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Durham Grady


BIRTH 14 NOV 1816 • Duplin County, North Carolina, USA

DEATH 23 DEC 1848 • Kemper County, Mississippi, USA`

Married:  13 MAR 1839 • Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA

Jane Brown Colquette


BIRTH 1811 • Near Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States

DEATH 8 AUG 1898 • Itapira, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daughter of  Scottish immigrant James Calcote and Sarah Bethea of South Carolina.

Per the 1850 and 1860 census records, five children are listed. The Grady family lived in Cumberland County, North Carolina, and around 1841-1842, Durham and family relocated to Kemper County, Mississippi where he had acquired several Homestead Cash Entry patents.  Unfortunately, he died in December of 1848 leaving his pregnant widow with four young children.   His oldest daughter, Mary Elizabeth Grady (born 1840), married Rev. William Curtis Emerson in 1863.  In 1867, the Emerson family decided to relocate to Brazil, bringing along Mary Elizabeth's mother and four siblings.

Jane Colquette Grady died on August 8, 1898 in Itapira, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


1.   Mary Elizabeth Grady

2.   Sophia Grady

3.   Jane Grown Grady

4.   Curtis Durham Grady

5.   Martha Hannah Grady



Mary Elizabeth Grady


BIRTH 2 JAN 1840 • Fayetteville, Moore, North Carolina

DEATH 24 AUG 1910 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


William Curtis Emerson


BIRTH 15 OCT 1818 • Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 24 JUL 1875 • Santa Barbara, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Son of William Henry Emerson and Mary Ann Armstrong


Emerson Bio.jpg

See the Emerson family page for a complete family accounting

The Baltimore Sun 

25 May 1920, Tue,  Page 5


Joseph Grady Emerson


BIRTH 7 MAY 1866 • Meridian, Lauderdale, Mississippi, USA

DEATH 23 MAY 1920 • Baltimore County, Maryland, USA


Catherine Rebecca Roe


BIRTH 16 NOV 1865 • Greensboro, Caroline, Maryland, USA

DEATH 13 JUL 1952 • Baltimore, Maryland, USA



        Junius Frederick Emerson


           BIRTH 30 JAN 1895 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

           DEATH 21 MAY 1964 • Paris, Île-de-France, France


        Elizabeth Ann Norton


           BIRTH 5 FEB 1906 • Maryland, USA

           DEATH 27 FEB 1989

           Daughter of Michael and Delia Norton



Lucien Thornwell Emerson


BIRTH 3 FEB 1871 • Tatuhy, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 3 NOV 1895 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married:  12 NOV 1890 • St Michaels, Talbot, Maryland, USA

Rosa 'Rosie' Hambleton


BIRTH 14 JUL 1870 • St Michaels, Talbot, Maryland, USA

DEATH 1938 • Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland, USA

Daughter of John Skinner Hambleton and Angeline Dorsey Willey



Junius Victor Emerson


BIRTH 26 JUL 1873 • Tahuty, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 27 JUL 1893 • Milford, Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA


Patricia Ann Emerson


BIRTH 12 APR 1935 • Baltimore City,

Maryland, USA

DEATH 1 DEC 2018

Married:  7 APR 1956 • Baltimore City,

Maryland, USA

John Denis Moran Sr


BIRTH 25 AUG 1932 • Baltimore, Maryland

DEATH 13 FEB 2019

Buried at Arlington National Cemetery

Son of Joseph Moran and Mary Kavanagh


     Patricia Ann Emerson, 83, of Venice, FL passed away December 1, 2018. Patricia was born April 12, 1935, in Baltimore, MD. She graduated from Notre Dame Academy and Stevenson University. She is survived by two sons John D. and Michael E. Moran and granddaughter Meghan E. Moran. Interment will be held at a later date in Greensboro, MD at the Greensboro Cemetery.


     John Denis Moran Sr., 86, went to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Wednesday, February 13, 2019. He was born to the late Joseph and Mary Kavanagh Moran on August 25, 1932, in Baltimore, Maryland.

  John served in United States Airforce as a gunner on a B-26 with the 3rd Bombardment wing during the Korean War. During his time of service, John earned The Distinguished Flying Cross by extraordinary achievement against an enemy of the United States.

