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He was an Immigrant from Alabama, USAMilitary: John Henry Rowe: was born on Feb 22, 1846, in Gadsden County, Florida USA, and died on Dec. 16, 1922, in Brazil and is buried in the Campo Cemetery at Santa Barbara d'Oeste in the state of Sao Paulo.


He was a resident of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama when the war began. He enlisted as a private in Company F of the 50th Alabama Infantry in March of 1862 and fought at the Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee. The 50th Alabama Infantry was originally named Coltart's 26th Alabama Infantry but was renamed the 50th in June 1863. Colonel John C. Coltart commanded it. The 50th also fought at Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Atlanta, and Franklin. The regiment surrendered in April 1865 in North Carolina. John Henry Rowe was captured during the war in the Battle of Resaca, Georgia. In 1864 he was taken to Camp Douglas P.O.W Camp in Chicago, Illinois. He was kept there until March 15, 1865, when he was sent to Point Lookout, Maryland, where he was exchanged on April 12, 1865.

John H Rowe

 in the U.S., Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861-1865

Name:John H Rowe


Birth Date:abt 1844

Enlistment Date:1864

Military Unit:Twenty-sixth Infantry


John Henry Rowe was the only son of Stephen Hiram Rowe and his first wife Nancy Bird  Per the 1850 census we have them living in Gadsden County Florida where John was born.  By 1860 (1860 Census) we have the family living near Marianna, Jackson County, Florida. We find John Henry, after the breakout of the Civil War, and after the death of his mother in 1861 in Florida, that John Henry had relocated to  Alabama where he enlisted  1864 at age 20.

Apparently, after the war, John had returned to Marianna, Florida where his family was living.  Also, in Marianna, The Fenley family was living.  It is most likely that the Fenleys and the bachelor, John, knew each other there as they all traveled together on the "North America" in 1867.  As far as we know, John Henry was the only member of his family to embark on his Brazilian adventure.

The manifest is interesting in that it also shows the Pyles and Seawright families.  They were originally from Abbeville District, South Carolina but had all relocated together to north Florida.  John Henry had two sons who would marry two Seawright daughters.

All these family groups would settle near each other near Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil. John would marry twice.  His first marriage was to Hulda V. Fenley in 1875.  John and Hulda would have a large family - an exact number of children is hard to determine.  Hulda died in 1890. 



See full manifest

About two years later around 1900, John married Hulda's older sister, Sarah / Sally Fenley.  They did not appear to have any children.  The Fenley girls were the daughter of Pleasant M. Fenley and Sarah Blair.

1875 Map of Confederado families

1875 Map.JPG

John Henry Rowe


BIRTH 22 FEB 1846 • Gadsden County, Florida, USA

DEATH 16 DEC 1922 • Sao Paulo São Paulo, Brazil

Married 1st:  1875 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hulda V Fenley


BIRTH 6 MAY 1851 • Florida, USA

DEATH 14 SEP 1890 • Sao Paulo São Paulo, Brazil

Daughter of Pleasant M. Fenley and Sarah Agnes Blair


Children:  (Partial list)


Charles P. Rowe


BIRTH 24 JAN 1876 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 30 JUL 1941 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  Brazil

Miss Guimaraes



DEATH Unknown


Stephen P. Rowe


BIRTH 04 MAR 1878 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 15 MAR 1897 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married :

Emily "Emmie" Seawright


BIRTH 2 DEC 1886 • São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Daughter of Eugene Virgil Seawright and Anna Elizabeth "Bettie" Carlton


John Franklin "Frank" Rowe

BIRTH 12/12/1879 • Santa Barbara, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 6/29/1930 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  17 Dec 1903 • Brazil

Eula Lee Kennerly

BIRTH 20 FEB 1883 • Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao, Brazil


 Daughter of Confederado John Conrad Kennerly and Elizabeth Ann  Hetherwick


Lee Rowe


BIRTH 1880 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Sao Paulo, Brazil


Arthur Ernest Rowe


BIRTH 1 MAR 1881

DEATH 22 MAR 1948 • Sao Paulo São Paulo, Brazil


Minerva "Minnie" Carlton Seawright


BIRTH 07 MAY 1885 • 

DEATH 4 MAY 1964 • Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Daughter of Eugene Virgil Seawright and Anna Elizabeth "Bettie" Carlton



Stephen Gordon Rowe


BIRTH 1915

DEATH 1977


Elga Bradlay





Celso Rowe



DEATH 1983


Vina Shelma Rowe


BIRTH 23 MAY 1921

DEATH 26 AUG 1993


Robert Riston Vaughan


BIRTH 18 AUG 1913 • Brazil

DEATH 25 AUG 1971

Robert Vaughan

Robert Riston Vaughan was a descendant of former North American immigrants who settled in the region after the United States Secession War. His father Charles settled in the Sertãozinho neighborhood, on a property that to this day belongs to the family. Pictured, Robert with family, recorded in the 1950s. Next to his wife Vina are his children: Vina Vaughan (Vinha), Arthur Roberto Vaughan, Joseph Addison Vaughan and James Ernesto Vaughan.


