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Dr. John Hancock

BIRTH19 Apr 1799

Caswell County, North Carolina, USA

DEATH8 Jul 1888 (aged 89)



Cemitério dos Americanos

Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, Município de Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

Dr. John Hancock Crisp, was born 4-14-1799 in Caswell Co., NC and died 7-8-1888 near Santa Barbara, Brazil, South America.  He is buried in Campo Cemetery where many other Confederate Veterans and their descendants are buried. About 80 families relocated to South America after the Civil War was over.  Dr. John married 1st in 1828 in Maury Co., TN, Mary "Polly" Jones, daughter of Thomas H. Jones and Catharine McKelroy "Katy" Shaw, who were also early settlers of Gibson Co. By Mary, he had two children, Dr. J. J. Crisp and Elizabeth Jones "Lizzie" Crisp, who married Shelton Oliver.  Dr. John married 2nd in Caswell Co., NC, Mary Kennon "Polly" Smith, and had 5 children by her: Samuel Crisp, Alexander Smith "Aleck" Crisp, Richard C. "Dick" Crisp, Mary Kennon "Kinnie" Crisp, and Jane Paschal "Jennie" Crisp. Dr. John moved to Trenton from Maury Co., TN shortly after he married.  He was the first doctor to practice in Trenton, building his home where the Post Office parking lot is now.

Two Brothers served in Terry's Rangers as well, Samuel Crisp and Alexander Crisp. Dr. John Hancock Crisp was involved in a lawsuit brought by the Freedman's Bureau in Colorado Co., TX and essentially the Bureau Agent and two of his northern friends ended up with all of Dr. Crisp's material wealth leaving him broke. There are letters written by Dr. Crisp from South America where he refers to his dissatisfaction with the "Yankee Rule" after the War. In 1860, Dr. Crisp had 164 slaves named in papers.



By Mary Polly Jones

1.     Elizabeth Jones "Lizzie" Smith

2.     De. James Jones "J.J." Crisp

By Mary Kennon Smith

3.     Samuel Smith Crisp

4.     Alexander Smith Crisp

5.     Richard C. Crisp

6.     Mary Kennon Crisp

7.     Jane Paschal Crisp

J H Crisp.jpg
1875 Map.JPG.jpg
Location of Crisp Farm - Santa Barbara d'Oeste

Two Children by Mary Polly Jones:


(First child of John Hancock Crisp)

Elizabeth Jones "Lizzie" Crisp

BIRTH 19 APR 1830 • Summerville, Fayette Co., Tennessee. USA

DEATH 12 JUN 1902 • Searcy, White, Arkansas


Shelton Alexander Oliver

BIRTH 1825 • Hernando, Desoto, Mississippi, USA

DEATH 13 AUG 1863 • Hernando, Desoto, Mississippi, USA

Son of William Pitts Martin and Sarah S. North

Lizzie and Shelton  had four children:

1.     John crisp Oliver     

2.     Lulah Oliver

3.     Shelton Alexander Oliver Jr.

4.     Mai Mildred "Mamie" Oliver


John Crisp Oliver

BIRTH 14 MARCH 1851 • Hernando, DeSoto County, Mississippi

DEATH 18 APRIL 1914 • Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas


Florence W. Fox

BIRTH SEP 1860 • Ohio, USA

DEATH Unknown

John and Florence had at least one child


                Clarence P. Oliver

                     BIRTH 6 SEP 1887 • Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

                     DEATH 23 DEC 1924 • Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, USA


                     Cora Pauline Mahan

                     BIRTH 2 FEB 1894 • Arlington, Tarrant, Texas, USA

                     DEATH 6 JUN 1973 • Marietta, Love, Oklahoma, USA

                     She was the daughter of Oliver B. Mahan and  Minnie D. McEwen  



Fort Worth Record-Telegram -

24 Dec 1924 - Page 4

c p Oliver 2.jpg
c p Oliver 2.jpg


Lulah Oliver

BIRTH 28 FEB 1856 • Mississippi, USA

DEATH 14 MAR 1935 • Parker County, Texas, USA

Married: 1877 • Gibson Co., TN

William Hartwell Dickason

BIRTH 11 OCT 1850 • Tennesee, USA

DEATH 1927

He was the son of Hartwell S. Dickerson and Charity Jones

 Lulah and William had at least three children:

1.     William Hartwell Dickason Jr

2.   Shelton Dickason

3.   Walter T. Dickason


              William Hartwell Dickason Jr

                  BIRTH 06 JAN 1878 • Trenton, Gibson, Tennessee, USA

                  DEATH 12 MAY 1963 • Searcy, White, Arkansas, USA

                  Married:  16 Sep 1909 • White, Arkansas, USA

                  Mary Lulah Pettey

                  BIRTH 3 APRIL 1882 • Arkansas, USA

                  DEATH 25 JUNE 1963 • Searcy, White, Arkansas, USA

                  William and Mary had at least one child:



                                Mary Lulah Dickason

                                           BIRTH 27 APRIL 1912 • Arkansas, USA

                                           DEATH 25 FEBRUARY 1986 •    Moberly,  Missouri, USA                                                                                       Married:  6 Sep 1936 • White, Arkansas, USA                                                                                                              Glenn Russell Dickerson

                                           BIRTH 28 JUL 1905 • Fayette,   Howard,  Missouri, USA                                                                                       DEATH 25 SEP 1985 • Moberly, Randolph, Missouri, USA 


                                           Mary and Glenn had one daughter:


                                               Anne Elizabeth Dickerson

                                                               BIRTH 26 JUN 1946 • Searcy, White,   Arkansas, USA                                                                                             DEATH 2:0 MAY 1979 • St Louis   County, Missouri, USA                                                                                       Married :                                                                                                    

                                                               Mr. Jenson


              Shelton Dickason

                  BIRTH 1880

                  DEATH 1880


              Walter T.  Dickason

                  BIRTH DEC 1882

                  DEATH OCT 1918 • Spokane, Spokane  Washington, USA


Shelton Alexander Oliver Jr. 

BIRTH 1860 • Texas, USA

DEATH Unknown


Mai Mildred "Mamie" Oliver

BIRTH 1 JUN 1864 • Texas, USA

DEATH 31 AUG 1931 • Searcy, White County, Arkansas, USA

Married:  20 Dec 1887 • Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas, USA

William Pitt Martin

BIRTH 11 MAY 1848 • Columbia, Maury, Tennessee, USA

DEATH 12 JUN 1911 • Weatherford, Parker, Texas, USA

Confederate Soldier. Joined Forrest's Calvery June 1, 1863, age 15

William was married twice.  His first wife was Linda "Melinda" Hill Oliver.  She passed away in 1883.  He would marry secondly, Linda's cousin, Mai Mildred   "Mamie" Oliver.


1.   Martha McGehee Martin

2.   John Oliver Martin

3.   William Pitt Martin II

4.   Edmiston Kenedy Martin

5.   Shelton Simeon Martin

6.   Frank Olive Martin

                     Children By Linda Hill Oliver:                                          


                Martha McGehee Martin

                     BIRTH ABT 1873

                     DEATH ABT 1873


               John Oliver Martin

                     BIRTH 29 SEP 1874 • Hernando, DeSoto, Mississippi, USA

                     DEATH 10 JAN 1956 • Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA


                     Laura May Wood

                     BIRTH MAY 1877 • Wisconsin, USA

                     DEATH 11 SEP 1935 • Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA

                     Daughter of Oscar N. Wooda and Harriett Newell Mack


                William Pitt Martin II

                     BIRTH 29 SEP 1874 • Mississippi

                     DEATH 29 DEC 1938 • Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA

                     Married:  30 Jun 1903 • Checotah, McIntosh, Oklahoma, 

                     Corrie Povall

                     BIRTH JUN 1883 • Booneville, Prentiss, Mississippi, USA

                     DEATH 21 OCT 1964 • San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

                     She was the daughter of William Stewart Povell and Eigenia Flake Tascher Petty     



                Edmiston Kenedy Martin

                     BIRTH 14 JUN 1882 • Culmerville, Arkansas, Arkansas, USA

                     DEATH 22 MAR 1928 • Dallas, Texas


                Shelton Simeon Martin

                     BIRTH 27 MAR 1886 • Kentucky

                     DEATH Unknown  (disappeared)

                     Child By Mai Mildred Oliver


                Frank Olive Martin

                     BIRTH ABT 1891 • Arkansas County, Arkansas, USA

                     DEATH 1963

                     Married 1st: 26 Jan 1916

                     Benjamin Lewis Owings

                     Married 2nd:  20 Mar 1920 • Redford, Michigan, USA

                    Harry F Webber

                     BIRTH ABT 1895 • Illinois

                     DEATH Unknown

                     Divorced: 27 Mar 1943 • Allegan, Michigan, USA

                     Frank Olive Martin was married twice, 1st in 1916 in   Memphis, TN to Benjamin Lewis                             Owings, 1888-1917.    Benjamin was killed in a train wreck in Jan. 1917 at Mounds,                                       Illinois; Frank married 2nd, in 1920 in Redford, Wayne County,   Michigan to Harry F.                             Webber.

William Pitt Martin.jpg
csa flag.jpg


(Second child of John Hancock Crisp)

Dr. James Jones Crisp

BIRTH 16 JUL 1832 • Trenton, Gibson Co., TN

DEATH 25 APR 1877 • Gibson Co., TN


Josephine Adelaide Jones

BIRTH 30 AUG 1843 • Memphis, Shelby Co., TN

DEATH 24 SEP 1937 • TN

Dr. James Jones Crisp was born on  7-16-1832 in Trenton, TN, and died  4-25-1877  in   Brazil,  Gibson   Co., TN.,   the son of Dr. John Hancock   Crisp and  Mary Jones.  He served as a   Confederate doctor in a  hospital in   Dallas, TX.   James married  5-8-1867   in Gibson Co., TN,  Josephine   Adelaide  "Addie"   Jones,   daughter of  Thomas  Jones and  Mary  Blanton  Kimbell.  He practiced in Brazil and died as a result of pneumonia.

