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William Ashmund

BIRTH 5 NOV 1839 • Sumter County, Alabama, USA

DEATH After 1013 • Brazil


Victoria H. Clay Mills,

BIRTH 3 JUN 1844 • Mt. Sterling, Choctaw County, Alabama


Daughter of Confederados,  James A. Mills and Louisa Mitchell,

Both died in Brazil

William A. Prestrige: Private, Co. A, 3rd Alabama Cavalry.

He enlisted on  September 25,  1861,  at Mount  Sterling, Alabama. He was present for every action of his regiment,

including Shiloh, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, the Atlanta Campaign, and Bentonville, and was paroled at Charlotte, North Carolina, in May 1865. He moved to Brazil and was alive in 1913, age 73.

William and Victoria had at least one child:

1. Mary C. Prestridge 

BIRTH 10 OCT 1868 • Santa Barbara, San Paulo, Brazil

DIED Unknown


Frank Thacher


BIRTH ABT 1877 • , Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH Unknown

He was the son of  Confederados, Andrew Thatcher and 

Hannah Maglin Dunn

Parents of William Ashmund Prestridge: 

Benjamin Bagley Prestridge & Mary Ann Ezell

(Benjamin was married four times)



B. B. Prestridge was born in Bibb County, Alabama, on February 8, 1817. He was born again in 1844 and was baptized by Eld. Nathan Sley; joined Clear Creek Baptist Church, in Choctaw County, same state. He moved to Texas with his family on December 8, 1866, and he has made this community home until Saturday, six p.m, June 9, 1888 - - - God called him up higher.

When the news spread that "Uncle Bagley Prestridge is dead", the response came back, "A good man is gone." He was a model citizen, and a model husband and parent. Still, above these, he was an understanding faithful Christian man. Our hearts are sad today while we remember that he will no more fill these positions among us. It was always his pleasure to be found in his seat in every service of his church when not providentially prevented. We rejoice that while his place in our church work is now vacant - - - that he has entered into the company that serves day and night in the Temple of the Lord. We weep when we see his home on earth made desolate by his departure, yet we are glad to feel assured that he has entered his "house not made by hands eternal and in the heavens."

His cheerful spirit has gone home, but he left the light of a bright Christian character standing before the world as a better destiny.

Before he went away, he said to his loved ones gathered about him, " I have tried to honor God with my life and property and have never suffered for the necessaries of life, and I request you all to do the same." He said to me some weeks before (when asked what refers to the future), "That question was settle long ago. I am resting on Christ, the solid rock and fear not."

he leaves his aged brother, J. M. Prestridge, who has been his lifelong associate in every experience and vicissitude of life's way. Also, a devoted Christian wife and seven children to wait, toil, suffer and rejoice on this side till God shall say to them, "Come home." Brother Bagley Prestirdge has rendered his testimony and gone from the witness stand forever. Who will receive his testimony and be blessed? May his Savior comfort and sustain the bereaved ones in their dark hour.

G. W. Capps. Pastor

Grand Parents : Joseph W. Prestridge & Elizabeth Bagley

Died :BrazilGreat Grand Parents : John  Prestidge &

Elizabeth Walters
2nd Great Grand Parents : John  Prestidge & Ann


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Benjamin Bagley Prestridge and

Euseba Jane McKlesky

(The Widow Maxwell)

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