   Left to cherish his memory are his two sons, John (Maria del Refugio Gonzalez Calleros) Moran Jr. and Michael Moran, one granddaughter; Meghan Elizabeth Moran, brother Lawrence K. Moran, and family as well as one sister Mary Joe Riehl and family.

    Visitation will begin Wednesday, February 20, 2019, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. with a rosary at 7:00 p.m. at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 705 S. Longoria St., Port Isabel, Texas.

     A memorial mass will be held at 10:00 AM on Thursday, February 21, 2019, at Our Lady Star of The Sea Catholic Church in Port Isabel with inurnment to follow at the Port Isabel City Cemetery.


Horatio Emerson

BIRTH Unknown

DEATH died in infancy


Fernando Emerson


BIRTH Unknown

DEATH 10 NOV 1893 • Sao Paulo, Brazil



Horace Judson Hambleton Emerson


BIRTH 2 MAY 1895 • near Retiro, near Santa Barbara, Brazil

DEATH 17 APR 1948 • Baltimore City, Maryland, USA


Grace Loretta Pyle


BIRTH 28 JUN 1897 • Bel Air, Harford, Maryland, USA

DEATH 5 JUL 1980 • Vineland, Cumberland, New Jersey, USA

j g emerson.PNG
Katherine Roe.PNG
j f emerson.PNG


Find A Grave

Memorial 204366041

junious v emerson.PNG
j v emerson 2.jfif

The Baltimore Sun 

29 Jul 1893, Sat,  Page 4

j v emerson 3.jfif


Sophia Grady


BIRTH 3 NOV 1841 • Fayetteville, Cumberland, North Carolina, USA

DEATH Unknown


John Bentley

No further information yet


Jane Brown Grady


BIRTH 13 SEP 1843 • Mississippi, USA

DEATH AFT. 1867 • Brazil, South America

No further information


Curtis Durham Grady


BIRTH 17 JUL 1845 • Kemper County, Mississippi, USA

DEATH North Carolina, USA

Married:  1865 •   Duplin, North Carolina, USA

Sarah Isabel Rush


BIRTH 1848 • Mississippi, USA

DEATH 1880 • Santa Bárbara, São Paulo, Brasil

Daughter of Terrell Harris Rush and Judith Inez Smith

U.S., Civil War Prisoner of War Records, 1861-1865

Name:  C D Grady

Rank:  Private

Imprisonment Date:  4 Jul 1863

Imprisonment Place:  Vicksburg, Mississippi

Side of War:  Confederate

Company:  A

Regiment:  35th Miss

U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865

Name:  Curtis D. Grady

Side:  Confederate

Regiment State/Origin:  Mississippi

Regiment:  35th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry

Company:  A

Rank In:  Private

Rank Out:  Private

Film Number:  M232 roll 15



Susannah Grady


BIRTH 1865 • Mississippi, USA

DEATH Unknown


Sophia Grady


BIRTH ABT 1866 • Mississippi, USA

DEATH Unknown


Gastao Ferreira


Harriett (Hattie) Rush Grady


BIRTH 7 DEC 1866 • De Kalb, Meridian, Mississippi, USA

DEATH 11 AUG 1933 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married; 28 Feb 1885 • British Consulate, Santos,Sao Paulo, Brasil

George Anderson Craig


BIRTH 20 MAY 1849 • Findon, Banchory Devenick, Kincardineshire, Scotland

DEATH 21 MAR 1915 • Sao Paulo, Brazil

Son of George Craig and Janee Anderson 



John Victor Craig


BIRTH ABT 1865 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH ABT 1960 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Married:  São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Raquel Moraes Salles


BIRTH ABT 1869 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil



Joao Victor Salles Craig


BIRTH 21 DEC 1919 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 4 MAR 1987 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil



Isabel Hattie Craig


BIRTH 1888 • Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 1958 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Ernest Steward Deahl