Josephine  Adelaide  "Addie" Jones,  born on August 30, 1843, in Shelby  County, Tennessee, and died  September 24, 1937, in Gib-son County, Tennessee.  She was the daughter of  Thomas Jones and his first wife,  Mary Blanton Kimbell, and grand-daughter of Rev. John Washington "Jack" Jones & Elizabeth "Betsy" Perry.

Addie first married, on  January 30, 1863,  Lucius  Jerome Wilkins,  an attorney of  Trenton, who was murdered by Yan- kees  in  August  1863  just west of  Trenton.  He was the son of Little John & Lucy  Tanner Wilkins. Addie married second, May 8, 1867, Dr. James Jones Crisp who practiced medicine in Gibson Coomty  Dr. Crisp was the son of  Dr. John Hancock Crisp & his first wife Mary Jones. Addie was widowed for the second time in April 1877. She raised her five children by Dr. Crisp alone.

Those children were: Mary Emma "Mamie"  Crisp;  Shelton Alexander "Shelt" Crisp; John Thomas Crisp; Catharine "Katie" Crisp; and Annie Crisp who died at nine years of age. Addie is the grand-mother of Albert Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Joe Crisp, J. T. Crisp, and James Crisp.  Adeline died at the age of 94 years at Trenton, at the home of Ab Taylor.















1.    Mary Elizabeth "Mamie" Crisp

2.    Shelton Alexander Crisp

3.    John Thomas Crisp Sr

4.    Catherine "Katie" Crisp

5.    Anna Emma Crisp



















csa flag.jpg
J J Crisp.jpg



Mary Elizabeth "Mamie" Crisp

BIRTH 1869 • Gibson County, Tennessee

DEATH 1896 • Gibson County, Tennessee,

Mamie crisp.jpg


Shelton Alexander Crisp

BIRTH 16 JUL 1870 • Gibson,

Tennessee, USA

DEATH 30 NOV 1965 • Gibson,

Tennessee, USA


Maude Skinner,

daughter of Tisnsley Isaih Skinner

and Mattie Josephine Richardson

BIRTH 1872 • Gibson, Tennessee, USA

DEATH 29 NOV 1949 • Gibson,

Tennessee, USA

They had at least one child:


             Joe Shelton Crisp

                  BIRTH 27 DEC 1910 • Trenton, Gibson,

                  Tennessee, USA

                  DEATH 18 APR 1995 • Trenton, Gibson,

                  Tennessee, USA

                  Married:  12 Jun 1935 • Madison, Tennessee, USA

             Clara Jessie Carey

Maude Skinner.jpg
S A Crisp.jpeg
Joe Shelton Crisp.jpg


John Thomas Crisp Sr.


DEATH 1941 • Gibson Co., TN

Married 1st::

Elizabeth Glass Lassiter

BIRTH 1872

DEATH 1931 • Gibson Co., TN

They had at least two children:

1.     John Thomas "J.T." Crisp Jr

2.  James Andrew Crisp


               John Thomas "J.T." Crisp Jr

                    BIRTH 17 JULY 1911 • Trenton, Gibson,

                   Tennessee, USA

                    DEATH 8 MARCH 1934 • Humboldt,

                    Gibson, Tennessee, USA


                James Andrew Crisp

                  BIRTH 1 NOV 1913 • Trenton, Gibson,

                  Tennessee, USA 

                  DEATH 15 DEC 1996 • Trenton, Gibson,

                  Tennessee, USA 

                  Married:  11 Dec 1954 • Clarksville,

                  Montgomery, Tennessee, USA

                 Marion Ellis

John Thomas Crisp Sr. would marry secondly 

Lury Emma Enochs

John Thomas Crisp Jr..jpg
James Andrew Crisp.jpg
J. T. Crisp
James Andrew Crisp


 Catherine "Katie" Crisp

BIRTH 19 JUN 1875 • Gibson Co., TN

DEATH 06 DEC 1943 • Gibson Co., TN


Albert Sidney "Abb" Taylor 

BIRTH 03 DEC 1874

DEATH 20 MAY 1955

They had at least two sons:

1.    Albert Shelton Taylor Sr.

2.    Joseph William "Joe" Taylor


Albert Shelton Taylor Sr. "Papaw"

BIRTH APRIL 15, 1909 • Trenton, Gibson,

Tennessee,  USA                                                             

DEATH OCT. 25, 1994 • Trenton, Gibson,

Tennessee, USA

Married:  29 Oct 1935 • Alamo, Crockett,

Tennessee, USA

Martha Stallings

BIRTH 11 OCT 1913 • Humboldt, Gibson,

Tennessee, USA

DEATH 07 NOV 1977 • Trenton, Gibson,

Tennessee, USA

Daughter of William Franklin Stallings

and S. Martha  Margaret "Margie" Senter.

Martha and her brother Frank were raised

by her paternal grandparents and an aunt

after her parents divorced when they were




Albert Shelton Taylor


TRENTON - Albert Shelton Taylor, 85, re-

tired farmer and seed cleaning business

owner, died Tuesday morning of respiratory

failure at his home. Services will be at 2 p.m.

today at Shelton Funeral Home with burial in

Oakland   Cemetery here. He started a seed

cleaning operation in 1927    and operated

it for more than 65 years. Mr. Taylor, the

widower of Martha S. Taylor, leaves three

daughters, Priscilla  Taylor of Arlington,

Catherine Edwards of Fairbury, Neb., and   

Cynthia Moore of Dyer; a son, Albert Taylor

Jr. of  Jacksonville, Fla.; two brothers,

Joseph Taylor and James W. Hall, both of

Trenton, five grandchildren, and seven great





Albert and Martha would have four Children:

1.   Priscilla Josephine Taylor

2    Catherine Taylor.

3.   Cynthia Rose Taylor

4.   Albert Shelton Taylor

Abb Taylor and Katie Crisp  1898.jpg
Albert Taylor.jpg
Martha Stallings.jpg


Priscilla Josephine Taylor

BIRTH 17 AUG 1936 • Gibson, Tennessee, 

GEATH 06 OCT 2000 • Arlington, Shelby,     Tennessee, USA                                                                                                                              


Catherine Taylor


Mr. Edwards


Cynthia Rose Taylor

BIRTH 31 JAN 1944 • Gibson County, Tennessee USA                                                   DEATH 3 NOV 2007 

Married:  8 Jun 1963

Jimmie Don Elliott

BIRTH 5 FEB 1943 • Atwood Carro,  Tennessee, USA

DEATH 22 SEP 1987 • Trenton, Gibson,  Tennessee, USA

Cynthia and Jimmie had two sons:  1.   Joseph Elliott and 2.  Tim Elliott 


Albert Shelton Taylor Jr.

BIRTH 18 SEP 1938 • Trenton, Gibson

 County, Tennessee, USA

 DEATH 28 JAN 2018 • Jackson, Madison 

 County, Tennessee, USA

Married 1st:

Betty Sue Taylor

BIRTH 9 JANUARY 1940 • Trenton,   

Gibson County, Tennessee, USA

DEATH 28 NOVEMBER 2017 • Memphis,

Shelby County, Tennessee, USA

Married 2nd:

Sarah Louise Hall

BIRTH 16 JUL 1929 • Malvern, Geneva 

 County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 21 DEC 2012 • Trenton, 

Tennessee, USA

Albert Shelton Taylor Jr.jpg
Betty Sue Taylor.jpg

Albert Shelton Taylor Jr

Funeral services for Albert Shelton Taylor, III, 79, will be held at 10am Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at Shelton Funeral Home Chapel with burial to follow in Oakland Cemetery. Visitation will be held from 5pm until 8pm Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at Shelton Funeral Home.

Mr. Taylor was born in Trenton, TN on September 18, 1938 to parents Albert Shelton Taylor, II and Martha Stallings Taylor. He joined the Navy in 1957 and retired after 35 years in 1995. While he was in the Navy he visited 52 different countries. After his retirement he went right back to work for the government as a civilian doing the same job that he had retired from. He was very active in the Methodist Church in Trenton and the American Legion.

Mr. Taylor passed away on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at Jackson Madison County General Hospital.

He is survived by his sisters, Catherine Taylor Edwards and Cynthia Moore; and two step children, Bev Barbier and husband John, and Rick Waltren.

He was preceded by his first wife, Sarah Louise Taylor; his second wife, Bettye Sue Taylor; his parents, Albert Shelton Taylor, II and Martha Stalling Taylor; and a sister, Priscilla Josephine Taylor.

Betty Sue Taylor

Graveside services for Betty Sue Taylor, 77, will be held at 1pm Saturday, December 2, 2017 at Oakland Cemetery.


Joseph William "Joe" Taylor

BIRTH MAY 6, 1918 • Trenton, Gibson, Tennessee, USA

 DEATH JUN. 26, 2001 • Trenton, Gibson, Tennessee, USA

Married:  5 Feb 1937 • Madison, Tennessee, USA

Frances Patton "Pattie" Glass

BIRTH 19 SEP 1920 • Mexico, Audrain County, Missouri, USA

DEATH 05 DEC 1995 • Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee, 

The Commercial Appeal, — Wed, June 27, 2001

Joseph William Taylor

TRENTON - Joseph William Taylor, 83, retired employee of the Bank of Commerce after 52 years, died of respiratory failure Tuesday at Gibson General Hospital. Services will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at Shelton Funeral Home with burial in Oakland Cemetery. He was a member of Trenton United Methodist Church. Mr. Taylor, the widower of Pattie Glass Taylor, also leaves a brother, Dr. James W. Hall of Trenton. 

Frabces Patton.jpg
J W Taylor.jpg

Joseph and Patti would have one daughter


Minnie Glass "Mimi" Taylor

BIRTH 7 MAR 1949 • Humboldt, Gibson, Tennessee, USA

DEATH 10 AUG 1981 • Trenton, Gibson, Tennessee, USA

Married:  5 Aug 1966 • Gibson, Tennessee, USA

James Robert Williams


Funeral Services for Mrs. Minnie Glass "Mimi" Taylor

Williams,  32, were held Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m.

at Shelton Funeral Home with Reverend Robert Tipton, 

minister of Hickory Grove Baptist Church, and Reverend 

Gordon Henderson, minister of First United Methodist 

 Church, officiating. Burial was in Oakland Cemetery.

