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Pleasant M.


Pleasant M. Fenley and his wife Sarah A. Blair Fenley came to Brazil bringing the children Charles Columbus (born 1859), P. P.A. Fenley “Pulaski” (born 1847), Hulda V. (born 1851), Sarah L. (born 1849), and Elisabeth B. (born 1849). They were married, respectively, to Eugenia Minchin, Mary Virginia Carlton, John Rowe, John Rowe (for this, second marriage), and John Carlton. All of these have their burials at the Cemiterio do Campo, in Santa Barbara, SP. They were natives of Edgefield, South Carolina, in the USA, but, at the time of coming to Brazil, they were residing in Mariana, Jackson County, Florida, having moved there after the 1850 census probably in 1851 as that is where and when daughter Hulda was born. They were a family of Baptists.


Pleasant M. Fenley passed away in Santa Barbara,  SP, on December 3, 1885, at the age of 70. At that time he was a pastor of PIB / SB, missionary Edwin H. So per • . The inscription in the title of Pleasant M. Fenley's title reveals that he was a member of a Baptist church for years and had died firmly in faith. On the gravestone, the Masonic sign is seen, thus designating his affiliation to the Masonic Order.

From the inscription of Sarah A., wife of PM Fenley, we have that she was the daughter of CC and SA Blair, born on August 19, 1819, and died on 2 January 29, 1879, also in Santa Barbara, being a member of a Baptist church. for 45 years.


On December 28, 1980, Rev. Richard Ratcliff sent a letter from Texas to FMB on the issue related to the problem that arose between workers Quillin and Teixeira de Albuquerque. Ratcliff mentioned PM Fenley's sons and his son-in-law, John Rowe, as sincere and trustworthy men, able to help solve the problem. Both were members and devotees at the time of the State Baptist Church; the second.


The exact date of the Fenley family's arrival in Brazil is unknown,.  It is likely during the years 1869/1870.

It is said that before living in Santa Barbara, the family was in Parana; At the Campinas Forum, in the Intake da "Distribuiao" we find the record of a Script of Purchase and Sale, Book 9, p. 25, 15.06.1881, by Alexandr € 'and Charles Fenley passing to Dr, Jorge Green Mattheus, 35 bushels of land. We find below the records of Purchase and Sale of land between Alexandre Fenley, Charles Fenley, and Guilherme Norris, Booklet of Scriptures 16, p. 13, 10.10.1888; P. 26, 12.01.1889; P. 28, 01.22.1889. In the-Book No. 13, p. 44, 06.08.1886, and distributes "Escritura" of sharing signed by Alexandre Fenley, his brothers, and brothers-in-law of the goods left by the late Pleasant Fenley ". The house that Charles Fenley built, now repaired and a little modified can be seen on the way out of the city of Americana going to Nova Odessa. There is a restaurant in it "A Gazela".

 SOURCE:  Loosely translated and paraphrased from the original Portuguese manuscript.


Uma  Contribuiao  para  a  Hist6ria dos Prim6rdios do Trabalho Batista no Brasil    1985

Betty  Antunes  de Oliveira






































Pleasant M Fenley

BIRTH 1815 • South Carolina, USA

DEATH 3 DECEMBER 1885 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  1846

Sarah Agnes Blair

BIRTH 19 AUG 1819 • Edgefield County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 29 JAN 1879 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil



Pleasant Pulaski Fenley

BIRTH 4 AUGUST 1847 • South Carolina

DEATH 27 AUGUST 1890 • Brazil


Mary Virginia Carlton

BIRTH 18 JAN 1858 • , , Mississippi, USA

DEATH 18 NOV 1951 • Brazil


Sarah L Fenley

BIRTH ABT 1849 • South Carolina

DEATH Unknown


John Henry Rowe  (Her deceased sister's - Hulda - husband)