BIRTH OCT 1886 • Southampton, Hampshire, England

DEATH Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil



Phillys Isabel Deahl


BIRTH 8 SEP 1914 • Southampton, Hampshire, England

DEATH 24 FEB 2000 • London, London, England

Married:21 Mar 1953 • Cartorio de Paz Jardim America,,Sao Paulo,Brasil

Ronald George James Costello


BIRTH 20 JUN 1921 • Dulwich, Surrey, England

DEATH 19 JUN 1988 • Windsor and Maidenhead, Berkshire, England


Jane Craig


BIRTH 27 SEP 1891 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Married:  São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Sidney H Smith


BIRTH 2 AUG 1886 • Swindon, Wiltshire, England

DEATH Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil



Violet Smith


BIRTH 15 JUN 1911 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Unknown

Married:  Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ronald McNeil

BIRTH Unknown

DEATH Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Edward Smith


BIRTH 31 JUL 1913 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Dorothy Lilian Smith


BIRTH 17 MAR 1915 • Swindon, Wiltshire, England

DEATH 8 OCT 1992 • Swindon, Wiltshire, England


John George Stradtman


BIRTH 31 JAN 1920 • Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH 3 SEP 1963 • Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

George Dawson


BIRTH ABT 1922 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH ABT 1943 • England


John Dawson

BIRTH Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


George Anderson Craig Jr


BIRTH ABT. 1900 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Nellie _____


James Craig


BIRTH ABT. 1900 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


Fanny _____


Charles Craig


BIRTH ABT. 1900 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


Alzira Grady Craig


BIRTH 3 OCT 1905 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 12 JUL 1981 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


Innocencio Marques de Goes Calmon


BIRTH 29 APR 1903 • Savador, Bahia, Brazil

DEATH 16 AUG 1983 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Son of Francisco Marques de Goes Calmon and Maria

Julieta Couto Maia

Innocêncio Marques de Góes Calmon was born in

1903, studied in Salvador, and studied in São Paulo,

where, in 1925, he received a Bachelor of Laws

degree. Two years later he married Ms. Alzira Craig and lived in São Paulo with her family. In 1926 he was appointed a lawyer at the Economic Bank with the task of introducing into the structure of the organization the basic principles of European neo-capitalism.


He was a Public Prosecutor, a position of the Federal Public Ministry and, in 1940, he rejected the invitation of Viriato Bittencourt Leite and Eugênio Teixeira Leal to return to Bahia, to exercise the position in the board of the Banco Econômico da Bahia - BEB, indicating for the position his brother Miguel Calmon. His relation-ship with the BEB was informal, issuing orders, suggestions, and instructions. He always gave legal advice and advice to BEB and when he retired from the Federal Public Ministry he took up a position on the Board of Directors, which occurred during the years 1970-1975 when he held the vice-presidency of the BEB under Eugênio Teixeira Leal. 


Góes Calmon: In Memorian. Rio de Janeiro: [sn], 1933. 150 p.


Innocêncio Marques de Góes Calmon.PNG


Mary Adelaide Craig


BIRTH ABT 1896 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


William Rae Dawson


BIRTH ABT 1881 • Scotland

DEATH Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil



Francisco Marques de Goes Calmon


BIRTH 22 MAR 1928 • Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

DEATH 21 APR 2003 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil



Alzira Craig de Goes Calmon


BIRTH 11 JUL 1929 • Sallvador, Bahia, Brazil

DEATH Unknown


George Craig de Goes Calmon


BIRTH AUG 24 1930 • Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

DEATH Unknown

Married:  25 Feb 1957 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Zdenka Wachsman


BIRTH 13 MAY 1933 •  Prague, Czech Republic

DEATH 25 NOV 1997 • Wallingford, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Daughter of Antonín Jindřich Wachsman and Zdenka Horakova


Innocêncio Marques de Goes Calmon Filho


Garce Ballalai May


Mary Elizabeth Maria Isabel Grady


BIRTH 15 DEC 1881 • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

DEATH 15 DEC 1978 • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Married:  1908 • Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Américo Cardoso De Menezes


BIRTH 1886 • Northeast Brazil, Sergipe, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH FEB 12 1925 • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Américo Cardoso De Menezes.jpg
maria bello atoni.PNG


Eurípides Cardoso de Menezes


BIRTH 23 SEP 1909 • Campinas, Sao Paulo,


DEATH Unknown


Maria Bela Ottoni


BIRTH 1916

DEATH Unknown

Daughter of Pio Benedicto Ottoni and

Regina Breves de Oliveira Bello



Guiomar Cardoso De Menezes


BIRTH 22 JUN 1920 • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

DEATH AUG 9 2009 • Jd Atlantice, Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil


