, USA.  In   1866 Paul would marry Isadora Brunetta Kensworthy, BIRTH 19 JANUARY 1847 • Hempstead County, Arkansas, DEATH 14 JUNE 1928 • Wolfe City, Hunt County, Texas, the daughter of Ezekial Kensworthy and Mary jane Russey


Paul and Isadora would have at least five children:

           1.  Elizabeth Coulter

           2.  David Reddock Coulter

           3.  Mary Elizabeth coulter

           4.  Alice Burton Coulter

           5.  George Daniel Coulter


Mary Coulter

BIRTH AUGUST 20, 1843 • Union Co., Arkansas - 

DEATH JULY 7, 1897 • Malvern,Hot Spring Co.,Arkansas 

Married September 1965 to Henry Alexander Butler  - 

BIRTH SEPTEMBER 18, 1836 • Granville Co., North Carolina

DEATH JUNE 29, 1907 • Malvern, Hot Springs Co., Arkansas

Mary Elizabeth and Henry would have at least 5 children:

           1.  David Coulter Butler,

           2.  Mary Elizabeth Butler,

           3.  Mattie L. Butler,

           4.  George Henry Butler

           5. Nancy M. Butler                                   Henry and Mary E                                                                  Mary E. Coulter Butler                                                                                                 Butler          


John M. Coulter

BIRTH JUNE 27, 1845 • Union County, Arkansas, - DEATH SEPTEMBER 14, 1864 • Union County, Arkansas

Died young at 19.  No issue. 


James Coulter

BIRTH FEBRUARY 25, 1847 • Union Co., Arkansas - DEATH MARCH 30, 1847 • Union Co., Arkansas

Died as infant.


Louis Garrett Coulter

BIRTH JULY 31, 1849 • Union Co., Arkansas - DEATH MARCH 8, 1853 • Union Co., Arkansas

Died young at 4 years old.

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