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Albert Gallatin Carr

Name: A G Carr

Occupation: Farmer

Birth Date: abt 1826

Birth Place: USA, Alabama, Montgomery County

Enlistment Date:2 Jun 1862

Enlistment Place: Alabama, USA

Enlistment Age:36

Military Branch: Cavalry

Regiment or Unit:56th Alabama Regiment

Company Unit: A

Enlistment Info: Age 36, Alabama, Montgomery, Private

Remarks: Enlist by Captain A. W. DeBardeleben for the war. Blue eyes, light hair, fair complexion, and 6ft 2in.

Author: Descriptive roster of privates in Co. A 56th Ala Reg. (Company Book).


Families related by Marriage

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A G Carr OBIT  1897.jpg

The Montgomery Advertiser,

Sun. Ap[r 3, 1887  page 8

Died In Brazil

Died in Santa Barbara, Province De Sao Paulo, Brazil, on February 8, 1887, Albert G. Carr.

Mr. Carr was born August 26, 1829, and was raised near Snowdoun, Montgomery County, Alabama, from whence he moved to Lowndes County, where nis brothers, Mr. James Carr and Dr. G. W. L. Carr, still reside.  He went to Brazil in 1866 and never returned.


 Mr. Carr was twice married.  His first wife was Miss Mary Ray, also a native of Montgomery County.  After her death, he married Miss Mary Newman, daughter of Rev. Mr. Newman, Methodist missionary to Brazil from Mississippi.  Mr. Carr had four children, one son and three daughters all married.  His daughters still live in Brazil.

Mary Newman Carr  OBIT  1911.jpg

Chattanooga Daily Times 

Sun. Mar. 19, 1911  Page 3


Well-Known Travers' Aid" in Work of W.W.C.A.

Mrs. Mary Newman Carr, who has been a veritable angel to untold lone women travelers who have passed through the terminal station, died yesterday at 1:15 o'clock at the West Ellis Hospital after a long illness. Mrs. Carr spent many months in this city serving the Y.W.C.A. as "Travelers Aid" at the Terminal where she gave her attention to women traveling alone and to young girls arriving in the city in search of work.  Ill health caused her to abandon her work about nine months ago, to the great regret of her associates.

Mrs. Carr was a deaconess of the M. E. Church south.  She was a native of Alabama, born in 1851.  With her father, Junius E. Newman, she went to Brazil at the age of 17, becoming a missionary at that age.  With her sister, she established one of the first girls' schools in Brazil.  The family introduced Southern Methodism into South America.  While in Brazil she married A. D. Carr, Also a missionary.  He died there and soon she returned to the States to engage in work as a home missionary.

She is survived by a sister, Mrs Virginia Shaclford, of Meridian, and a brother, William Newman, who is in Brazil.


Funeral services will be held from the Centenary M.E. Church, south, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, conducted by the pastor, Dr. W.E. Thompson.  Internment will be in Forest Hills cemetery.  Pallbearers will be G. Fred Thomas, C.C. Breeden, Charles Coffey and Could McClure.  

CHILDREN:  Albert Carr and Mary Ray

(No children by Albert Carr and Mary Newman)


E J H Carr

BIRTH 1851 • Alabama, USA

DEATH Unknown


M A R Carr

BIRTH 1853 • Alabama, USA

DEATH Unknown


James Edward Carr

BIRTH MAR 19, 1856

DEATH JAN 22, 1901 • Brazil

Married:  22 Jan 1901 • Santa Barbara, Brazil

Leila Brodnax

BIRTH 11 SEP 1871 • Santa Barbara, Brazil

DEATH 28 AUG 1953 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daughter of Augustus Winston Broadnax and Emma Luella Norris






M L Carr

BIRTH 1858 • Alabama, USA

DEATH Unknown


Ida Oliver Carr

BIRTH 29AUG1860 • Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

DEATH 21 APRIL 1943 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  25 Jun  1885,  Brazil

James Ithamar Terrell

BIRTH 10 APRIL 1861 • Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

DEATH 22 MAY 1927 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Son of Confederados William Hudson Terrell and Mary Ann Moncrief



Belton Carr


DEATH 24 JANUARY 1976 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  1921 • Brazil

Margaret Bookwalter

BIRTH 22 AUGUST 1891 • Santa Barbara, Município de Itararé, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 23 OCTOBER 1976 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daughter of Confederados  Leroy King Bookwalter and Anna Lucina Miller



                 Rosa Lee Carr

                 BIRTH 17 DEC 1927 • Pinhalzinho, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                 DEATH 1987 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil

                 Married:  1903 • Americana

                 José Costa Conti

                 BIRTH 5 MAY 1925 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                 DEATH 1997 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                 Son of Pietro Renier Conti and  Clarice Costa