Leopoldo Aires


BIRTH 29 JUL 1899 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 1969



Horácio Cardoso De Menezes


Cicero Cardoso De Menezes


Paulo Cardoso De Menezes


Irene Cardoso De Menezes


Cristiano Ottoni Cardoso de Menezes


BIRTH 9 SEP 1948 • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

DEATH 1 SEP 2016 • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil




Maria Cecília Ottoni Cardoso de Menezes

BIRTH 23 MAY 1958 • Brazil

Married 1st:

Mr. _____De Almeida

Married 2nd:

Mr. _____Nunes Pereira


Margarida Maria De Menezes Aires


BIRTH 24 FEB 1943 • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

DEATH 12 AUG 1998 • Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil


Mr. _____ Walter Moreira



           Alessandra Maria Aires Moreira Walter Moreira


               BIRTH Unknown

               DEATH 2002 • Brazil


               Mr. _____ De Moura Félix


Léo Flávio De Menezes Aires

BIRTH Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

DEATH Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil

Eurípides Cardoso De Menezes.PNG
Maria Cardoso De Menezes (born Bello Ottoni).PNG
Ottoni Family.PNG



Craig Grady


Curtis Grady


Proenca Lane Grady



Azira Grady


Eleonora Grady


Martha Hannah Grady


BIRTH 5 AUG 1849 • Kemper County, Mississippi, USA

DEATH Unknown

Married:  Bef 1885 • Sao Paulo,,,Brasil

Lucien Barnsley


BIRTH 12 NOV 1840 • Georgia, USA

DEATH 16 JUL 1892 • Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Son of Godfrey Barnsley and Julia Henrietta Scarbgrough

Lucien B 1.png

For more on the Barnesley Family

Lucien Barnsley 3.jpeg
Lucien 2.png

Source :  Find A Grave

Hannah Grady married Lucien Barnsley

Lucien left Georgia and arrived at Sao Paulo, Brazil, in May 1867.

Lucien was married at Tatuhy, S. Paulo, on June 6th, 1871, to Martha Hannah Grady, formerly of Meridian, Mississippi. They had three children. Lucien was survived by his wife and only daughter, Anna, married to Dr. Leonel Pessoa, all of whom were residents of the city of Itapyra, S. Paulo.

The obituary published in a Georgia newspaper did not name the cemetery. However, it is highly likely that Lucien is buried in this cemetery, because his niece, Julia Henrietta Barnsley, is buried in the cemetery. Also, this cemetery is where most non-Catholics from the United States living in Sao Paulo were buried in the late 1800s.

For information on Lucien and the Barnsley family, read the fascinating book Barnsley Gardens at Woodlands, published in 2000 by Clent Coker.


Excerpts from "The Elusive Eden"

Page 48:

George Barnsley's younger brother, Lucien, did not have the confidence of his brother, and probably felt overshadowed by him most of his life.  Lucien served in the Civil War in the same unit as his brother and imitated George's plan to go to Brazil.

Page 60

(During the storm onboard the "Derby")

Lucien Barnsley was unable to sleep and ventured onto the deck during the height of the storm.  He saw that no one was manning the pumps and realized that the problems of leaking had become greater.  Moreover, he found the tied ship's wheel and realized that the captain had deserted his post.  About 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. Lucien called his brother to inform him of the situation and then went below to rouse others to assist in manning the pumps, "an exercise," said Barnesley, "which was attended with a waste of time and curses."  Two men did volunteer to help, however, and "a desultory pumping was kept up" until about 3:30 a.m. 

Page 69-70

(While encamped in Cuba after the shipwreck)

George Barnsley, ever the writer with a flair for news, also took pen and paper in hand and addressed a letter to the editor of the New OeleansTimes.  Seated next to Vermay's brick kiln, Barnsley entitled his epistle "Camp near Guaneyay Cuba, 15th February 1867."  He traced the misfortunes of the Derby from the time it left New Orleans until the date of the writing and then placed the account with a  letter to Godfrey Barnsley in Georgia.  Barnsley asked his father to forward it to the New Orleans Times and any other newspapers that he thought might be favorable to their cause.