Mrs. Williams died Monday at her home after a short 

illness. She was a Trenton native. She was a graduate of the

University of Tennessee at Martin and had taught

English at the Trenton Middle School for several years.

She was a member of Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority.

She was a member of Hickory Grove Baptist Church where She taught a Sunday School class.

Survivors include her husband, James R. Williams, Jr., and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor of Trenton.

Minnie Taylor.jpg


Anna Emma Crisp

BIRTH NOV. 24,1876 • Trenton, Gibson, Tennessee, USA

DEATH 24 OCT 1885 • Trenton, Gibson, Tennessee, USA

Died at age nine

Five Children by Mary Kennon Smith:


(Third child of John Hancock Crisp)

Samuel Smith Crisp

BIRTH 1839 • Lamar, Marshall Co., MS

DEATH 18 JUL 1863 • Cynthiana, Harrison Co., KY

From Find-A-Grave:

Samuel S. Crisp of Colorado County, Texas, (private) age 21 in 1860; enlisted in Company B, 8th Texas Cavalry, on September 7, 1861 in Houston; hospitalized at Nashville, Tennessee, October 23, 1861; killed in Kentucky in July 1863.

csa flag.jpg


(Fourth child of John Hancock Crisp)

Alexander "Aleck" Smith Crisp

BIRTH 17 SEP 1841 • Lamar, Marshall County, Mississippi, USA

DEATH 11 JUL 1893 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  10 May 1865 • Columbus, Colorado Co., TX

Virginia "Janey" Hester

Aleck and Janey had at least one child:


Charles "Carlos" Hester Crisp


Georgelina Eulalia Correa

Daughter of Francelino Correa and Josephina Avelino

Charles and Georgelina had at least two children:

1.    Esther Crisp

2.    Alice Ester Crisp





Esther Crisp

BIRTH 25 APR 1916 • Capivari, São Paulo, Brasil                                                                                                DEATH 17 OCT 1983 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil


Joao Bueno Quirino

BIRTH 24 NOV 1909 • Capivari, São Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 21 MAY 1996 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

Esther and Jaoa would have at least four Children:

1.   Alan Joel Bueno Quirino

2.   Prendice Durany Bueno Quirino

3.   Alfredo Bueno Quirino

4.   Boanerge Jobal Bueno Quirino


                     Alan Joel Bueno Quirino

                            BIRTH SEP 4 1934 • Santa Bárbara   d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil


                     Prendice Durany Bueno Quirino

                            BIRTH 15 NOV 1936 • Santa Bárbara  d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil


                     Alfredo Bueno Quirino

                            BIRTH DEC 2 1937 • Santa Bárbara  d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

                            DEATH 7 DEC 1937 • Santa Bárbara  d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil


                     Boanerge Jobal Bueno Quirino

                            BIRTH OCT 13 1938 • Santa Bárbara   d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

                            DEATH 21 AUG 1988 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil



Alice Ester Crisp

BIRTH Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil


João Emydio da Silva Campos

BIRTH Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Alice and João had at least one child:



Lygia de Campos

BIRTH 27 MAR 1930 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Altair Brandão

BIRTH Unknown

DEATH Avare, São Paulo, Brazil

                 Lygia and Altair have at least one child:


                 Lucia Brandão

Joao Campos.jpg
Vo Lygia e Vo Altair.jpg
Vo Lygia e Lucia.jpg

Lygia and Lucia

Lygia and Lucia

(Fifth child of John Hancock Crisp)
Richard C. Crisp
Dr Robert Crisp.jpg

In the photo Dr. Richard C. Crisp, was born February 19, 1844, in the city of Colorado, TEXAS, UNITED STATES "Dick" Crisp was a Civil War veteran, having enlisted in the 8th Texas Cavalry Regiment, (1861–1865), also known as Terry's Texas Rangers. He was the son of John Hancock Crisp and Mary Smith. He was married to Damiana Crisp with whom he had children: Alberto, Júlia, Ernesto, Ernesta, Ricarda, Alexandre, Jorge, Carlota, Angélica and Alfredo. He died on January 3, 1905 in the city of Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil and is buried in the Cemitério do Campo

Richard C. Crisp

BIRTH 1844 • Lamar County, Mississippi, USA

DEATH 10 DEC 1904 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

8th Texas Cavalry Regiment
Mustered into Company B in Austin

County, Texas on May 6, 1862.
Present in April 1863.
Moved to Brazil in 1867, settling there

with his father.

Married:  1885  • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

Maria Damiana dos Anjos

BIRTH Caculé, Bahia, Brazil

Richard and Maria had at least seven children:

1.    Alberto Crisp

2.    Angélica Crisp

3.    Ernesto Crisp

4.    Carlota Crisp

5.    Alexander Crisp

6.    Ricardo Crisp.

7.    Julia Crisp






















































































































































































































































csa flag.jpg


Angélica Crisp

BIRTH 1885 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 9 MAY 1965 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

Married::  1904 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

Gabriel Dias da Silva

BIRTH 1872 • Capivari, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 1939 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

He was the son of  Manoel Cardoso and Gertrudes de Silva

Angélica and Gabriel had at least eight children:

1. Durvalino Dias da Silva

2. Waldomira Theodoro da Silva

3. José Dias da Silva

4. Pedro Dias da Silva

5. João da Silva

6. Rodolfo Dias da Silva

7.  Ricardo da Silva

8. Paulo Dias da Silva 


              Durvalino Dias da Silva

                   BIRTH 13 JUL 1908 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                   DEATH 23 FEB 1970 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                   Married: Nov 9 1935 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

                  Thereza Gonçalves

                   BIRTH 4 OCT 1019 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

                   DEATH Unknown

                   Durvalino and Thereza had at least one child:


                               Olívio Dias da Silva

                                         BIRTH 1 OCT 1936 • Santa Bárbara  d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

                                         DEATH Unknown

                                         Married: 30 Jul 1960 • Santa Bárbara  d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                                         Noemi Dias da Silva

                                         BIRTH 8 OCT 1936 • Piracicaba, São  Paulo, Brasil

                                         DEATH 19 JAN 2018

                                         She was the daughter of  José Ignácio   and Olga da Silva


               Waldomira Theodoro da Silva

                   BIRTH 12 NOV 1908 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasi

                   DEATH 1997 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                   Married:  18 Jan 1930 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                   Benedicto Theodoro de Souza

                   BIRTH 11 JUL 1908 • Bocaiúva, Minas Gerais, Brasil

                   DEATH 30 APR 1993 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

                   He was the son of  Joaquim Theodoro de Souza and Izabel   Maria de Jesus

                   Waldomira and Benedicto had at least four children

               1.  Paulo de Souza

               2.  Maria de Lourdes de Souza

               3.  Dalva de Souza

               4.  Jacira de Souza


                                Paulo de Souza

                                           BIRTH 18 JUL 1931 • Rafard, São   Paulo, Brasil

                                           DEATH Unknown

                                           Married:  12 Nov 1966 • Campo do  Meio, Minas Gerais, Brasil

                                         Maria Luiza Bruno

                                           BIRTH 13 JAN 1941 • Campo do Meio,  Minas Gerais, Brasil

                                           DEATH JAN 2 2009 • Campo do Meio, Minas Gerais, Brasil

                                           She was the daughter of  Gerald of Bruno and Valentina Nogueira


                                Maria de Lourdes de Souza

                                           BIRTH 10 AUG 1933 • Rafard, São Paulo, Brasil

                                           DEATH 10 JAN 2014 • Santa Bárbarad'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

                                           Married: Brasil 

                                         Flávio Perissinotto

                                           BIRTH 19 APR 1926 • Paulínia, São  Paulo, Brasil

                                           DEATH 31 MAY 2012 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil


                                Dalva de Souza

                                           BIRTH 7 MAR 1937 • Capivari, São  Paulo, Brasil

                                           DEATH 21 JUL 2019 • Americana, São  Paulo, Brasil

                                           Married: 30 May 1956 • Piracícaba,  São Paulo, Brasil

                                          Armando Strapasson

                                           BIRTH 3 JAN 1926 • Santa Bárbara   d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                                           DEATH 5 SEP 2009 • Santa Bárbara    d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                                           He was the son of Tranquillo Luis Strapasson and  Clara Fornazin


                                Jacira de Souza

                                           BIRTH 1944  Brasil

                                           DEATH APR 3 2002


                                         José Augusto Araújo

                                           BIRTH 1941 • Itaberaba, Bahia, Brasil

                                           He was the son of  Domingos Felix   Araújo and Florinda Pereira


              José Dias da Silva

                   BIRTH 29 MAR 1911 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

                   DEATH Unknown


               Pedro Dias da Silva

                   BIRTH 1915 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

                   DEATH Unknown


              João da Silva

                   BIRTH 1917 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

                   DEATH Unknown


              Rodolfo Dias da Silva

                    BIRTH 1919 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                   DEATH Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil


              Ricardo da Silva

                   BIRTH 1920 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                   DEATH Unknown


              Paulo Dias da Silva                                                                                                                                     BIRTH 25 MAR 1923 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                   DEATH Unknown


Alberto Crisp

BIRTH 1884 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 2 JUN 1942 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

Married:  June 2 1942 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

Francisca ______

BIRTH 1888 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 1950 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

Alberto and Francisca had at least one child:


                  Olivia Crisp

                        BIRTH AUG 1905 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                        DEATH Unknown


Ernesto Crisp

BIRTH 20 APR 1886 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH JUNE 19 1940 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

Married:  1911 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

Elisa Candido da Silva

BIRTH 06 JAN 1896 • Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 03 JUL 1971 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

She was the daughter of Joaquim Candido da Silva and Eufrozina da Conceição

Ernsto and Elisa would have ten Children:

1.     Jairo Crisp 

2.    Floripes Crisp

3.    Ricart Crisp

4.    Trajano Crisp

5.    Ricarda Crisp

6.    Zuleika Crisp

7.    Waldomira Crisp   

8.    Iracema Crisp   

9.    João Baptista Crisp    

10.  Jorge Crisp


Jairo Crisp

BIRTH 9 FEB 1910 • Santa Barbara D'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 25 JUN 1976 • Santa Barbara D'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brasil