                 Arthur Belton Carr

                 BIRTH 1931 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                 DEATH 1931 • Brazil


Cordelia Carr

BIRTH 13 AUG 1898 • Santa Bárbara D Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 14 AUG 1948 • Santa Bárbara D Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  About 1916, Brazil

Antonio Ferreira da Silva

BIRTH 15 NOV 1893 • Portugal

DEATH 27 SEP 1963 • Santa Bárbara D Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brasil



                 Belton Ferreira da Silva

                 BIRTH 14 OCT 1924 • Brazil

                 DEATH 30 JUN 1962 • Santa Bárbara D'Oeste - Sao Paulo, Brasil


                 Miss Crisp


Anna Lucinda Carr

BIRTH 10 NOV 1925 • Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, São Paulo, Brasil

DEATH Unknown


Samuel Daniel De Muzio

BIRTH 10 APR 1924 • Bauru, São Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 4 JUN 1977 • Suzano, São Paulo, Brasil

Son of  Angelo Narcizo De Muzio and Carmen Gomez



                 Daniel De Muzio


William Albert Terrell

BIRTH 16 MAY 1886 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 15 JULY 1954 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Lillian Amelia MacFadden

BIRTH 25 SEPT 1888 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 1972 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daughter of Confedrados Robert Wilson McFadden and Sarah Elizabeth Steagall



             James Robert Terrell

                 BIRTH 10 JAN 1912 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                 DEATH 1971 • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


             Elsie Eillen Hamer

                 BIRTH 24 JAN 1920 • S Paulo, Brazil

                 DEATH 4 SEP 2002 • San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

                 Daughter of James and Alice Hamer (Family originally from England)



                          William James Terrell

                                   BIRTH 4 JUL 1940 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                                   DEATH 27 MAR 1999 • Humble, Harris, Texas, USA


             George William Terrell

                 BIRTH 9 AUG 1914 • São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                 DEATH Unknown


             Valeria Elizabeth (Bebe) Terrell

                 BIRTH ABT 1917 • Brazil

                 DEATH Unknown


             Katherine "Cashy" Oliver Terrell

                 BIRTH 5 JUN 1919 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

                 DEATH 3 MAY 1999 • Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA

                 Married: 10 Jan 1939 • San Paulo, Brazil

             Benjamin Robert Fye

                  BIRTH 23 JAN 1914 • Valley, Douglas County, Nebraska, United States

                  DEATH 10 APR 1988 • Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA

                  Son of Benjamin Augustus Fye and Alice Etta Richeson



                          Benjamin Robert Fye Jr.

                                   BIRTH Unknown


                          Carol Lynn Hodgin


Edward Ithamar Terrell

BIRTH 2 APR 1888 • Santo Amaro, Estado de São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 24 AUG 1946


Annette Laura "Annie" Hardeman

BIRTH 24 SEP 1897 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 19 SEP 1973 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daughter of  Confederado families George Hardeman and Marie "Dina " Bowen



             Mary Jane Terrell

                 BIRTH 30 JUN 1918 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                 DEATH 22 SEP 2007 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil


             João Rosa Palhares

                  BIRTH Unknown

                  DEATH Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil


              Elizabeth Ruth Terrell

                  BIRTH 11 AUG 1921 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                  DEATH 14 JUN 1975 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil


              Ronald Francis Hamer

                  BIRTH 27 FEB 1924 • Santa Cecilia, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                  DEATH 2000 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

                  Son of Edward Franklin Hamer and Ann Hilton Dronsfield (English)



                          Robert Lee Hamer

                                   BIRTH 20 JUN 1951 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

                                   DEATH 5 DEC 2004 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Ulrik James Terrell

BIRTH 15 FEB 1895 • Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 13 NOV 1971 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  8 Sep 1920 • Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Luellah Angelina Daniel

BIRTH 18 NOV 1897 • Santa Barbara d'oeste, Sao Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 30 AUG 1970 • Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil

Daughter of Confederados William Robert Daniel and Margaret Elizabeth Thomas



             Paul Dale Terrell

                 BIRTH 11 OCT 1921 • Santa Barbara d'oeste, Sao Paulo, Brasil

                 DEATH 14 MAR 2002 • São Paulo, Brazil


Joseph Roy Terrell

BIRTH 12 MAY 1897 • Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Unknown


Irene Terrell

BIRTH 3 AUG 1903 • Brazil

DEATH Unknown


Yancy Alvin Jones

BIRTH 8 JUL 1898 • Santa Barbara Brazil 

DEATH Brazil

Son of Confederados Cicero Byrd Jones and Martha Whitaker Norris


Mary Vivian Terrell

BIRTH Unknown

DEATH 20 JUL 1957


Lilly Terrell

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