The friends and family of the Barnsley brothers in Bartow County, Georgia, although sympathetic to the idea of immigration, did not see it as a practical solution to the problems faced by the former Confederates.  George and Lucien's sister, Julia Baltzelle, had not learned of the shipwreck by February 16 when she expressed concern for the well-being of George and Lucien.  In a letter to her father, she said that she hoped that the pair would arrive in Iguape and that she would be "very anxious until further intelligence from them."  Commenting on an expression of concern from one of Georgia's friends.  Julia noted that it would have been wrong for her brothers to have remained in the United States.  "He (George) had a hankering for Brazil," she philosophized, "and maybe it's for the best."....

....George Barnsley, who because of his background was very conscious of the cultural differences between himself and his fellow colonists, began to question his choice of companions.  "Many are very rough in their ways," he stated in a letter to his father, "and partake of the wildness of a former life in Texas, with all they are very pretentious toward being polished people."  The communication was forwarded to Barnsley's sister and brother-in-law, who, like George, were mindful of social considerations.  Captain J.P. Baltzelle, commenting on the situation in a note to Godfrey Barnsley, said that he would recommend that if George and Lucien were going to Brazil, "not to wait for the motley crew that they had gotten in with... By remaining on the island they will not only spend their money but most likely get sick exposed  in their kind of camp life."

Baltzelle believed that the decision of George and Lucien to leave the United States was a wise one.  Although he did not personally feel that it would have been dangerous for his bother-in-law to have stayed.  "I doubt if such small fry as the boys or myself would be troubled," he said.  Baltzelle welcomed the advent of a military regime in Georgia as an alternative to anarchy.  "It is the only kind of government that will keep a certain class of bush-whackers, marauders, and envious scamps in a country in order.  If we can get good commanders, I doubt if law-abiding and quiet men of the South will be molested.

Although Captain Baltzelle believed that the decisions of the Barnsley to go to Brazil were wise, some in Texas remained extremely dubious of the move.  The editor of the Fakes Bulletin in Galveston could not resist the temptation to comment unfavorably on the fate of the former Texans.


Page 81

(While in New York, after leaving Cuba)

In an effort to disassociate themselves from Texans such as Jesse Wright, George and Lucien chose not to stay at the Collins Hotel.  Instead, George borrowed $50 in greenbacks from a New York business associate of his father, and the two brothers moved into the European Hotel, at 163 Hudson and the corner of Laight Street.  Barnsley described the place as a "cheap house where you pay $1.50 each per diem."  George promised his father in a letter of March 27 to "try to find a cheaper place, if possible."....

....It is likely that George and Lucien had already decided to continue with the colonists to Brazil despite their request for advice from their father on the matter.  The principal reason, not outlined by George in his letter,, was the lack of cash either for an ocean voyage to England or for study.  As a practical matter, the brothers had the alternatives of either going to Brazil or returning to Georgia..

While they were in the northeastern United States, however, the Barnsley brothers had the opportunity to visit old friends and acquaintances from school days in Rhode Island before the war.  On April 17 George wrote his father that he had been able to locate a Mrs. Green, his old schoolteacher.  Both brothers saw friends in Greenwich, Connecticut, who "would accept no excuse," for their not staying a few days. 






1.  Anna Barnsley

2.  Mary Reid Barnsley

3.  Lilly Barnsley


Anna Barnsley


BIRTH 21 APR 1873 • Tatuí, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 27 JUN 1940 • São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Leonel Estanislau Pessoa De Vasconcellos


BIRTH 10 MAY 1861 • Bananeiras, Paraiba, Brazil

DEATH 31 JUL 1931 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Son of Virgínio Estanislau Affonso and Maria Fortunata Das Neves

Dr. Leonel Vasconcellos


He was a great doctor who, having left a small town in the Northeast

region of Brazil and left for the state of São Paulo, formed one of

the most traditional and productive families in the country.

Dr. Leonel Estanislau Pessoa de Vasconcellos was born on May 10,

1861, in the city of Bananeiras, which belonged to the Province of

Paraíba do Norte until 1888. He was the son of Virgínio Estanislau

Affonso and Dona Maria Fortunata das Neves and had seven siblings:

Abílio, Santos, Antero, Joaquim, Antônio, Laudelina and Joana 1,2 .