Floripes Crisp

BIRTH 26 MAY 1914 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 8 JUN 2010 • São Paulo, Brazil


Benedicto Ribeiro da Silva

BIRTH 1913 • Brazil

DEATH 17 FEB 1940 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil


Ricart Crisp

BIRTH 23 AUG 1916 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 21 DEC 1984


Maria Medeiros

BIRTH 13 MAY 1919

DEATH 7 NOV 1979

She was the daughter of Antonio Medeiros and Joana Camilo


Trajano Crisp

BIRTH 09 FEB 1918 • Santa Barbara D'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 12 MAR 1961 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil


Aparecida Sans

BIRTH 1920

DEATH 1997

Trajano and Aparecida had at least one child:


                Alexandre Crisp

                      BIRTH 1949 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

                      DEATH 2011 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil


Ricarda Crisp

BIRTH 6 JUL 1919 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 18 JUL1997 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil


Antonio Franqui

BIRTH 1915

DEATH 1981


Zuleika Crisp

BIRTH 26 JAN 1920 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 25 OCT 1998 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

Married:  10 Feb 1945 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste,São Paulo, Brazil

Miguel Spolarik

BIRTH 1918

DEATH 21 OCT 1952


Waldomira Crisp

BIRTH 9 NOV 1922 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 1 OCT 2007 • São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brasil


Francisco Pisani

BIRTH 10 OCT 1922 • Limeira, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 15 MAR 2013 • São Caetano do Sul - São Paulo Brasil

Son of  Ricardo Pisani and Rita Maria De Jesus Cardoso

Waldomira and Francisco would have at least two children:

1   Maria de Lourdes Pisani.

2   Osias Pisani


                 Maria de Lourdes Pisani

                       BIRTH 19 OCT 1945 • Santa Bárbara do Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

                       DEATH 1996 • Bragança Paulista, São Paulo, Brazi


                 Manoel Antonio Gonçalves


                 Osias Pisani

                       BIRTH 28 MAY 1962 • São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brazil

                       DEATH 1964 • São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brazil


Iracema Crisp

BIRTH 16 NOV1924 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 10 SEP 1997 • São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brazil


Durvalino da silva

BIRTH 15 OCT 1922 • Brazil

DEATH 24 DEC 1974 • Brazil


João Baptista Crisp

BIRTH 6 JUL 1926 • Chácara Recreio, Santa Barbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 1999 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil


Jorge Crisp

BIRTH 13 MAR 1930 • Santa Barbara D'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 9 FEB 1982


Mirian Reis

BIRTH 1931 • Brazil

DEATH 1990 • Brazil

Richard C Crisp.jpg


Carlota Crisp

BIRTH 1890 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 14 APR 1939 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil


Vicente Salvaia

Carlota and Vincente had at least two children   

1.   Esther Salvaia

2.  Roldão Salvaia  



              Esther Salvaia

               BIRTH 22 MAY 1912 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

               DEATH JUNE 10 1939 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

               Married:  10 Jun 1939,  Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo,  Brazil

               Antônio Barros

                BIRTH 16 APR 1911 • Indaiatuba, São Paulo, Brasil

                DEATH Unknown


           Roldão Salvaia

                BIRTH 5 OCT 1919 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                DEATH Unknown

                Married:  14 Oct 1939,  Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                Maria de Araujo

                BIRTH 3 NOV 1921 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo,  Brasil

                DEATH Unknown


Alexander Crisp

BIRTH 1899 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

DEATH JULY 3 1974 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

Married:  July 23 1921,, Brasil

Ana Bueno

BIRTH 13 JUN 1906 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Unknown

Alexander and Ana had at least two children:


                 Hector Crisp


                 Ricardo Crisp


Ricardo Crisp

BIRTH 8 JUL 1900, Brazil

DEATH 24 JUN 1987 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil


Julia Crisp

 BIRTH 19 SEP 1909 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 26 DEC 1978 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

Married:  19 Sep 1909 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

Amador Bueno de Campos

Julia and Amador had at least one child:


                 Walter Bueno de Campos

                 BIRTH 27 JUL 1917 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

                DEATH Unknown


                Violetta Weissinger

                 BIRTH 17 JANUARY 1921 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, Sao  Paulo, Brazil

                 DEATH 7 AUGUST 2003 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo,  Brazil

                 She was the daughter of Gustavus Adolph Weissinger and  Isabel Pereira



(Sixth child of John Hancock Crisp)

Mary Kennon Crisp

BIRTH 19 FEB 1847 • Lamar, Marshall Co., MS

DEATH 03 JAN 1929 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA

Married:  1867 • Texas, USA

Dr. John Curtis Jones Sr 

BIRTH 10 MAR 1837 • Alabama, USA

DEATH 21 JAN 1904 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA

He was the son of Tignal Jones and Susan King

t-Gonzales Inquirer Ja. 3, 1929

Mrs. J. C. Jones Sr. Beloved Women Passes Away Today

A message just came conveying the sad news that  Mrs. J. C.
Jones  Sr.  had just passed away at the  Holmes hospital her gentle spirit has taken its flight to the  Hea-

venly  Home at 1:15 p.m. Jan. 3, 1929.  Thus passes one of God's Saints in Israel, a devoted wife,  mother,  sister, and friend, a loyal life time member and supporter of the Episcopal church, a typical gentlewoman of the old south.

Mary Kennon Crisp.jpeg

At her bedside when the last summons came, were her loved family circle of children and grandchildren Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Dilworth and family, Messrs Sam P. and Elliot Jones, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Jones Jr. Mrs. Chas Hoskins, and the grandchildren, E. M. Sweeney and wife, Chas, Hoskins Jr., Margaret Kennon and S. P. Jones of Cuero, Miss Ellen Dilworth, George Norwood Dilworth, Robert Scott Dilworth and little "Cupie" Terry Kennon Jones daughter of Mr. Elliott Jones.

Decedent was preceded in death by her husband, Jan. 25, 1904, the late Dr. J. C. Jones. prominent physician and personal surgeon of Gen. J. B. Hood of Hoods Texas Brigade.

Mrs. Jones was born in Holly Springs, Miss., 82 years ago and moved, with her father's family Dr. Cripp to Columbus, Texas before the Civil War, but has spent most of her long, useful, and consecrated life in Gonzales the home of Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Jones always being a social center and noted for its old southern hospitality.

The body will be taken to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Hoskins this evening where the precious remains will lie in state until four o'clock Friday afternoon, when the funeral will be held from the Episcopal church she loved the church of the Messiah.

Of old Revolutionary ancestry, highly cultured by birth and education, intellectual refined, patriotic, noble and pure in mind and soul, her presence was always an inspiration and benediction and the sweet presence of Mary Kennon Crisp Jones, (Mrs. Dr. J. C. Jones) will be sadly missed in Gonzales, her long-cherished home.

Loving and tender sympathy is extended her grief stricken children, grandchildren and other relatives by the community and by the Inquirer

Dr. John Curtis Jones


1856 - Attended LaGrange

College [?in Colbert Co., AL,

or ?Troup Co., GA]
1856 - Moved to Texas
1860 - M.D. degree, Edinburgh, Scotland
10/06/1861 - Appointed Asst. Surgeon,

Provisional Army

of the Confederate States

04/12/1865 - Paroled as Surgeon, 4th TX Infantry,

Appomattox, VA

- Member, American Medical Association
- Member, Ninth International Medical Congress
- Member, Texas State Board of Medical Examiners
- At one time, Vice-president, Texas State Medical


01/25/1904  -  Died at his "residence in this city

[Gonzales, Gonzales Co., TX]. This is painful news to all

of us, as no citizen of Gonzales was more universally loved and esteemed than was he. For the past two days faint hopes were entertained for his recovery, but last night it became apparent that his case was hopeless, and this morning he became to sink rapidly, continuing until his death relieved him of his suffering at 2:05 [p.m.]" [Gonzales Inquirer, Jan. 26, 1904.]  (See "D" at end of this section for a full Obituary)

Dr. John Curtis Jones was born in 1837 in Lawrence County, Alabama, the son of Tugnal and Susan King Jones who came to Texas in 1855 and settled near San Antonio. John began his study of medicine in Texas. He continued his education at the University of Edinburg, Scotland, and worked in Dublin, London and Paris before returning to Texas in 1861 to serve as surgeon for the Fourth Texas Regiment, Hood's Brigade, CSA. Dr. Jones was personal physician to General J.B. Hood. The first hypodermic needle was brought to the Gonzales area by Dr. Jones in 1865. John married Mary Kennan Crisp May 23,1867. Mary, born February 19, 1847, in Holly Springs, Mississippi, was the daughter of Dr. Crisp and Mary Smith Crisp  both  of  North  Carolina.   The  Crisp family
J C Jones House.png
John Curtis Jones.jpg
csa flag.jpg

moved to Columbus, Texas, before the Civil War. After the Civil War, Dr. Crisp did not like the situation in Texas and moved his family to Brazil. Mary disliked Brazil and returned to the United States and eventually married John. John and Mary built this Italiante style home in 1885. The L-shaped structure with wings only one room wide afforded maximum ventilation. A few years later an iron fence and brick walkway were installed and a carriage house was built on the eastern edge of the property. Cedar gutters carried rain-water through a charcoal filtering system and into an underground cistern. The exterior of the house is cypress siding with one piece extending vertically for the entire two stories. The floor beams are ten to twelve inches thick and rest on sandstone blocks. There are free-standing chimneys for the fireplaces. The house originally had a north wing and a large cupola. The cupola was destroyed in a storm in 1910 and the north wing was removed later. The focal point of the entry hall is a magnificent free-standing curved circular staircase made of Gonzales walnut. A large pine arch separates the entry hall from the formal parlor. The walls and wainscoting of the parlor are of prized curly pine paneling, three-quarter inch thick and grooved at a mill in Alabama or Florida. Altogether the house has seven different woods. They are pine, ash, red oak, white oak, maple, ebony and walnut.