Charles Elton Rowe


BIRTH 13 FEB 1925

DEATH 17 JUL 1999 • Rebouças, Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil


Amelia Casassa


BIRTH 26 SEP 1929

DEATH 25 MAY 2010 • Sumaré, Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil


James L Rowe


BIRTH 1927

DEATH 1947


Ernest Mendes Rowe


Olga Babkens

Daughter of Pedro and Elizabeth Babkens



             James Elton Rowe


                 BIRTH 13 OCT 1941 • Sumaré, São Paulo, Brasil

                 DEATH Unknown


Laura V. Rowe


BIRTH 13 JUL 1887 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 13 MAR 1900 • Sao Paulo, Brazil


Stephen Hiram Rowe was b. GA 1802, son of Joshua II Rowe (Rev. War soldier) and Sarah Rigby.His first wife was Nancy Bird, b. abt. 1804/5 prob. in SC.They married in GA in 1824.

Uncertain are whereabouts of this couple for much of the time between their marriage, in 1824, and appearance in 1860 census for Jackson County, in the FL panhandle, with 6 dtrs and a son John Henry Rowe (b. 1846) these kids all b. betw. 1835 and 1848.Four of these dtrs were married in Jackson Co. in 1860s.One, Mary E. Rowe 1841-1882 m. Wm. Samuel Pope and stayed in Jackson Co., FL; these are my great-grandparents.The youngest daughter, Caledonia, married Phillips and moved to Texas where their descendants now live.The son served in Alabama 26th-50th Infantry, CSA, and emigrated to Brazil (as a Confederate exile) in 1867.Dtr Rebecca, b. 1835, prob. did not marry and is thought to be the Rebecca Rowe buried in Jackson Co., FL POPE Cemetery.

Source tells me Stephen died in Hot Springs Arkansas, where he had received a teaching certificate in 1842.It seems that 1st wife Nancy Bird must have died shortly after 1860 census, as source has him marrying for second time to Ann Elizabeth Joiner Murphy Smith, in Hot Springs, AR in 1862.

Wd like to know if I should be looking in Garland and/or Hot Spring Co. (my AR geography is pretty poor); if info is out ther that places Stephen and 1st wife Nancy in Arkansas from 1842 until whenever, almost certainly in the 1850s, it was that they migrated to Jackson Co., FL, and whether perhaps I can find add'l offspring of Stephen and Nancy b. bef. 1835 (or of Stephen and Ann, b. after 1862???)

Any info appreciated.

--Geoffrey Pope
ROWE descendant
White Plains, New York

Stephen Hiram Rowe died in Arkansas in 1881.Born in GA, he was a son of Joshua (II) Rowe (Rev. War soldier) and Sarah Rigby.

First married in 1924 to Nancy Bird, while it would seem likely that they had add'l children between 1824 and 1835, known children (dates approx) are Rebecca 1835, Laura 1837, Ann 1839 m. James F. Wilson in Jackson Co., FL 1861; Mary 1841 m. Wm. Samuel Pope in Jackson Co., FL 1861 (my great-grandparents); Martha 1844 m. Hiram McDonald, Jackson Co., FL in 1860; John Henry Rowe 1846-1922, fought in Ala. Inf. regiment CSA and, after emigrating as diehard Confederate to Brazil, married and had 14 children there; and Caladonia 1848-1925 m. Wm. A. Phillips in Jackson Co., FL 1867 and has descendants in TX.

Stephen and Nancy altho in Jackson Co. FL census for 1860 were separated by her death, prob. in GA, in 1861.Stephen re-married to an AR woman about a year later, and had add'l sons Jesse and George with his 2nd wife.

Am lookin in particular for info re fate, descendants of Ann who married James Wilson and Martha who married Hiram McDonald.I can't find these couples in Jackson Co., FL, neighboring Gadsden Co., FL and they seem to have vanished.

Rebecca and Laura, I have 99% established were spinsters; Mary and my great-grandfather are buried in Jackson Co., FL and I know John Henry went to Brazil and Caladonia to TX.

Has anyone anything on Ann m. Wilson or Martha m. McDonald?Might they have relocated to AR when Stephen did?


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