After completing his fundamental studies, he left for the then Federal

District, in order to take the entrance exam in order to attend the med-

ical  course. He joined the Faculty of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro, a trad-

itional training center for doctors in the country, in the year 1880. He

graduated in 1885 and presented on the 29th of September his thesis

“Indications and contraindications of the burr drill in head trauma”,

Dissertation for the Second Chair of Clinical Surgery, which he held on December 22, 1885, and approved with distinction, in order to obtain the degree of Doctor of Medicine. At that time, Counselor Dr. Vicente Cândido Figueira de Sabóia was Director of the Faculty. He was a student of great names in Brazilian medicine, such as Drs. Pedro Affonso de Carvalho Franco, Nuno de Andrade, Barata Ribeiro, among others. He managed to complete his medical course thanks to the help of his family, and especially his uncle and godfather, Father Antero Estanislau Ourique de Vasconcellos, who sacrificed a lot to see his godson come true. He was a Clinical Intern, by competition, at Hospital de Misericórdia do Rio de Janeiro and Assistant of Operations and Devices, also by competition, at the Faculty of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro. Founding and Honorary Member of the Hospital Interns Guild from the Faculty of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro. Founding and Honorary Member of the Hospital Interns Guild from the Faculty of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro. Founding and Honorary Member of the Hospital Interns Guild2.3 .         

After graduation, he left for the State of São Paulo where he met and married Dona Anna Barnsley. His wife was born on April 21, 1873, and was the daughter of Lucien Barnsley and Martha O'Grady Barnsley, Americans who emigrated to Brazil after the so-called American Civil War. Eight children were born from this marriage: Heitor Barnsley Pessoa, the eldest, who died young studying engineering in the United  States;

Leonila Pessoa

Leia mais:




Leonila Barnsley Pessoa


BIRTH 27 JUL 1893 • Itapira, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 22 AUG 1984 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Maaied:  12 Jan 1927 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Hector Ostiz y Goñi


BIRTH 17 FEB 1893 • Montevideu, Uruguai

DEATH 26 JUN 1954 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Son of Federico Ostiz and  Martina Goñi




Luiz Pessoa Ostiz


BIRTH 12 AUG 1930 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 10 JUN 1998 • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


_____ De Carvalho Barros


Beatriz Pessoa Ostiz


Otávio Guimarães Guimarães


BIRTH Unknown

DEATH 1 DEC 1986

leonel 2.PNG


Heitor Barnsley Pessoa


BIRTH ABT. 1894 • Brazil


Died young studying engineering in the United  States


Waldemar Barnsley Pessoa


BIRTH 23 JAN 1897 • São João da Boa Vista, São Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 7 APR 1980 • Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brasil


Aracy dos Santos Musa

Waldemar Barnsley Pessoa


São Paulo physician who held the position of Federal Deputy and who shone in the city of Ribeirão Preto where, along with other distinguished colleagues, he founded one of the most important hospitals in the interior of São Paulo.


Dr. Waldemar Barnsley Pessoa was born in the municipality of São João da Boa Vista, in the interior of São Paulo, on January 23, 1897. He was the son of Dr. Leonel Estanislau Pessoa de Vasconcelos, a physician, and Mrs. Anna Barnsley.


He entered the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of São Paulo in 1917.


He was an assistant to Prof. Dr. João Alves Lima, in the Chair of Clinical Surgery and also in his private clinic. He was elected in 1920 to the position of President of the Academic Center "Oswaldo Cruz", for the medical students of his faculty. He graduated in the year 1922.


On April 6, 1927, he left for Europe on a study trip, where he stayed for two years in France and, for a longer period, in Germany, specializing in surgery. Upon returning to Brazil, he initially settled in the city of São José do Rio Pardo, where he was Chief Surgeon at Hospital São Vicente, having founded a modern Surgical Center in the region. In 1932, during the Constitutionalist Revolution, he was the Medical Captain of the revolutionary forces of the Sector.