Mary and John would have at least five Children:

1.   Susan Martha "Pattie" Jones

2.  Samuel Peck Jones

3.  John Curtis Jones Jr.

4.  Mary Kennon Jones

5.  Robert Elliott Jones


 Susan Martha "Pattie" Jones

 BIRTH 09 SEP 1872 • Gonzales County, Texas, USA

 DEATH 04 JUL 1957 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA

 Married: 14 Mar 1893 • Gonzales County, Texas, USA

 Robert Scott Dilworth Sr

 BIRTH 24 SEP 1868 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA

 DEATH 28 MAR 1948 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA

Gonzales Inquirer Mar. 16. 1893

Obit-Gonzales Inquirer July 5, 1957

Funeral Rites Saturday For Mrs. Scott Dilworth
Last rites for Mrs. Robert Scott Dilworth, who passed to her reward Thursday, July 4, at 7 p.m., will be held from the family residence on East St. Lawrence street Saturday at 10 a.m., July 6, with the Rev. Willford D. Watts, rector of the Church of the Messiah, Episcopal, officiating, followed by interment in the IOOF cemetery under the direction of Seydler Funeral home.

The end came at the Holmes Memorial hospital on June 26 when she suffered a broken hip in a fall at her home. Responding to treatment, hoping for her recovery were held out until complications set in.

Surviving Mrs. Dilworth are two sons R. S. Dilworth, Jr., this city, and George Dilworth of San Antonio; two daughters, Mrs. Edward M. Sweeny, and Mrs. Ellen Leyer, both of San Antonio; and two granddaughters, Misses Bonnie Sue Dilworth and Annabel Sweeney, San Antonio. Other survivors are two brothers, JohnC. Jones, this city, and Robert Elliott Jones, Houston.

A life long resident of Gonzales, Susan Jones Dilworth was born here September 9, 1872, reaching the age of 84 years, nine months, and 25 days. She was the eldest daughter of Dr. John C. Jones, pioneer physician and surgeon of Gonzales, and Mary Kennon Crisp Jones, a native of Alabama and Tennessee respectively.

Receiving her education in Gonzales schools, Mrs. Dilworth later attended Montgomery Institute Seguin, an Episcopal school for girls that subsequently became the St. Mary's Hall in San Antonio of which her granddaughter, Annabel Ellen Sweeney is a 1957 graduate. Later she entered a boarding school at Columbia, Tenn., completing her education at Gunston Hall in Washington D. C., one of the nation's outstanding finishing schools for young ladies.  Returning home, it was Mrs. Dilworths joy and privilege to enter into the activities of her beloved hometown, it's religious, cultural, patriotic, and social life of which she became a dedicated participant, a popular member.

It was in the quaint attractive church of the Messiah of which her father was an early member and vestryman, that she became the bride of Robert Scott Dilworth, a son of Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Dilworth, on March 14, 1893, uniting two of Gonzales old-line families, long prominent in the towns social and business activities.

Mr. and Mrs. Dilworth spent many happy years in the stately colonial residence on St. Lawrence street where they reared their children, a home where gracious southern hospitality reigned. It was there they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary some years ago with a reception that for the beauty of appointment, delightful informality proved an occasion to be long-held in treasured memory.

It was just a few years later, on March 28, 1948, that union was severed by the passing of Mr. Dilworth, who had for some time been in failing health. He, too, was a devoted member of the church of which Mrs. Dilworth had been a lifelong member.  Reared amid the priceless traditions of distinguished southern ancestry, Mrs. Dilworth was a true daughter of the south. Deeply patriotic, she supported every worthwhile movement, loyal to its advancement.

A charter member of the Gonzales chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, she was one of its most ardent members through the years. Mrs. Dilworth was also a member of the Colonial Dames Society and also the Thomas Shelton chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

Devoted to her family, her church, the spirit of her home town in every phase of service, Mrs. Dilworth has left a memory of enduring service to be treasured through the years by all whose privilege it was to know her and to love her.

Preceding her to the great beyond was a brother, Sam Jones, and a young sister, Kennon, Mrs. Charles Hoskins, both of this city.

For Saturday's funeral services casket bearers will be John D. DuBose, Robert H. Walker, George McSparran, Sam H. Burchard, Douglas Lawley, Whit DuBose. Clarence T. Traeger and J. E. Lawley.

Gonzales texas.gif

Robert Scott Dilworth

Robert Scott Dilworth was born September 24, 1868,  in Gonzales,  Texas.  His parents were  George  Nor- wood and  Martha  Ellen  Huff  Dilworth,  both from Georgia.   George,  a   prominent  Gonzales banker,  came to  Gonzales in 1850  and began his career as a  trail driver and cotton farmer.   After the  Civil  War, he was a   partner with  Hugh  Lewis in the grocery business.  In   1866  he was a  partner in the first banking institution in  Gonzales  Coun-ty and in  1871 became the sole owner of the bank. George continued to drive herds to northern markets as well as expand his local interests.


In 1903 George took his sons, Robert Scott and Coke  Emory,  into partnership. After George died in 1911, his sons carried on the family banking business.  Scott was educated at the University of Virginia, re= turned home, and went into business with his father. Scott was a shrewd businessman and had many interests. In one of his most successful ventures, he joined C.T Rather, Madden Fly, and T.F. Harwood to build the Gonzales Cotton Mill in 1900, which operated until the 1950's.

Robert Scott Dilworth.jpg

On March 14, 1893, he married Susan Jones, who was born September 9,  1872,  the daughter of Dr. J.C. Jones and Mary Kennon Jones of   Gonzales. Susan was educated at The Montgomery Institute in Seguin and  Norwood  College in  Wash-ington, D.C. Following their wedding, they honeymooned in New Orleans and Florida. Their first home was this magnificent mansion completed the year of their marriage. The lots were given to the couple by the parents of the bride.  The house was originally  Victorian but was remodeled by  Robert and  Emma  Jahnke in the 1920s to reflect the Greek Revival architectural style that was popular in Gonzales during the 1900-1925 era.

r s Dilworth House.jpg

Shriner Gassette, Thurs. April 8, 1948,  page 4


R. S. Dilworth, 80, former Gonzalez Banker, Buried


Gonzales, March 30 -- The funeral of Robert Scott Dilworth, 80, one-time head of the Dilworth State Bank of Gonzalez, which crashed in 1931, was held Monday afternoon at the home in Gonzales. He had been ill since January 30, when he was stricken with a heart attack.


Mr. Dilworth was head of the corporation which built the Gonzalez Cotton Mill in 1902. He also operated a partnership with the late Sam Houston, of Floresville and William Green of Shriner in promoting Texas land sales.


This partnership --- Dilworth Houston & Green – maintained offices in several cities and developed lands in Wilson and Karnes counties and later extending operations into the lower Rio Grande Valley.


His father, an early merchant, and trader in Gonzales established the Dilworth Bank in the 1880s and took his son in as cashier and 1889. The son succeeded to the head of the organization after his father's death.


Dilworth leaves his wife; two sons, Robert S. Jr.,  Of Gonzalez and George Norwood Dilworth of Merrill Lynch, Pierce,  Fenner and Beane at San Antonio, and a daughter, Mrs. Edward M. Sweeney of San Antonio; a sister, Mrs. J. P. Lewis and two granddaughters.

Susan and Robert had  would have four children:

1.  Robert Scott Dilworth Jr.

2.  Annebelle Dilworth

3.  Martha Ellen Dilworth

4.  George Norwood Dilworth


Robert Scott Dilworth Jr

BIRTH 19 JUL 1894 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA

DEATH 11 APR 1968 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA


Georgia Pauline Peterson

BIRTH 06 NOV 1898 • Kansas, USA

DEATH 01 JAN 1973 • Hemet, Riverside, California, USA

She was the daughter of John Jacob Peterson of Denmark  and Lucy Millian                                                       


Annabelle Dilworth

BIRTH 22 MAR 1898 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA

DEATH 10 JUN 1982 • San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

Married: 02 Oct 1920 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA

Edward Morris Sweeney

BIRTH 08 AUG 1897 • Bonham, Fannin, Texas, USA

DEATH 08 APR 1983 • San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

He was the son of Daniel Webster Dilworth and Katherine  Coppedge Towns

Edward Sweeney was born on August 8, 1897, in Bonham, Texas. He attended Rice  Institute in Houston and was a pilot during World War I. About 1919 he came to    Gonzales and operated the Gonzales Cotton Mill. On October 2, 1920, Edward married Annabell Dilworth, born on March 22, 1898, the daughter of R.S. and  Susan Jones Dilworth of Gonzales. Edward and Annabell had one daughter, Annabell Sweeney Ames. Edward purchased a wholesale grocery business from Tom  Fussell in 1921 and operated the business in Gonzales for several years. In 1929  Edward purchased the Red & White Grocery Store franchise for south and central Texas and moved to San  Antonio. He later left the Red & White chain and operated many of his stores under the "Model Market" name. He served on the board of directors of Frost National  Bank and  Cullen Frost Bank. He was Chairman of the Board of   Standard Baking  Company, on the board of Model Markets  Inc., Board of A.S.A. Properties Inc., and formerly on the board of St. Mary's Hall.

Edward and Annabell built their beautiful house in 1926. It is an English Tudor or  Cotswold Cot-tage style home and is framed by two enormous live oak trees. A third tree once stood on the front lawn but was destroyed by a storm in  1994. The beautifully kept grounds give the impression that it just magically materialized from  the English countryside.

Edward Sweeney House.gif

Annabelle and Edward would have one daughter


                    Annabell Ellen Sweeney

                           BIRTH 29 JUL 1939 • Bexar, Texas

                           Married:  14 Feb 1967 • San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

                           George Johnston Ames

                           BIRTH 28 JUL 1940 • Gladewater, Gregg Co., TX                                                                      DEATH 7 JUN 2019 • San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

                           He was the son of Eugene Leroy Ames and Annie Mary "Pat"                                             Johnston

                           (For more on this family, see "A" at the end of this section) 


                           Annabell and George would have two sons: 

                            1   Edward Sweeney Ames. 

                     2.  George Scott Ames


                                     Edward Sweeney Ames

                                                  BIRTH 12 OCT 1970 • San Antonio,   Bexar, Texas,  USA

                                                  DEATH 4 OCT 2013 • San Antonio,   Bexar, Texas, USA  

                                                  Married:  10 Mar 2007 • San Antonio,  Bexar, Texas, USA                                                   Sarah E Simmons

                                                  BIRTH ABT 1978

                                                  (For full Obituary see "B" at the end of  this section.)                                  