BIRTH 22 FEB 1846 • Gadsden County, Florida, USA

DEATH 16 DEC 1922 • Sao Paulo São Paulo, Brazil

Son of Stephen Hiram Rowe and Nancy Bird

They are not recorded as having children


Elizabeth B Fenley

BIRTH 25 APR 1849 • Edgefield, Edgefield, South Carolina

DEATH 22 JULY 1910 • Brazil


John Alexander Carlton

BIRTH 28 NOV 1846 • Warsaw Sumpter County, Alabama, USA

DEATH 9 NOV 1922 • Brazil

Son of Richard G. and Cynthia Elizabeth Carlton 

               Elizabeth and John had at least five children,  all born in Brazil


            1.  Chaeles D. Carlton

            2.  Alberta A. Carlton

            3.  Eula V. Carlton

            4.  Alice s. Carlton

            5.  John E. Carlton


Hulda V Fenley

BIRTH 6 MAY 1851 • Florida, USA

DEATH 14 SEP 1890 • Sao Paulo São Paulo, Brazil

Married:  1875 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

John Henry Rowe

BIRTH 22 FEB 1846 • Gadsden County, Florida, USA

DEATH 16 DEC 1922 • Sao Paulo São Paulo, Brazil

Son of Stephen Hiram Rowe and Nancy Bird

He married secondly Hulda's older sister Sarah L Fenley

                Hulda and John had at least six children:

            1.  Charles P. Rowe 


            2.  Stephen P. Rowe 


            3.  John Franklin "Frank" Rowe

                BIRTH 12/12/1879 • Santa Barbara, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                DEATH 6/29/1930 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                Married:  17 Dec 1903 • Brazil

               Eula Lee Kennerly

                BIRTH 20 FEB 1883 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao, Brazil

                DEATH JUN 1967

                Daughter of John Conrad Kennerly and Elizabeth Ann


                                     John and Eula would have at least three children:

                            1.  Evelyn Augusta Rowe 


                            2.  Nina Ethel Rowe 



                            Ernest C. Michelson

                            3.  Henry Rowe 


            4.  Lee Rowe 


            5.  Arthur Ernest Rowe 

                BIRTH 1 MAR 1881 • , Usa

                DEATH 22 MAR 1948 • Sao Paulo São Paulo, Brazil


            Minerva "Minnie" Carlton Seawright

                BIRTH 07 MAY 1885 

                DEATH 4 MAY 1964 • Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

                Daughter of Eugene Virgil Seawright and Anna Elizabeth

                "Bettie" Carlton

                                      Arthur and Minnies would have at least five children (2 listed)

                                     1.  Stephen Gordon Rowe 

                                     (1915- 1977)


                                     Elga Bradley

                                     2. James L. Rowe 


                6.  Laura V. Rowe


Charles Columbus Fenley

BIRTH 10 JUNE 1859 • Mariana, Jackson County, Florida, USA

DEATH 29 MAY 1935 • Villa Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Eugenia "Jenny" Minchin

BIRTH 18 OCT 1869 • Brazil

DEATH 23 MAY 1957 • Brazil

Daughter of Joseph Long Minchin and Julia Antoinette Pyles

Charles and Jenny had at least five children


            Hiram M. Fenley



            Vivian Urania Fenley

                BIRTH 16 JAN 1894 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                DEATH 1963 • Nova Odessa, São Paulo, Brazil

                Married:  10 May 1917 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

            Jefferson Lafayette Keese

                BIRTH 01 JAN 1891 • Jaú, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                DEATH 13 JAN 1955 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nina Rowe.jpg


               Jenie Matilda Keese

                    BIRTH 19 MAR 1918 • Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil

                    DEATH 17 APR 1971

                    Married:  19 Aug 1941 • São Paulo, Brasil

                    Walmor Colbachini

                    BIRTH 13 OCT 1914 • Leme, São Paulo, Brazil

                    DEATH 17 MAR 1995 • Americana, São Paulo, Brazil

                    He was the son of Benvenuto Colbachini and

                    Anna Ernesta Fratucelli

                    Jenie and Walmor would have at least two children:


                         Jefferson lee Colbachini

                                 BIRTH 1944

                                 DEATH 2020


                         Walmor Colbachini

                                 BIRTH 24 JAN 1956 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

                                 DEATH 6 APR 1992


               Charles Walker Keese

                    BIRTH 21 MAY 1919 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                    DEATH 13 JAN 1920


               Hiram Thomas Keese

                    BIRTH 10 AUG 1920 • Santa Bárbara do Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

                    DEATH 2 OCT 1990


                    Alvina Da Costa Stipp

                    BIRTH 20 JUN 1920 • Itu, São Paulo, Brazil

                    DEATH 16 AUG 2012 • Itu, São Paulo, Brazil

                    Daughter of Antonio Reimeo Stipp and Altemira Gomez Da Costa


               Thelma Elizabeth Keese

                    BIRTH 9 DEC 1923 • Itaboraí, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

                    DEATH 20 FEB 1929 • Brasil


               Jeniva Francisca Keese

                    BIRTH 10 JUN 1925 • Itaborai, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