He was Clinical Director of the Hospital Imaculada Conceição, Portuguese Beneficence Society of Ribeirão Preto.


Upon arriving in Ribeirão Preto, he soon began to stand out for his great skill as a surgeon and for the brilliant role he came to play as Clinical Director.


Then came the idea of ​​building a new modern hospital, which would provide the region with a nosocomial totally at the height of its progress. The São Francisco Hospital appears, whose name was a tribute to Francisco Maximiano Junqueira, Col. Quito. Together with the couple Quito and Sinhá Junqueira, they carried out major works of enormous importance for the population, including the Sinhá Junqueira Maternity Hospital, the Quito Junqueira Educandário, the Altino Arantes Library, etc.; everything being maintained by the Sinhá Junqueira Foundation.


Dr. Waldemar Pessoa collaborated a lot with the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo, in the early days of the institution.


Deputy achieved numerous benefits for the region. In addition to medicine and politics, he carried out numerous other activities, including participation, together with four hundred other delegates from other nations, in the International Health Congress, having visited China and Russia on that occasion; President of the Ribeirão Preto Medical Center; Vice-President, and later President, of the Sinhá Junqueira Maternity Foundation; President of Educandário Coronel Quito Junqueira; Councilor, elected to the Regional Council of Medicine; Board Member of the Ribeiro Pinto Foundation; President of the Medical Research Assistance Fund; Founder and Secretary-General of the League Against Tuberculosis of Ribeirão Preto; among others.


The last years of his extremely productive life were assiduously dedicated to his children and the children of Educandário Quito Junqueira, who were truly adored by him and whose expressions of affection greatly moved him. He died in Ribeirão Preto on April 7, 1980, at the age of 83.




Samuel Barnsley Pessoa


BIRTH 31 MAY 1898 • São Paulo,

São Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 3 SEP 1976


Jovina Rocha Alvares 


BIRTH 7 AUG 1897 • Ribeirão

Preto, São Paulo, Brasil

DEATH 12 SEP 1988 • São Paulo,

São Paulo, Brasil

Daughter of  João Caetano Alvares

and Maria da Rocha



Science & Public Health: Builders of Public Health

 FAPESP Magazine: Medicine in the Field

Born in São Paulo, the son of a doctor from Paraíba and an English mother, Samuel Pessoa graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of São Paulo in 1921.

He developed a long and rich career as a professor and researcher, which allowed his characterization as "the great master of South American Parasitology", having provided important subsidies for action against the great parasitic endemics.

As he stated when he assumed the chair of Parasitology at the Faculty of Medicine in 1931, he sought to remain coherent with the objective of "always attributing the highest priority to the real nosological problems of the Brazilian man".

From an early age, faced with the harsh social reality, through his fieldwork, he became an ardent challenger of a system of social organization that allowed the maintenance of the subhuman conditions in which the vast majority of the people lived.

Persecuted by the regime implemented with the military coup of 64, he was unfairly accused of "having transformed his Department into a real factory of subversives " and saw his access to research institutions extremely difficult. Yet he maintained his productive activity until his death.

His choice as patron of the School Health Center was also due to the fact that he was the first director of a health unit - one can even say of the first School Health Center in Brazil - when he assumed, in 1923, the role of Chief Physician of the Experimental Post of the General Prophylaxis Inspectorate of the Sanitary Service of São Paulo , created at the Institute of Hygiene of the Faculty of Medicine of São Paulo .


jovina and sam passoa.jpg

Jovina Pessoa, like her husband, was a communist militant. Samuel Pessoa taught, wrote and dissem-inated what is currently known as “social determi-nants of health”

(photo: Samuel Pessooa/CAPH Archive)


Dulce Helena Alvares Pessoa

​BIRTH Brazil


Vitor De Almeida Ramos


Cyro Ruben Alvares Pessoa


BIRTH 1930 • Bela Vista, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Unknown


Paulo Barnsley Pessoa


BIRTH 20 FEB 1902

DEATH Unknown


Eunice Escobar Ferraz


Jorge Barnsley Pessoa


Maria José Godoy


BIRTH 1909

DEATH 17 SEP 1986


Heitor Barnsley Pessoa


BIRTH ABT. 1894 • Brazil


Died young studying engineering in the United  States

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