                                      George Scott Ames

                                                  BIRTH 16 SEP 1973 • San Antonio,  Bexar, Texas, USA                                                           Married:  10 Mar 2007 • San Antonio,  Bexar, Texas, USA  

                                                  Meridith Lee Grant                                                                                                                  BIRTH ABT 1978

G J Ames.jpg
Annabell Sweeney.jpg

Annabell Sweeney

George J. Ames


Martha Ellen Dilworth

BIRTH 13 APR 1903 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA

DEATH 09 APR 1975 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA


Mr. Geyer

Gonzales Inquirer 4/9/1975

Mrs. Ellen Geyer Services Friday

Funeral services for Mrs.  Ellen  Dilworth Geyer, who died Wednesday at 7:56  a local nursing home,  will be held Friday, April 11, at 2 p.m. in the  Episcopal   Church of the  Messiah with the  Rev. Richard  Urban officiating.  Interment will be in the Odd Fellow Cemetery. Seydler-Hill Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Martha ellen Dilworth.jpg

Mrs. Geyer was born April 13, 1903, in Gonzales, the daughter of Robert Scott and  Susan Jones Dilworth natives of Gonzales. She was the granddaughter of the late  Mr. and Mrs. John Curtis Jones. In recent years, Mrs. Geyer has been curator of the  Gonzales Museum. Previously, she had lived for several winters in Budapest  Hungary, and in various parts of the United States. She graduated from St. Mary's  Hall in San Antonio in 1920 and attended Gunston Hall in Washington D.C. Mrs. Geyer was the Duchess of Gonzales in the October in the Order of the Alamo in  1922. She was a member of the National Society of Colonial Dames of America and a  member of the Episcopal Church.

Survivors are one sister, Mrs. Edward M. (Annabell) Sweeney of San Antonio; two nieces, Mrs. Annabell Sweeney Ames and Mrs. Bonnie Sue Dilworth Jacobs; two great-nephews, Edward and George Scott Ames, all of San Antonio. She was preceded in death by two brothers, Robert Scott Dilworth J. and George Norwood  Dilworth.

Pallbearers will be George Ames of San Antonio,  Col.  George MacSparran of  Austin,  Gordon Jones of Cuero, Major Paul Rochelle, Carlos Smith, and Clar-ence Treager, all of San Antonio, and Colwell Dilworth of Tilden.


George Norwood Dilworth

BIRTH 24 SEP 1905 • Gonzales County, Texas, USA

DEATH 08 NOV 1967 • San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

Married:  24 Feb 1931 Gonzalez , Texas, USA

Bonnie Belle Morgan

BIRTH 13 AUG 1905 • Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee, USA

DEATH 3 APR 1987 • San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

he was the daughter of John Walter Morgan and  Dora Bell  Raines Province

Chattanooga Daily Times, Wed.  Feb 25, 193, 1 page 6


Miss Morgan Weds George N. Dilworth


Wedding takes place in Gonzales, Texas, at

Church of Messiah

Miss Bonnie Belle Morgan and Georgia Norwood Dilworth, were married yes-terday at  11  o'clock at the  Church of the Messiah, in   Gonzalez,  Texas.  The  Rev. B. S. McKenzie, the Rector,  officiated, assis-ed by the Rev. L. P.  Johnson.


The bride is the daughter of  Mr. and  Mrs. John Walter Morgan,  of 836 Vine St., who was present at the wedding. She is a sister of  Miss  Margaret  Morgan,  who served as maid of honor at the wedding, and Miss IreneMorgan.


 Mr. James Paramore Lewis of San An-tonio, Texas, the cousin of the groom,  was the best man.  Messrs.  Charles Hoskins and  Henry Reecewere ushers.


Bonnie Belle Morhan.jpg

Mr. Dilworth is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott Dilworth, of San Antonio and  Gonzalez, Texas. He is a brother of Mrs. Edward Sweeney and Miss Ellen Dilworth of San Antonio, Texas, and Robert Scott Dilworth Jr., Orange Grove, Texas. He is associated with his father in the Dilworth Bank of Gonzales, and is also connected with real estate and brokerage firms of that place.


Mr. and Mrs. Dilworth have gone on a wedding trip to Mexico City. They will reside n San Antonio.


Accompanying Mr. and Mrs. Morgan and Miss Margaret Morgan to Texas for the wedding was J. W. Kirksey.

 Shriner Gazette, Thurs.  Nov. 16, 1967 page 6


George Dilworth 

San Antonio --- funeral services were held in San Antonio Thursday, November 9 at 3 PM from the Porter Loring chapel for George Norwood Dilworth, who died at his home, 316 E. Lullwood, Wednesday night November 8, 1967.


The Rev. Henry Burton conducted the last rites with burial to take place in Sunset    Memorial Park.


Mr. Dilworth was born on September 24, 1905, in Gonzalez, the son of R. S. and Sue  (Jones) Dilworth. He attended the Gonzales public and private schools and had been associated with a brokerage firm in San Antonio for 36 years. He attained the age of 62 years, one month and 14 days.


Survivors include his wife, one daughter, Miss Bonnie Sue Dilworth, San Antonio;  two sisters; Mrs. Ellen Geyer, Gonzalez, Mrs. Edward M. Sweeney, San Antonio;      and one brother Robert Scott Dilworth Jr., Gonzalez.


He was a member of Christ Episcopal Church, the San Antonio country club,  Rotary club, and San Antonio, a member of the firm of Merrill Lynch, Pierce,  Fenner and Smith Inc., and Order of the Alamo Toastmasters Club.

                       George and Bonnie had one child:



                 Bonnie Sue Dilworth

                       Married:  17 May 1969

                      Donald McGregor Jacobs   


San Antonio Express, Sun., May 18, 1969,   page 59


Jacobs – Dilworth


Miss Bonnie  Sue Dilworth became the bride of Donald McGregor Jacobs Saturday in the Chapel of the Beloved Disciple, Church of the Hea-venly Rest, in New York City. The Rev. Lawrence Prast assisted by the Rev. Eric Weld officiated.


The bride is the daughter of Mrs. George Norwood Dil-worth and the late Mr. Dil-worth. Mr. Jacobs is the son of Capt. Donald Jacobs of Port-land, Maine, and be late Mrs. Jacobs.


Mrs. George Johnston Ames was a matron of honor, Margaret McGregor Jacobs of Rye, New York was a flower girl.


Capt. Jacobs assisted his son as best man. Robert Tambs Jacobs of Rye, New York and John Brad-dock Jacobs of Kalamazoo, Michigan, brother s of the bridegroom, were groomsmen.


A reception was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baldwin Tupper.


Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs are planning a late summer wedding trip to England.

Bonnie Sue Dilworth.jpg
Bonnie Sue Dilworth.jpg
Donald M Jacobs.jpg
George as his parents soon moved to what would be his lifelong home of San Antonio. George attended Alamo Heights and Texas Military Institute, but his parents ending up deciding that a high school, Lake Forest Academy, far from San Antonio was necessary to protect George's virtue from those "wild Saint Mary's Hall girls." Of course, he ended up marrying one of those girls. Following Lake Forest Academy, George enrolled at Tulane, where he majored in being an SAE pledge. Due to an unfortunate incident involving a car and the courthouse steps on Palm Sunday, George prematurely had to end his scholastic career in New Orleans. As punishment, his parents sent George to live and study in London and Madrid for a year. After his penance year, he attended Trinity University.

In 1963, George had the honor of escorting a debutante, the Queen of the Order of the Alamo, Annabell Ellen Sweeney, one of those "wild girls" from Saint Mary's Hall. George instantly knew that he had found his forever queen in Annabell, thus beginning one of the greatest, most devoted relationships of all time. He finally won her over and in 1967 they were married. After jet-setting and partying as one of the most glamourous couples of the sixties, George and Annabell had two boys, Edward, and George Scott. George raised his boys to be true gentlemen, to embody what is best in men, taught them to always do the right thing, encouraged them to explore the world and showed them what true love and devotion means.

George's professional career varied as a young man, from being a stockbroker to an airline steward. He ended up joining Sweeney & Company, a wholesale grocery company, eventually becoming president. While working in the grocery business, he was honored with membership in the Young Presidents Association and served as president of the Wholesale Grocers Association. In the eighties and nineties, George worked in real estate and helped Annabell in her retail stores, Apropos and Hanley Wood. Together they built up Hanley-Wood to become the go-to destination for the finest gifts in San Antonio, a status it maintains to this day.

Though George wasn't born in San Antonio, he became deeply involved in the old social organizations and Fiesta week. As a young man, he escorted many debutantes to society parties, earning him the moniker "deb's delight." George was a member of the Texas Cavaliers, the San Antonio German Club, The Merry Knights of King William, and the Order of the Alamo; he served on the board of the Order of the Alamo, becoming president in 1985 and served as the Lord High Chamberlain in 1990. Annabell served as Mistress of the Robes in 1998 but he might as well have been "Mister of the Robes" as they were a solid and unified team in life. In recent years, George served on the board of Villa Finale, the organization behind the historic preservation of Walter Mathis's home in King William.

George is joining his son, Edward, who was taken from us too early. He is survived by the love of his life, Annabell; his son George Scott and daughter-in-law Meredith, grandchildren, Henry and Madeleine; daughter-in-law Sarah; his brother Gene and sister-in-law Ellen, niece and nephews John, Elizabeth, Gene, and Stephen and their spouses, children and grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held Monday, June 10, 2019, at 4 pm at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 315 E. Pecan Street.

Donations in memory of George can be made to the Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation,
San Antonio Express, Sun, Jun 9, 1967    page 91
Miss Annabell Ellen Sweeney, George Johnston Ames Marry


George Johnston Ames.jpg
July 28, 1940 - June 6, 2019

George Johnston Ames passed on Thursday, June 6th, 2019.  George was a  devoted husband, father, grandfather,  brother,  uncle, and friend.  He was
an extraordinary storyteller and gracious host, always welcoming people into his home and life. He looked on the bright side,  came to have fun, and rarely missed a party, and spread this positive joie de vivre to the people around him. He influenced the many people he encountered with his generous spirit and compassionate heart.