                    DEATH 13 AUG 1984

                    Married:  17 Jan 1948 • Americana, São Paulo, Brasil

                    Petrônio Pinto

                    BIRTH 30 JUN 1917 • Leme, São Paulo, Brazil

                    DEATH 21 APR 1995

                    Son of  Alfredo De Goes Pinto and Maria de Costa


               Fluvia Alina Keese

                    BIRTH 10 DEC 1926 • Conselheiro Lafaiete, Minas Gerais, Brazil

                    DEATH 20 FEB 1929 • Conselheiro Lafaiete, Minas Gerais, Brazil


               José Lafayette Keese

                    BIRTH 28 JUN 1928 • Conselheiro Lafayette, Minas Gerais, Brasil

                    DEATH 27 APR 1929 • Conselheiro Lafayette, Minas Gerais, Brasil


               Alexandre George Keese

                    BIRTH 31 JAN 1930 • Conselheiro Lafayette, Minas Gerais, Brasil

                    DEATH 5 JUN 2008 • Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil


               Alonço Eduardo Keese

                    BIRTH 26 MAY 1932 • Conselheiro Lafaiete, Minas Gerais, Brazil

                    DEATH São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


               Vivian Zilda Keese

                    BIRTH 26 MAR 1934 • Americana, São Paulo, Brazil

                    DEATH 9 JUN 2015 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

                    Married:  7 Dec 1958 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil

                    Linaldo Leekining

                    BIRTH 28 FEB 1931 • Nova Odessa, São Paulo, Brazil

                    DEATH 30 SEP 1997 • São Paulo, Brazil

                    Son of Eduardo Leekening and  Sophia Peterlevitz


       Alexander Christovam Fenley

          BIRTH 27 JAN 1896 • Campinas, Sao Paulo

          DEATH 7 APRIL 1951 • Brazil


          Mary Lee Ferguson

          BIRTH 18 AUG 1900 • Brazil

          DEATH 17 OCT 1958 • São Paulo, Brazil

          Daughter of  Robert Edward Lee Ferguson and Mary Elizabeth Cullen

          Alexander and Mary had at least three children:


               Joseph Edison Fenley

                    BIRTH 29 OCT 1923 • Brazil

                    DEATH 10 DEC 1924


               Hiram Lee Fenley

                    BIRTH 2 JAN 1926 • Itapolis, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                    DEATH 19 DEC 1983 • Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


                    Gilda Maria Vianna

                    BIRTH 21 OCT 1934 • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

                    DEATH 26 SEP 2004 • Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

                    Daughter of  Aladino Washington Vianna and Maria Amélia da Veiga Soares Brandina


               Paulo Alexandre Fenley

                    BIRTH 24 FEB 1927 • Brazil

                    DEATH 30 MAY 1975


        Jose Pleasant Fenley

          BIRTH  11 JUL 1897 • Sao Paulo, Brazi

          DEATH 24 AUG 1924  Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil


          Esther Lee Hawthorne

          BIRTH Americana, San Paulo, Brazil

          DEATH Unknown

          She was the daughter of Michael Frank Hawthorne and Minnie Lee Mills

          Jose and Esther had at least four children:


               Pleasant Francisco Alexander Fenley

                    BIRTH 17 JUN 1924 • Americana, São Paulo, Brasil

                    DEATH Unknown


                    Alice Teixeira

                    BIRTH FEB 12 1927 • Ourinhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                    DEATH Unknown


               Minnie Lee Fenley

                    BIRTH 5 JUN 1925 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

                    DEATH 20 JUL 1946 • Sao Paulo, Brazil


               Nabucodonozor Arthur Fenley


                    Aparecida Galvão


                Jenny Lee Fenley


       Edward Fenley

          BIRTH 1903 • Brazil

          DEATH Unknown

          Married 1st: 1916 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

          Lucy Katherine Scurlock

          BIRTH 1 MAR 1900 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

          DEATH 31 MAR 1951 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

          Daughter of Patrick Henry Scurlock and Sarah Caroline Moore

          Married 2nd:  1921 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

          Adalgisa Carlton

          BIRTH 1896 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

          DEATH Sao Paulo, Brazil

          Daughter of James Carlton and Alexandrina De Santis


       Julie Fenley

          BIRTH 1906 • brazil

          DEATH Unknown


          Autos De Alenson

1875 Map.JPG

1675 Map of Americana - Site of Fenley Homestead and  neighbors

Vivian Fenley.jpg
J L Keese.jpg



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