The world witnessed George's arrival on July 28th,
1940 in the East Texas oil field town of Gladewater. Gladewater  was to have no hold on  George as his

The garden of the home of Mr. and Mrs.  Edward Morrid Sweeney was the setting  Friday for the marriage of their daughter, Miss Annabel Ellen Sweeney, and George Johnston  Ames.  Dr. Harold Gosnell read the marriage vows. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. EugeneLeroy Ames.


Maids of honor were  Miss  Bonnie  Sue  Dilworth and Miss Catherine Searcy.  Attendants were Mmes. Patrick Chumne, Frank Duperier, Ralph Davidson,  Sam Fason, Jack  Guenther,  Dan  Johnson,  T.  Maxi Hart Jr.,  H. R.Whiteside II.  Miss  Anita  Sweeney and Miss Elizabeth Ames were junior bridesmaids. Flower girls and boys were Shelly Sharp, Alicia Dunnam, Paige Hains,  India Cutler, and  James L. Hains Jr.,  Paul  McSween Jr.,  Rick Egan, and Eugene Ames III


Eugene Ames Jr. assisted as best man, groomsmen were Asa Beach Jr.,. Patrick Chumney, Richard Tide Coiner III, Frank Duperier, John K. Matthews, John Winter Jr., Car-lisle Maxwell Jr.,  Madison Mauze, and Gorge C. Hixson.


After a  reception in the garden,  Mr. and Mrs. Ames de-parted for a wedding trip to points of interest in California.

Annabell Sweeney 2.jpg

Edward Sweeney Ames, loving husband, son, brother
and friend, died October 3, 2013 as a result of an un-
expected massive stroke.

Edward  was  loved by  all who  knew him,  and had a
gentle nature and sharp intellect. He poured himself
passionately i nto his  interests,  which  included  his
family, gardening, bird watching, music,  travel  and

Edward was born in San Antonio on October 12, 1970.
He attended Ojai Valley School, where he was a merit
scholar,  and   graduated  from  Alamo  Heights  High
School in 1989. He was a graduate of Lewis and Clark
College and the University of Texas Law School. He practiced law, working in the Bexar County District Attorney's office and then went to work for his family's retail gift business, Hanley-Wood. He was a member of the Order of the Alamo, the San Antonio German Club, Beethoven Maennerchor and the Merry Knights of King William.

Edward is survived by the love of his life, Sarah Simmons Ames; parents George and Annabell Ames; brother and sister-in-law George Scott and Meredith Ames, nephew, Henry and niece, Madeleine; aunt and uncle Gene and Ellen Ames; parents in-laws Bettie and Tom Borton, John and Rene Simmons and numerous other cousins and in-laws.

Pallbearers are Matthew Wymer, Sam Adams, Jeff Jones, Christian Kurtz, Kelly Keisling, Trey Jones, Seth Champion, John Terry Simmons, Martin Manriquez and Terry Brown.

Services will be held at St. Mark's Episcopal Church at 3pm on Monday, October 7, 2013.
In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the San Antonio Botanical Garden ( or the Audubon Society ( in honor of Edward.
Edward Sweeney Ames.jpg


Samuel Peck Jones

BIRTH 10 NOV 1874 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas

DEATH 22 SEP 1952 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas

Married:  20 Oct 1896 • Gonzales County, Texas

Anibel Dilworth

BIRTH 12 NOV 1877 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas

DEATH 4 OCT 1897 • Llano, Llano, Texas

She was the daughter of George Norwood Dilworth Sr. and Martha Ellen Huff

Obit-Gonzales Inquirer Sep. 22, 1952

Sam Jones Rites Set Tuesday

The last rites will be held from the Seydler funeral home at 10 a.m. Tuesday for Adam. P. Jones, who died at the Holmes Memorial hospital Monday morning at 1 o'clock following an illness of several weeks. The area. William C. Acosta, rector of the church of the Messiah, Episcopal will conduct the services with burial following in the Masonic cemetery.

Jones a member of a pioneer family was born Nov. 10, 1874, in Gonzales, his parents being Mary Kenton Christ and Dr. John C. Jones, natives of Mississippi and Alabama respectively. He was a member of the Church of the Messiah.

Survivors are his wife Mrs. Florence Jones, Cuervo a daughter, Miss Mary Kennon Jones of Austin; a son Gordon Forbes Jones of Cuervo; brothers: John C. Jones, Gonzales; Robert Elliott Jones, Houston and a sister, Mrs. R. S. Dilworth of Gonzales.

Pallbearers will include Hartwell J. Kennard, J. B. Goodwin, Warren Taylor, Ed Sweeney, B. B. Hoskins, Jr., Dan Ramsay, J. R. Tinsley Sr., and Willie Dan Davis.

 Obit-Gonzales Inquirer Oct. 7, 1897

Anibel Dilworth

Died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Dilworth, in Gonzales, Texas, on Monday, October 4, 1897, at 7:45 p.m., Anibel Dilworth Jones, wife of Mr. S. P. Jones, aged 19 years, 10 months, and 18 days.

Services will be held at the residence this evening at 4:30 o'clock, after which the procession will move to the Masonic cemetery where the interment will take place.

It is with sad hearts the many friends and acquaintances of the family will hear of her death, though not expected. For several weeks she has been near death's door. Dr. Jones, the father-in-law, was by her bedside almost constantly, watchful and attentive, and every aid that medical science could give, or every care that loving hands and willing hearts of loving hands and willing hearts of loving relatives could give, were bestowed to alleviate suffering or restore to bodily health.

As a young lady, she was kind and generous and of a bright disposition that won the love and esteem of her associates. She was married to Mr. S. P. Jones, on October 20, 1896.

The sympathy of the community will go out to the young husband n his deep sorrow, and the bereaved parents and relatives.


John Curtis Jones Jr

BIRTH 26 NOV 1881 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas

DEATH 7 MAY 1972 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas

Married: 30 Jul 1919 • Gonzales, Texas, USA

Adella Rogan Paxton

BIRTH 08 FEB 1890 • Cherokee, San Saba, Texas, USA

DEATH 01 JUL 1973 • Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas

She was the daughter of Frank Paxton and Sarah Cordelia Brown

John fell and fractured his hip on the street near his home when he was 90 years old from which he never recovered.  He died of arteriosclerosis and other complication.  He was a rancher.

San Antonio Express.  Mon, May 8, 1972,   page 34, 

John C. Jones Jr.

Special to the Express

GONZALES-- Funeral services for John Curtis Jones Jr., 80, formerly mayor of Gonzales for many years, will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Episcopal Church of the Messiah.  Burial will be in the Masonic Cemetery under the direction of Seygler-Hill funeral Home.  He died in a local hospital.

John was a classmate of Gen. Douglas MacArthur at what is now Texas Military Institute and was a visiting duke in the Order of the Alamo's first coronation ceremony in San Antonio.  His father was a surgeon in Hood's Brigade in the Civil War.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Adella Paxton Jones of Gonzakes, a brother and nine nieces and nephews.



Mary Kennon Jones

BIRTH 17 AUG 1883 • Gonzales County, Texas, USA

DEATH 03 SEP 1938 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA

Married: 12 Jan 1910 • Gonzales County, Texas, USA 

Charles Henry Hoskins Sr

BIRTH 30 JUL 1881 • Texas, USA

DEATH 30 DEC 1918 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas, USA

He was the son of Baker Blount Hoskins Sr and Augusta Raguet

Charles Henry Hoskins was born in  Terrell, Texas, on July 30, 1881,  and came to south Texas in 1891 with his parents,  Baker Blount Hoskins of Mississippi and Augusta Amelia Raguet Hoskins. Charles lived in  Seguin until  1895  when the family moved to   Gonzales.  For a while,  he worked in the Koker-not  Brothers grocery store and then became a member of the dry goods firm of   Hoskins and Jones. This firm later became B.B. Hoskins & Sons. In 1910 he became president of Hoskins Mercantile  Company.   On January 12, 1910,  he married  Mary Kennon   Jones and they honeymooned in  New York.   They had one son.    Miss  Jones was born August 17, 1883,  the daughter of  Dr. and Mrs. J.C.Jones.   Shortly after the mar-riage,  Charles purchased the lots where their house now  stands. He  employed  the  noted

C H Hoskins House.jpg

architect, Atlee  B. Ayers,  to design his home, and construction was completed in 1911.  Charles died December  30,    1918, of Spanish influenza and Mary died September 3, 1938. They are buried in the Gonzales Masonic Cemetery.

Obit-Gonzales Inquirer Sep. 3, 1938

Mrs. Charles Hoskins

Hundreds of people attended the funeral services held for Mrs. Charles Hoskins whose death brought sorrow not only to her immediate family but to many friends throughout this territory. The services were conducted in the large living room at her home Sunday afternoon September 4, at 2:30 0'clock. Rev. A. R. DeMaris, rector of the Church of Messiah Episcopal officiated.

The simple and used beautiful Episcopal services were used by Rev. DeMaris. Many comforting passages of scripture were read including Cor, XV Chapter, and the 14th Chapter of St John. A hymn that she so loved "O Paradise" was sweetly sung by the choir.

Many beautiful floral offerings banked her last resting place between that of her husband and her only son in the Masonic cemetery, an expression of love from hosts of friends was looked upon her with esteem and admiration. A wealth of beautiful floral offerings, handsome tributes from relatives and friends living elsewhere, and numbers of special offerings from various or organizations among which were; The Auxiliary Guild Church of the Messiah, Red Cross Chapter, Dorcas Church Woman's Study Club, U.D.C. Chapter, D.A. R. Chapter, and _____ America. The casket was made of exquisite Calla and ____ _____ was a loving token from Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sweeney.

Mrs. Mary Kennon Jones Hoskins was born August 17, 1883, in Gonzales Texas. She was the daughter of Mr. John C. Jones, prominent physician and surgeon, and of Mary Kennon Crisp daughter of Dr. John E. Crisp of Columbus, Texas.

Mrs. Hoskins attended the Gonzales public schools. St Mary's Hall in San Antonio and Gunston Hall Washington D. C. after which she spent eight months traveling in Europe.

She married on January 12, 1910, to Charles H. Hoskins head of the Hoskins Mercantile Company. Ti their union was born a son, Charles H. Hoskins Jr., who after his graduation from high school attended Rice Institute and the University of Texas. On December 31, 1918, her husband; who was Junior Warden of the church of the Messiah preceded her in death, and in 1932 her son Charles, at the age of twenty years, died in San Antonio where he held a position with Sweeney and Company.

Mrs. Hoskins was a member of the Church of the Messiah F______ and was very active in all of its interests. For years she was a teacher in the Sunday School and an officer in the Woman's Auxiliary. In recent years she gave freely of her time to the local Red Cross Library.

Mrs. Hoskins bore her sorrows with sweet Christian fortitude. Her calm acceptance of the Heavenly Father's will and her _____ _____ were an inspiration to all who knew her. Her loyalty and devotion to family and friends _______ influence is the life of the _____ munity in which she lived _____ leave an indelible _____.

Mrs. Hoskins is survived by one sister, Mrs. R. S. Dilworth and three brothers, Sam B. Jones and John C. Jones of Gonzales and Eliott Jones of San Antonio.

Active pallbearers were Edward Sweeney, George N. Dilworth, Gordon Jones, Baker Hoskins, Hartwell Kennard, Willie Dann, Davis Edward Reese and Thatcher Valentine.



Gonzales Inquirer Jan. 13, 1910

Jones-Hoskins Marriage

A marriage of more than usual interest occurred this morning at 11 o'clock when Mr. Charles H. Hoskins and Miss Mary Kennon Jones plighted their faithful troth. The marriage was very quiet, being solemnized in the parlor so of the bride's mother, Mrs. J. C. Jones, Rev. L. L. Williams, rector of the church of the Messiah, officiating. Only the immediate family was present, but a host of warm friends throughout this county and state united in sincere congratulations, and good wishes for the health, happiness, and prosperity of this popular young couple. Mr. And Mrs. Hoskins left at once for New York to spend their honeymoon before returning to their home in this city.

The groom is one of the managers of the large mercantile establishments of B. B. Hoskins & Sons and is a most exemplary young man, of sterling worth, highly esteemed and liked by everyone who has the pleasure of his acquaintance.

The bride is the youngest daughter of the late Dr. J.C. Jones and wife, and is a young lady of most gracious, winning manners, sunshiny disposition, beauty of face and character blended with a fine ancestry unite in making her "a noble woman, nobly planned, born to comfort and command." Miss Jones was born and reared in this city and has had every advantage of education and travel, both at home and abroad, having spent a year in Europe. TheInquirerheartily and sincerely congratulate Mr. And Mrs. Hoskins and wishes them every good and perfect gift vouchsafed to mortals here below, by otherwise hand of a kind loving Father.

Obit-Gonzales Inquirer Jan. 2, 1918

Gonzales paid its last tribute of love and respect to the memory of the late Chas. H. Hoskins, Tuesday afternoon when the remains were laid to rest. It was a representative gathering of citizens that assembled at the family residence at 4 o'clock, the appointed hour for the funeral.

The large living room where the handsome gray casket stood was a veritable bower of bloom, so numerous were the exquisite floral offerings, and it was here that the simple service was conducted by the decedent's rector, Rev. B. S. McKenzie of the Church of the Messiah, the beautiful burial services of the Episcopal church being used. Several appropriate hymns completed the service which touched every heart.

The procession that followed the remains to the Masonic cemetery was one of the longest ever seen in Gonzales. A brief service was held as the last offices of the dead were performed. A beautiful mantle of floral tributes seldom equaled in Gonzales decked the last resting place of the loved dead when the benediction was pronounced, the warm tribute of esteem and eloquent expressions of tender sympathy for the bereaved loved ones from friends both at home and at a distance. Among them were a large number of very handsome emblems fashioned of the choicest blooms of the greenhouse. A special offering conveyed the heartfelt sympathy of the Gonzales Chapter U.D.C.

During the hour of the funeral, all business houses of the city were closed in honor of the passing of one of her loved and honored citizens.

Numerous telegrams of condolence were received by the family from prominent citizens of the state, friends of the decedent, who was well known and highly esteemed in mercantile circles in this section.

In public life a splendid citizen, a true Christian gentleman, in his church a valued member, among his associates a true friend, in his home life a devoted husband, son, and brother, he will be sadly missed. He has passed on but the good influence of his example will live on pointing the way to others.

He has passed on into that larger life but the separation that falls so heavily on the loved ones is but temporary since they have the blessed hope of reunion in the Heavenly home. In the meantime 'God shall wipe away all tears."

 Mary and Charles would have one son:


                      Charles Henry Hoskins Jr

                             BIRTH 12 JUL 1912 • Gonzales County, Texas, USA

                             DEATH 03 MAR 1932 • San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

                             Not married.

                             Charles died at age nineteen from a heart ailment



Robert Elliott Jones

BIRTH 01 JUN 1889 • Gonzales County, Texas, USA

DEATH 04 JAN 1980 • San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

Married:  27 Nov 1913  Austin Texas

Mae Terry Marley

BIRTH 1895 • Texas, USA

DEATH Unknown

She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Marley

Obit-Gonzales Inquirer Jan. 7, 1980

Jones Rites

Last rites were held Saturday at 4:30 p.m. from the Episcopal Church of the Messiah for Elliott Jones, who died in Memorial Hospital Friday at 4:40 a.m.   The Rev. Edmund L. Dohoney, the pastor, conducted the services with burial following in the Masonic cemetery. Seydler-Hill Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

Mr. Jones, the son of Dr. John Curtis, Sr., a native of Leighton, Ala, and Mary Kennon Crisp, a native of Holly Springs, Miss., was born in Gonzales on June 1, 1889. He was in the oil refining and marketing business and a member of the Episcopal Church of the Messiah. He attended high school in Virginia; Swarthmore College, Tulane University, and the University of Texas.

Surviving him is one daughter, Mrs. George (Terry Kennon) Mac Sparran of San  Ant-onio.  Pallbearers were W. F. Gustafson, W. B. Thompson, Henry Vollentine, Edward Rather, Major Paul Rochelle and Gordon Jones.

Jones Marley.jpg
Austin American-Statesman
Austin, Texas

23 Nov 1913, Sun  •  Page 21

 Robert  Elliott and Mae Terry had at least one child:



Terry Kennon Jones


Lt. Col. George William MacSparron     


(Seventh Child of John Hancock Crisp)

Jane Paschal Crisp

BIRTH 1848 • Marshall County, Mississippi, United States of America

DEATH JUL 1917 • Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas


Henry Lewis Blue

BIRTH NOVEMBER 1846 • Saint Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri, United States of America

DEATH 12 OCTOBER 1924 • Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas

Son of John Holmes Blue and Martha BellC

Obit-Gonzales Inquirer Oct. 1924

Dr. H. L. Blue, esteemed old resident, who departed this life on the Sabbath, Oct. 12, 1924, at his home near Gonzales, was born at St. Joseph, Mo., in 1847, and was a son of Dr. John Blue, a prominent surgeon and Alison a journalist, who once owned and edited a leading newspaper in Brunswick, Mo.

In early young manhood he married Miss Jane Crisp, sister of Mrs. J. C. Jones Sr., of this city, whose father, with family, moved from Columbus, Texas, to South America during the carpetbag rule.

Dr. Blue Sr., and his young son, the subject of this sketch, then about 20 years old age, were among the southern families then exploring this county. It was on this visit the young people met, fell in love and were married at Santa Barbara by an Episcopal minister, Rev. Joseph Dunn. Returning to this country in 1872, they lived in Missouri for a time, Mrs. Blue's love for Texas bringing them to Gonzales.

In 1883 they moved to Colorado at the urgent request of his brother, the gold fever being on there.
Nearly twenty years ago Dr. and Mrs. Blue returned to Gonzales to make their home, setting on the place near town where Dr. Blue passed his last days.

Dr. and Mrs. Blue when they first came to Gonzales about 1872, united with the Methodist church, Dr. Blue being of that denomination. In later years he was a member of the Church of the Messiah. Mrs. Blue was called to her eternal reward July 30, 1917.

Dr. Blue's death was very unexpected, as he was in his usual health and while in town Thursday was in an unusually happy frame of mind. He took delight in writing poems and on that day had received word that several had been accepted by publishers.

He lived in the home with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Green, who were devoted to him,giving him every care and attention in his declining years.

Following the funeral services conducted Monday at the Church of the Messiah by Rev. B. S. McKenzie, a former rector of the church here his remains were laid to rest in the Masonic Cemetery beside those of his wife, pretty autumn flowers mantling his last resting place.

The acting pall bearers were R. S. Dilworth, George N. Dilworth, Sam P. Jones, Edward M. Sweeney, J. D. Sayers and B. B. Hoskins Jr.



John Curtis Jones Jr

BIRTH 26 NOV 1881 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas

DEATH 7 MAY 1972 • Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas

Married: 30 Jul 1919 • Gonzales, Texas, USA

Adella Rogan Paxton

BIRTH 08 FEB 1890 • Cherokee, San Saba, Texas, USA

DEATH 01 JUL 1973 • Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas

She was the daughter of Frank Paxton and Sarah Cordelia Brown

John fell and fractured his hip on the street near his home when he was 90 years old from which he never recovered.  He died of arteriosclerosis and other complication.  He was a rancher.

San Antonio Express.  Mon, May 8, 1972,   page 34, 

John C. Jones Jr.

Special to the Express

GONZALES-- Funeral services for John Curtis Jones Jr., 80, formerly mayor of Gonzales for many years, will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Episcopal Church of the Messiah.  Burial will be in the Masonic Cemetery under the direction of Seygler-Hill funeral Home.  He died in a local hospital.

John was a classmate of Gen. Douglas MacArthur at what is now Texas Military Institute and was a visiting duke in the Order of the Alamo's first coronation ceremony in San Antonio.  His father was a surgeon in Hood's Brigade in the Civil War.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Adella Paxton Jones of Gonzakes, a brother and nine nieces and nephews.

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